Where are Instagram drafts

Where are Instagram drafts

If you are one of those who enjoy planning your Instagram posts and Stories in advance, writing posts beforehand is a useful method to make the most of any free time. 

However, where are Instagram drafts a frequent query around this subject? Even when you prepared them in advance, what good are they if you cannot submit them?

In addition, if you do not want to invest money on a social media marketing platform, saving as a draft is quite helpful. If you have free time and commute to work or school, it might also be useful. Some posts can be written in advance and posted whenever you are ready.

Have a look below to learn where are Instagram drafts.

Step by Step Guide 

It is quite easy to write a draft that will be published later. This is no different from the rest of the software in terms of usability. Just stick to these easy instructions.

Step#1: On your phone, launch Instagram.

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Step#2: To capture or choose an image, use the “+” symbol.

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Step#3: For the Drafts option to show up, modifications must be made.

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Step#4: Tap the X in the top left corner after making your changes.

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Step#5: Whenever you see the popup menu, choose Save Draft.

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The creation procedure is exactly the same as when you are getting ready to publish a post right away. You select the option to go back rather than selecting “Post”, nevertheless. When you are ready, the image is then stored as a draft.

How to find your Instagram Drafts

Finding the photographs you saved for later use could be tough at first if you are not used to utilizing drafts. Once you figure it out, it makes sense, but it is hardly the world’s most user-friendly system. 

Simply follow this procedure to locate your Instagram drafts:

Step#1: To upload a post, launch Instagram and choose the “+” symbol.

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Step#2: Tap on Post.

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Step#3: You should now see Drafts in the menu; tap on it.

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Step#4: Choose next after selecting the draft you just finished.

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Step#5: Once you have finished writing your article as normal, pick Share.

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Though, the post seems to the observer to be an ordinary post. In actuality, according to Instagram, it is just an ordinary post that you had already prepared. Once you know where to search, the setup is pretty simple.

Hence, this is how you can find out where are Instagram drafts using the above-mentioned step-by-step guide.

Making Edits on Instagram Draft

Once you have discovered your draft, you may decide whether to publish it or make more changes. If there is still work to be done, use the following steps to update your drafts:

Step#1: Follow the above instructions to find the draft you want to modify.

Step#2: Go to the page where “Post” is available, then click “Edit” to the upper right of the picture.

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Step#3: Make your edits as you usually would.

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Step#4: Post the draft.

Remember that after you touch “Post,” you cannot make changes to a draft. Make all of your changes before completing the procedure since failing to do so will need you to remove the entire post and re-upload it.

Apart from this if you want to have some engagements on your Instagram profile. You can do this by purchasing Instagram saves.

How to Delete an Instagram Draft

After learning the science behind your query of where are Instagram drafts you may quickly erase the draft if you ever develop anything but decide not to share it or no longer require it. 

Although it is not always essential to delete them, doing so might clear away clutter or free up space in your gallery.

In order to delete an Instagram draft follow the steps:

Step#1: To upload a post, launch Instagram and choose the “+” symbol.

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Step#2: Select Manage under Drafts.

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Step#3: Select Edit in the top right.

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Step#4: Choose done after selecting the draft you want to remove.

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Step#5: Select Discard.

Moreover, the drafts will be removed from your gallery by Instagram, and you can continue. Unlike Mac or Windows, Android does not have a garbage or recycling bin. 

Make sure you choose the proper drafts before deleting it since once you push delete on Android, it is gone forever!

Moving on go to your device’s Settings and choose Apps to remove all of your Instagram apps. Tap Instagram again to erase the cache after that. Instagram drafts are not saved within the app, but rather in local storage. All of your drafts will vanish along with the app’s cache when you clean it.

Use of Drafts in Marketing 

However, if you are using Instagram to sell a brand or business, drafts may be quite beneficial. The best course of action is to create drafts in advance and save them as drafts if you do not want to utilize a social media marketing platform or don’t want to invest the money.

You may write a few Instagram posts in advance, store them as drafts, then publish them when you’re ready if you have a spare half-hour. Then, you have some left over to keep your feed active when you are too busy to publish.

For events, special occasions, or project launches that you want to market but will not have the opportunity to do so at the moment, the Drafts function is extremely useful. If you go to work by bus, rail, or metro, you may also utilize it.

