Sometimes you want to post something on Facebook even when you have nothing to say. You may write a blank status and surprise your pals with a simple approach.

Many of you may be curious as what does empty post mean on Facebook. Empty Post, as the name implies, is absolutely devoid of any text or image.

Facebook would not let you submit that post if you typically write a new post with blank spaces in it. In a similar vein, Facebook comments cannot be left blank. That is not how it operates.

Instead, you must enter your content in the status/comment box before Facebook will let you publish it. Here we have provided two straightforward procedures by which you can find out what does empty post mean on Facebook. 

Keep reading till the very end to learn what does empty post mean on Facebook.

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Method#1: Posting Blank Status or Comment on Facebook.

On Facebook, you may submit a remark or status with no text by using a short code. Utilize this detailed instructions to know what does empty post mean on Facebook


Open Google Chrome or any other browser on your PC or smartphone. Then log into your account on the Facebook website.


Now put @[0:0] into the status/comment box.

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Note: You can copy and paste it or type it exactly as it appears. There is a gap after the second zero, so do take notice (0).


Type the short code in each new line as shown below to produce a multiple line blank status.

Credits: geekinstructor

Note: This will create four line Blank status


To share it on Facebook, click the Post button at the end. You will see a blank status till it is published.

Credits: geekinstructor

Unfortunately, the Facebook app does not support this approach; however, both the mobile and desktop versions of the Facebook website do.

Note: You may write a test post and set its privacy to only me to see if this technique is effective.

Method#2: Post an empty status or comment using the blank space.

Compared to the prior one, this is really different. We will utilize this empty field to submit an empty status or comment on Facebook.

Simply carry out the following to learn what does empty post mean on Facebook:

Step#1: Copy the empty space between these brackets first: []

Step#2:  Open the Facebook app on your phone after that. Open the Facebook website if you are on a computer.

Step#3: Copy the empty space from this page, then click the status/comment box and paste it.

Step#4: Finally, publish the status update or comment on Facebook to complete the task.

This approach, in contrast to the earlier one, will also function with the Facebook app.

Additionally, since you do not need to manually input anything, it is extremely easy. This method’s one limitation is its inability to produce several lines with a blank status.

Method#3: For Blank Comments Only.

The methods mentioned above can also be used to submit empty comments on Facebook. Another approach only functions on computers since it requires a desktop keyboard.

To make a blank remark, all you need to do is open the comment box on the relevant post and hit ALT+0137. An empty comment will result from this. Post it and take pleasure.


For individuals who are keen to learn what does empty post mean on Facebook, I hope these methods may be useful And  they will function on all platforms, including Android, iPhone, PC, and others, regardless of what you are using.

In addition, you may use this technique to send a blank message, add a blank space to your Instagram or WhatsApp bio, and establish a username in addition to posting an empty remark.

Lastly, we just want to state that we are glad that you chose us in order to find out what does empty post mean on Facebook. So please share you valuable experience you had with us while reading this article.