No matter how you spin it, Instagram has long been one of the most popular social networking sites.

Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to claim that millions of people rely on Instagram’s smooth operation to interact with others and share their ideas, photographs, and videos.

Though, it should come as no surprise that users have been extremely disappointed by their inability to use Instagram’s fundamental function of making a carousel (or multiple-picture) post. 

This can be the result of bugs or a potential service interruption on your end. But do not worry; we have got you covered and you will for sure get an answer to your query about why won’t my Instagram let me post multiple Photos. Have a look below.

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Why can’t I post multiple photos on Instagram?

When you post multiple photos to Instagram, a lot of things may go wrong. Anything from a glitch with the most recent app update to a shaky internet connection to issues with the app on your specific device might be the cause of several photographs not posting. 

However, it might be challenging to pinpoint the precise cause of this problem. Although, we have listed down some of the common issues you might face.

It is in your best interest to test every potential cure and determine whether the problem has been remedied because there may be several causes of interruption. To determine if you can once more upload numerous photos to Instagram, try each of the following steps individually.

On a picture, press, and hold (Works!).

Many users have reported that the “Select many” button to make a carousel post has been deleted in the most recent Instagram update.

On a picture, press, and hold (Works!).

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However, as the aforementioned Twitter user notes, the choice to do so is still present. If you still cannot find it, simply click and hold on to a picture. You will be able to pick and publish several photographs after doing this, which will bring the choice back.

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Additionally, keep an eye out for upcoming app upgrades to download since these potentially fix the problem in Instagram updates to come, and hopefully you will get the answer to your query about why won’t my Instagram let me post multiple photos.

Await the Instagram fix

Most of the time, Instagram is the cause of your inability to publish several photographs. It is usual for social networking sites like Instagram to occasionally have problems with a particular app function. Be patient and wait for Instagram to resolve the problem.

After a few hours or even days, if the problem hasn’t changed, it’s likely that you are the source of the problem. The methods listed below can be used to resolve any issues with your device, app, or internet connection.

Check Internet Connectivity

An intermittent (or nonexistent) internet connection is one of the most frequent causes of being unable to publish several photographs and get the “Not Posted Yet” error. Error: “Try Again.”

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To enable Instagram to carry out your instructions, ensure that you are connected to a network that does not restrict your internet access and that the connection is at least passably strong.

Turn Off Data Saver 

If the issue occurs when you are posting multiple photos while on the move, your mobile data plan may have run out or the Data Saver may have a cap.

Moving on you have to turn off Data Saver in your Instagram profile settings under Account>Cellular Data Use to make sure it is not preventing you from uploading your photographs and videos.

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Moreover, if this was already off, you could have used up all of your data, which would have caused your internet to operate at a pitiful crawl. If your internet connection is stable, however, go to the next step.

Lower the File Size

There are certain limitations on the file size of your photographs and videos on Instagram. For images, the maximum file size is 30 MB, while for films, it is 650 MB. The picture file size may change depending on how you took or recorded your images and movies and how you modified them.

Even while the majority of smartphones maintain their picture sizes between 6 and 12 MB, it is still vital to check the size of each photo or video before publishing it, especially if you have enhanced it using a pro editing application.

The majority of editing software (as well as cloud-based file size reducers) lets you save picture files at a smaller size than is advised. Therefore, use them to reduce the file size before attempting to upload the photos to Instagram.

Clear Cache

Although cache build-up is not altogether negative (as it speeds up program use), deleting cache data is a crucial maintenance remedy if your software is giving you troubles.

In addition, when you delete the cache, any issues that may have been present are reset along with the page information that was momentarily saved.

On an Android device, navigate to Settings > Apps > Instagram > Storage and cache and choose Clear cache.

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On an iPhone, press Offload App after going to Settings>General>iPhone Storage>Instagram.

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Restart your phone and Instagram

Restarting programs from the multi-window screen usually brings them back in line when they start acting up. However, rebooting your phone could be necessary if it does not work. This does a much deeper refresh than simply restarting the program since it reboots the complete operating system. So try it to see if you can upload several pictures.

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Free Up Storage Space

If your device is running out of storage, features of apps like Instagram cease functioning. The program cannot save any new incoming data if there is no storage available (and sometimes does not work entirely). Deleting items from your phone that you do not need anymore and restarting the app are two straightforward fixes.

Ensure your photos abide by the rules and policies of Instagram

Instagram works to keep its community civil and makes sure that no offensive language appears in users’ feeds. It accomplishes this by determining if your photographs or videos include any offensive content.

For instance, if any of your images or videos involve graphic violence or nudity, your uploads will be immediately deleted (or not be uploaded in the first place). It is crucial that you follow Instagram’s community standards and policies to avoid this, or worse, getting banned.

Although problems have traditionally been the most probable reason why users have not been able to publish numerous photographs on Instagram, or even found the option to do so, the service might still be interrupted if users’ end-user experiences are not satisfactory.

Most of the time, fixing the problem involves updating the app or just waiting for Instagram to fix it. But if it does not work, the issue may be on your end, in which case you should be able to resolve it using the aforementioned methods.


Whatever way you look at it, Instagram has long been among the most popular social networking sites. Therefore, it is not a stretch to state that Instagram is essential for the connection and sharing of thoughts, images, and videos among millions of users worldwide.

Therefore, it is not unexpected that Instagram users are extremely irritated by the inability of Instagram to utilize the simple capability of making a carousel post (or a post with numerous photos). 

And we hope that the issues you are facing are from one of the above-mentioned points. Also, you might get the answer to your question of why won’t my Instagram let me post multiple photos.

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