Furthermore, a crucial survival mechanism while utilizing Instagram as a marketing tool is coming up with creative methods to do more in less time. The Instagram draft tool might seem insignificant, but when you are pressed for time, it can really help!


We have to accept the fact that in 2011, Instagram launched as a straightforward photo-sharing platform; today, more than 1 billion people use it every day. 

Despite the fact that sharing photographs remains Instagram’s primary function, there have been many other features introduced.

Meanwhile, the “Drafts” tool, which lets you store photographs or videos to share later, is one such feature that many people are not very familiar with.

Sometimes we make many reels at once because we just cannot decide which is the finest. In these situations, we store them as a draft so that we may retrieve them later.

Hence if you are one of them who is not fully aware of the Draft feature and want to know where are Instagram drafts then do give this article a read.

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Why won’t my Instagram feed refresh

Why won’t my Instagram feed refresh

We are all aware of what exactly is Instagram and what has it achieved in this short time. And if you are unaware so let us clear to you all that 17.6% of the world’s population uses Instagram.

It is also a fact that Instagram gets enormous amounts of data every day; millions of users post images and videos every second, making it difficult to guarantee an entirely faultless process. It makes natural that various issues occasionally occur, such as “Instagram couldn’t refresh the feed.”

Let’s discuss five potential causes for your query about why won’t my Instagram feed refresh and how to fix the problem. Both iOS and Android smartphones can benefit from the advice provided below.

Have a look below!


  • Internet problems

The most frequent cause of the issue is a bad Internet connection. The good news is that this may be fixed quickly, sometimes even without any effort on your part.

However, Instagram may be unable to update your feed due to a bad mobile or Wi-Fi connection, slow internet, or provider problems.

  • In-app bugs and problems on Instagram

Instagram is not flawless, much like other social media platforms, and occasionally Instagram itself is to blame for mistakes of all types.

Use tools like DownDetector to see whether Instagram is down, or often check Instagram’s official Twitter account, which informs users of any problems.

And we hope that this might be the reason behind your query about why won’t my Instagram feed refresh.

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  • Out-of-date mobile app version.

Make sure your app is updated because occasionally that is the source of Instagram problems after terrible Internet connections and Insta malfunctions have been ruled out.

The applications install new versions automatically if auto-update is enabled. If not, you must upload fresh versions by yourself.

  • Old mobile device or OS

The old app version might make it difficult to utilize the app, but your smartphone’s operating system also has to be updated often.

Moreover, if your smartphone’s operating system needs to be updated, it may be the cause of your problems with Instagram and other services.

  • Difficulties relating to accounts

Verify that Instagram has not deactivated your account or that your personal information has not been stolen or compromised.


Additionally, it could stop when refreshing the feed if you log in on many devices at once or even use third-party programs to log in.

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Having Trouble Refreshing Instagram? Try These Solutions

Reason: Internet Issue.

Solution: Re-establish your internet connection

Make sure your Wi-Fi or mobile data is operational and turned on. Open a few other web pages or try utilizing some other programs.

Additionally, remember to confirm that you have paid for the services this month. Contact your service provider if there are any problems with the Internet.

Reason: Instagram in-app errors


  • Restart your smartphone. This may actually work.

  • Remove the cache.

When you use mobile apps, a cache of several temporary files is stored in the memory of your phone. Do not be frightened to delete these files because they do not contain anything significant or valuable.

Here is how to clear the cache

Step#1: Select the about the Application tab by holding down the Instagram symbol.

Step#2: Select Memory from the pop-up menu that appears.

Step#3: The Clear Cache button should be clicked. You risk permanently erasing crucial and helpful information if you confuse it with the Clear data button.

Here is how to clear the cache on IOS: 

Step#1: Activate the settings. Locate General.

Step#2: Select on iPhone Storage.

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Step#3: Among other applications, look for the Instagram app.

Step#4: Select “Clear Cache” from the menu. If there is not one, remove the application and download it once more.

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Reason: Out-of-date mobile app


  • Set up auto-update for apps.

You will always have the most recent version of the Instagram app on your smartphone if auto-update is enabled.

Here is how to set up the auto-update on Android:

Step#1: Open Play Market.

Step#2: Activate the Settings tab.

Step#3: Enable the auto-update by selecting Connection settings Auto-update applications.

