There are two ways to unmute someone on Facebook. You can do so on their posts or in their profile. When muting someone’s posts, they won’t see it anymore. If you want to permanently remove a person from your timeline, you can unfollow them.

This will hide the person from your timeline, but you can still view their posts in your news feed. Simply select the option to unmute someone on Facebook and they will receive a notification when you re-unmute them.

Another option is to block the person’s posts and sounds. To mute someone on Facebook, simply log into your account and go to the person’s story. Then click the three-dotted button next to the profile picture or name.

You can also block a person from seeing your posts. The best option is to block someone from your life. This way, you won’t be bothered by the same post.

Unmute Someone On Facebook

Once you’ve unmuted someone from your profile page, you can then unmute their posts and messages on their profile. Alternatively, you can also send them a message. This will allow you to read their messages and posts. You can then continue to send them messages and be sure to delete them when you’re done. So, if you’re in a sticky situation, unmute someone on Facebook and let them know you’re back in the conversation.

Mute Someone On Facebook

Once you’ve muted someone on Facebook, you should find out why they have done so. If they’ve been posting a lot on the social network, then you probably found that the posts they made are too annoying. If you’re not able to see them, then it’s a good sign that they’ve been muted. This will prevent them from seeing your posts and comments unless you choose to unmute them.

Facebook allows you to mute the posts of other users on the platform. To unmute someone on Facebook, simply go to their profile and tap the three dots in the top right corner of the post. You can then choose to unfollow them again or permanently unfollow them. Once you’ve unfollowed a person, they will no longer be able to see your posts on their profile. It’s important to unfollow someone on Facebook so that the other person will not be able to view your posts.

To mute a story:

You can also mute a person on Facebook if their posts are annoying you. To do so, you can tap the three dots in the top right corner of the post and then click the “snooze” button. After 30 days, the posts will be unmuted. You can also unfollow someone on Facebook if you don’t want to see their posts. To unmute someone on Facebook, tap on the profile and click on the “unfollow” option.

To unmute a story:

Another way to unmute someone on Facebook is by following their profile. You can do this through their profile. If you’re following a person on Facebook, you should find their profile first. This will show you if they’re on your friends’ list and if they’re on your friend’s list. If you don’t want to follow them on Facebook, you can also unmute them in the Messenger application.

While the first method is the most convenient, it can be annoying. You should only censor posts that have offending content.

To mute someone, you need to go to their profile page and click the three-dotted icon located at the bottom of the screen. In the message box, find the snoozed or muted option and click on it.


One way to check if a person has been muted on Facebook is to check their profile and see what they’ve been talking about. You can also check recent comments and posts to see if you’re muted on a specific person. You can unmute as many people as you want. This can also be helpful if you’re muting someone who is not friendly. If you’ve been receiving a lot of unwanted notifications, you can always use the ‘unmute’ option to block the person and stop them from receiving them.