Here is how to set up the auto-update on iOS:

Step#1: Open the settings.

Step#2: Go to the App Store.

Step#3: Enable the apps and app updates in the Automatic Downloads area.

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  • Reinstall the Application.

Try reinstalling the app if upgrading it does not work.

Reason: Old Smartphone or IOS

Solutions: We are not sure whether it is really worth mentioning, but the remedy is straightforward: either upgrade the operating system on your smartphone or get a new one.

Here is how to update the OS on Android:

Step#1: Go to the settings of your smartphone.

Step#2: Activate the About Phone tab or a related one (depending on your smartphone model).

Step#3: Verify whether your operating system has any updates.

Step#4: Install updates if they are available.


Here is how to update the OS on iOS:

Step#1: Go to iPhone settings and select General.

Step#2: Follow the steps on your screen to choose the Software Update area and download the fresh update files.

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Henceforth, we hope that by now you might have got your answer to your question of why won’t my Instagram feed refresh.

Reason: Account-Related Issues

Solutions:  Check your account for a hack.

Step#1: Go to Instagram settings (profile → burger menu → Settings).

Step#2: Go to the Security tab.

Step#3: Click on Login Activity.

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Examine the places where you signed in to your profile and any ongoing sessions. It is advised to update the password if you discover questionable sites that you have not gone to at the indicated time.

When signing in, you will see this warning if your account has been deactivated and we hope that by doing this you might resolve your query of why won’t my Instagram feed refresh.


Instagram, one of the most well-known social media platforms, provides its users with a wealth of fun features. 

Although the app is not flawless, it is generally trustworthy. The inability to update your feed is one of the problems you could encounter.

However, we have tried our level best and structured this article for our readers to comprehend the issue of why won’t Instagram feed refresh and resolve it on their own by following the fixes and solutions we have gathered above.

Furthermore, if you want to become Insta famous and cannot achieve your desired number of likes on Instagram. Then we would sincerely advise you to buy 500 Instagram likes or 1000 Instagram likes and enjoy the perks of being our reader.

Do not forget to share the precious experience you had while reading this article.


How to see who’s live on Instagram

How to see who’s live on Instagram

We are discussing in this article How to see who’s live on Instagram

Instagram lives is one of the best features of Instagram used by millions of users that enables you to engage with your followers by letting you broadcast live and give a real-time experience in form of Instagram stories.

If you’re wondering how to see who’s live on Instagram, then read this article till the end. 

How to see who’s live on Instagram:

The very first step you need to follow in order to figure out who is sharing a live video with the Instagram users is to open your Instagram feed where the stories of your followers are visible.

The person live streaming will become prominent as their display picture, with a colorful ring around it, and the term ‘Live’ will appear at the top of the feed.

You may view their live video by tapping or clicking on that particular profile picture.

You may as well see the live stream of people you are not following on Instagram if they have a public account.

How do you know who is live on Instagram without following?

One of the few ways to see who is live on Instagram without following them. One of the ways is to look for the green “live” tag as mentioned previously.

Another way is to look for their profile bio as there are chances that have mentioned their link to live stream.

In addition to this, you can type the #live hashtag and you will be displayed a list of people that will be broadcasting live streams.

Moreover, there are a few featured channels consisting of large number of viewers and you are free to watch their lives.

Lastly, you may simply follow the accounts conductive live sessions that you think might be entertaining and exciting to watch!

Instagram Live Features:

Now that you know how to see who’s live on Instagram, you must also be aware of the numerous Instagram live features to make the application and live stream experience even more fun!

Instagram comes up with various features like ability to apply filters, effects and inviting friends to join the live stream.

You can ask your friends to add you up on Instagram live broadcast so you can enjoy the experience together!

You may start a live video yourself and celebrate the perks of getting views and fame. The more views you get on Instagram, the higher the chances of you getting popular as the increased visibility leads to more engagement. You may buy instant Instagram views if you want to enjoy the results now.

In addition to this, while you watch someone’s Livestream, there are a lot more ways to engage with the person or page who is broadcasting. Such as, firstly, you can leave a comment. This can be done by tapping the word “comment” or “add a comment” option mentioned in the bottom right of the live screen.

Secondly, you may like or react to the live video as there is a prominent option to do so. You can even like a comment or reply to it. Instagram likes is also a great way to get visibility and engagement for which you can buy Instagram post likes.

In addition to this, you can share the video by tapping the arrow option available on the bottom right of the screen or simply tap on ‘share video’ and choose who you want to share the video with.

How do I start a live video on Instagram?

Apart from knowing how to see who’s live on Instagram, you should also know how to start a live video on Instagram. For this, you need to following tips;

Firstly, if you swipe right on your Instagram feed, you will be displayed options such as ‘post’. ‘story’, ‘live’. You have to tap and scroll on ‘Live’.

Secondly, you can add a title to your live by tapping on ‘title’ on the left side of the screen.

In addition to this, you can see the number of views at the top of the screen.

Moreover, you may as well pin your favourite comment. This enables the viewers to read that comment clearly.

Lastly, when you are done broadcasting your live session, you have to tap on “end”. This option is available in the top right corner of your screen. 

Can I download my Instagram live video?

Once you are done with your Instagram live session, there is an arrow down icon available on the top left of your screen and it enables you to save the live broadcast to your camera roll or even on your own feed. You can buy Instagram saves as well for higher engagement with your followers.

However, only the video will be saved and not the engagement like likes, comments, reactions and viewers.

The option for saving lives is only valid when applied to our own video. You cannot download live stream that is conducted from someone else’s profile.

Can I manage my Instagram live?

Instagram offers various customizable feature such as turning off comments on live, turning off requests from others to join the live.

For any further queries, feel free to reach us out.

Why won’t Instagram let me go live?

Why won’t Instagram let me go live?

You may stream live videos to your followers on Instagram. Now that 100 million people use it daily, it has emerged as a completely new method of communication.

In addition, Instagram Live provided viewers with unending entertainment, however, all live videos are absolutely transient. The footage is lost once the broadcast is over. No replays. 

Hence, this is why difficulties with Instagram Live not functioning are so aggravating. You missed all the great live videos and the chance to get more admirers for the day if your Instagram Live has not been operating for the past 24 hours!

And this leads the users to question why won’t Instagram let me go live. Whether you are using Android or iOS, this short and simple article will help you resolve any unpleasant Instagram Live-related difficulties.

Bugs leading to Instagram live Issues

  • You Should Update Your Instagram App

You should download Instagram’s most recent version to ensure that Instagram Live functions properly.

  • Your Phone Does Not Meet the Requirements for the Instagram App

The Instagram app’s requirements must be met by your phone. Particularly, iOS devices must run 6.0 or later and Android smartphones must run Android 4.1 or above.

  • Internet connection instability

Instagram Live not functioning is only one of the issues brought on by a shaky or unreliable Internet connection.


  • The camera is off.

Check to see if Instagram is authorized to use your phone’s camera if you discover that you are unable to live stream on Instagram.

  • The Instagram server may briefly go down.

Many millions of people use Instagram. The busy server may occasionally go temporarily down. Just return the next day and give it another shot.

Hence, these could be the best possible reason behind your query about why won’t Instagram let me go live. Read them carefully and identify the issue you are facing.

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How to Fix Instagram Live Issues in 6 Steps

Note: Make sure you are using the most recent version of Instagram and that your OS complies with Instagram standards before using any of the aforementioned techniques.

Step#1: Examine the Internet connection.

No need to purchase a specialized speed tester if you believe that Instagram Live is not functioning because of the unreliable Internet. Run a different live streaming program and check how well it performs.

Step#2: Remove App Cache

Because of app caches, Instagram’s features—including Instagram Live—might occasionally stop functioning as intended. Every time you use the application, it produces and causes a variety of issues. 

You occasionally need to clean it. You may just reinstall the program to erase the cache. Without uninstalling the program, you may clean caches on Android. Go to Settings, then choose Apps and Notifications, then Information, then Instagram, then Storage. Click Clear Cache, then adhere to the instructions.

Step#3: Restarting Your Phone

One program may be affecting another while others are running simultaneously on your phone. You may start a fresh session with Instagram after restarting your phone.

Step#4: You use your phone’s camera to live broadcast on Instagram. You cannot go live stream if Instagram does not have access to the camera.

Go to Settings > Instagram to see if Instagram has access to your camera. Check if the camera is activated by tapping on it.

Step#5: Shut down additional Instagram accounts

Using the same phone to log into several Instagram accounts. Never do that! If you have numerous accounts using the same phone number, IP address, or email address, Instagram can tell.

Occasionally, Instagram may disable specific functionalities in accordance with its regulations. Try to log out of all of your accounts except the one you wish to use permanently.

Step#6: Report to the Help Center for Instagram

If everything else fails, we advise you to report the problem to the Instagram Help Center.

Select Help > Report a Problem > Something Isn’t Working from the app’s settings menu. Next, give a screenshot of the problem and include a brief explanation. Select Send. Await the response from the Instagram team.

However, you can resolve your query about why won’t my Instagram let me go live by following the fixes we have mentioned for you.


Instagram’s real-time live function, which debuted in 2016, has gained so much traction since then that it is now difficult to envision Instagram without it. 

As we all are aware of the fact that no Instagram user wants to miss out on live streaming, which is now one of the features that are a must-have and must-watch. 

However, users have, occasionally expressed their unhappiness with live stories and the issues they have encountered. And many questions like why won’t Instagram let me go live have occurred.

Furthermore, if you want to count yourself among those users who possess a huge amount of Insta follower base. We would simply advise you to buy 1000 Instagram followers or else buy 2000 Instagram followers and enjoy the perks of being our reader.

So to answer your queries we have structured this article and we hope that was of some use for you.


How to react to emojis on Instagram dm?

How to react to emojis on Instagram dm?

Emojis are a great way to show how you feel in a text conversation. But what do you do when someone sends you an emoji in an Instagram direct message (DM)? Do you respond with an emoji of your own, or do you just type out a response? If you’re not sure how to react, don’t worry! We’ll walk you through the right way to respond to emojis in an Instagram DM.

Why can’t I react to Instagram messages with emojis?

If you’re using the latest version of the Instagram app, you should be able to react to DMs with emojis. If you’re not able to do this, it’s likely because you have an older version of the app. To update your app, open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and tap “Updates” at the bottom of the screen. Then, find Instagram in the list of apps with available updates and tap “Update.”

How to react to Instagram messages with emojis?

If you’re using the latest version of the Instagram app, you should be able to react to DMs with emojis. If you’re not able to do this, it’s likely because you have an older version of the app. To update your app, open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and tap “Updates” at the bottom of the screen. Then, find Instagram in the list of apps with available updates and tap “Update.” Once you’ve updated your app, you’ll be able to react to DMs with emojis by long-pressing on the message and selecting an emoji from the pop-up menu. You can also double-tap on the message and then select an emoji from the menu that appears. If you don’t see the reaction emoji you want to use, you can tap “More” at the bottom of the menu to see all of the available options.

How do I turn off emoji reactions in Instagram DMs?

If you don’t want to see emoji reactions in your DMs, you can turn them off in your app settings. To do this, go to your profile page and tap the three dots in the top-right corner. Then, select “Settings” from the drop-down menu. Next, tap “Privacy” and then “Messages.” Finally, toggle off the “Reactions” option. This will prevent people from reacting to your DMs with emojis.

Why don’t I have reactions on Instagram?

If you’re not seeing reactions in your DMs, it’s likely because they’ve been turned off in your app settings. To turn them on, go to your profile page and tap the three dots in the top-right corner. Then, select “Settings” from the drop-down menu. Next, tap “Privacy” and then “Messages.” Finally, toggle on the “Reactions” option. This will allow people to react to your DMs with emojis.

How to change reactions on Instagram?

How to react to emojis on Instagram dm?

If you want to change the emoji reaction you’ve given to a message, simply long-press on the message and select the new emoji from the pop-up menu. You can also double-tap on the message and then select the new emoji from the menu that appears. If you don’t see the reaction emoji you want to use, you can tap “More” at the bottom of the menu to see all of the available options.

Conclusion: How to react to emojis on Instagram dm?

Reacting to emojis in Instagram DMs is a great way to show how you feel about the conversation. If you’re not sure how to react, you can update your app and long-press on the message to select an emoji from the pop-up menu. You can also turn off emoji reactions in your app settings if you don’t want to see them in your DMs. Thanks for reading!

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Can I Buy Instagram views?

A: No, you cannot buy Instagram views. Any website or service that claims to be able to do this is likely a scam. 

Q: How can I get more views on my Instagram photos?

A: The best way to get more views on your Instagram photos is to post interesting, high-quality content. You can also use hashtags and location tags to reach a wider audience.

Q: What is the best time to post on Instagram?

A: The best time to post on Instagram is during peak hours, which are weekdays from 9am to 6pm. However, you may get more engagement if you post during off-peak hours, such as evenings and weekends.

Q: Is it legal to buy Instagram followers?

A: Yes, it is legal to buy Instagram followers. However, you should only buy followers from a reputable source. There are many scams out there, so be careful.

How to avoid copyright on Instagram

How to avoid copyright on Instagram

Have you ever considered, “That Drake video clip would look so amazing in my Instagram story… but you do not want to get hit with a copyright strike”?

You probably could use some advice on avoiding copyright issues on Instagram, whether that describes you or you need to substitute “Drake” with something else, like “flying squirrels”.

Hence in this article, we have discussed the top three tips to learn how to avoid copyright on Instagram. Have a look to learn about them.

Keep it short 

Long-form copyrighted video snippets are easy to spot according to Instagram’s pre-programmed algorithms.

Nevertheless, you will have a higher chance of avoiding a flag if you can restrict your copyrighted video between one and three seconds in length.

Make it your own

Meanwhile, by editing copyrighted video clips such that they appear to be original works of art, you can avoid copyright complaints.

On occasion, viewers will leave comments on videos, reply to them, or even completely alter them. Check out Mashup Songs’ fantastic mashup of the top songs from 2018 if you need some motivation.

Moreover, Artists’ speech, videos, and audio samples are combined to create mashup songs. This is a fantastic illustration of how someone else’s art may be altered.

For example, Avicii, Chumbawamba, and Rick Astley are effectively combined by Cimone Hamilton to create a song that, in my opinion, is superior to the original. This is another outstanding example.

Modify the original

By physically modifying the video file itself, you may upload the video clip to Instagram without risking a copyright violation if you are not planning to change its meaning or expression.

In addition try adjusting the color scheme, adding sounds, or maybe slowing down the music. The fact remains that you must alter the original piece of art.

This digitally sampled clip by Leslie Wai and this original artwork by channel, for which he created his own animation and used the underlying music from a Seinfeld episode, are two examples to learn how to avoid copyright on Instagram.

You may use the fair use legislation to maintain the existence of your posts and prevent flagging of your account by keeping it brief and adding your own flare to any copyrighted material you upload to Instagram.

Hence this is how you can easily learn the tricks about how to avoid copyright on Instagram by following the information provided to you above. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can you copyright Instagram photos?

No! Instagram photographs cannot be copied. The best way to safeguard your material is to avoid sharing it on Instagram and prevent it from being stolen.

How do you avoid copyright on Instagram?

To avoid violating other people’s copyrights on Instagram, you must adhere to these three easy procedures. They consist of:

  1. Avoid sharing content you did not produce; 
  2. If you must, obtain the author’s express consent before doing so; and.
  3. Do not assume that the “fair dealing” exemption applies to you without first seeking legal counsel.

Can I post a video with music on Instagram?

Thankfully, Instagram provided users with some of their Instagram Copyright Music Rules, which are as follows:

  1. Post a video whenever you share music.
  2. Your video should be brief.
  3. Streaming music without limits for Instagram Stories

What actions does Instagram typically take when copyright music is detected?

Instagram takes the following steps against users who utilize music that is protected by copyright:

  1. Mute your comment and turn off the music.
  2. Stop your live broadcast 
  3. Completely remove your Instagram post.

Conclusion: How to avoid copyright on Instagram

However, the most frequent query you will encounter on social networking sites is “how to avoid copyright on Instagram,” and it may even cross your mind after experiencing copyright concerns in real life.

Although following these easy guidelines can help you stay clear of copyright-related music difficulties on Instagram. Take a look at some guidelines for posting without violating copyright before you get right into copyright bypassing techniques.

Furthermore, if you want some serious amount of viewership on your Instagram live sessions and reels. Then do not worry as you can straightforwardly buy Instagram reel views and Instagram live views.

We are glad that you chose us to learn the tips and tricks to avoid copyright and we hope that the above-furnished tips have been of some use to you.