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How to Add Multiple Photos to an Instagram Story?

Wondering how to incorporate two photos into your Instagram story? Look no further! Regular Instagram users understand the importance of sharing stories in today’s social media conversations. As of 2024, Instagram reported a staggering 500+ million daily users engaging with Instagram Stories. In this article, we’ll explore four effective methods for adding multiple photos to your Instagram story. Plus, discover how to boost your viewership by purchasing Instagram views.

How to add 2 photos to an Instagram story in 2024?

Using the “Photo Sticker” tool to add multiple photos to the Instagram story. This is the first method for adding two or several photos to your Instagram story. We will use the “Photo Sticker” option here. To learn how to follow the instructions below.

Step#1: First of all open your Instagram on your Android or iOS mobile phone.
Step#2: Sign in to your Instagram account.

how to add 2 photos to an Instagram story
Step#3: Swipe right on the home page to see your Instagram story.
Step#4: On the left-hand side of the screen, select the “Aa” Create option.
Step#5: By clicking on the colored circle in the bottom right corner, you may upload a backdrop or select an appropriate background.
Step#6: After you have chosen your backdrop, go to the top bar and click the ‘Sticker’ symbol.
Step#7: Select the “Photo Stickers” icon from the drop-down menu.

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how to add 2 pictures on instagram story
Step#8: Choose 2 photos of your choice that you would like to upload.
Step#9: Change the edges of the photos by adjusting them and tapping on them.
Step#10: You can repeat the procedure mentioned above to add multiple pictures to your Instagram story.
Step#11: Moving on with the steps, add more text or stickers to your story so that it does not look incomplete.
Step#12: Lastly, click the send button, to post it as your story,

Now, you must know how to add 2 photos to an Instagram story by using the Sticker feature.

How to add 2 or multiple photos to the Instagram story using “Layout Tool”

Secondly, apart from the Sticker tool method, you can also make use of the Layout tool to add more than one photo to your Instagram story. Essentially, the Layout Tool divides your story into different portions. Each part can have a photo added to it. This is how you go about doing it.

Step#1: To begin with, log into your Instagram account using the Instagram app on your Android or IOS phone.
Step#2: Swipe right to access Instagram Stories.
Step#3: Select ‘Layout’ from the left side of the screen.
Step#4: Then choose a layout for your Instagram story.
Step#5: In the lower-left corner of the screen, you have to go for the add photo button.
Step#6: Now, you can continue to fill each partition with photographs until all of them are full.
Step#7: Save the final image once you have finished adding all of the photos as per your choice.
Step#8: In the end click on the send button to post it as your story.

Following these eight steps thoroughly will surely assist you in learning how to add 2 photos an Instagram story at once.

Adding 2 pictures to the Instagram story using the “Upload multiple pictures” feature

This is most likely the simplest method for adding two photos to your Instagram story. To learn how to follow the instructions below!

Step#1: At first normally you just have to log into your Instagram account using the Instagram app on your Android or iOS mobile device.
Step#2: To access Instagram stories, swipe right.
Step#3: At the lower-left corner of your screen, you will find an “Add Image” icon, click on it.
Step#4: Then you have to select “Upload Multiple Pictures” from the drop-down menu.
Step#5: Choose the images you would want to use in your story.
Step#6: Click on the “Next” button.
Step#7: After you have picked all of the photographs and added all of the text and stickers you want, click Send to share the photos on Instagram’s story.

You can use this approach to publish numerous pictures at once, but each picture will be displayed as a separate story slide.

Add multiple pictures to your Instagram story directly from your Photo Gallery

This approach differs somewhat from the other three methods mentioned above. In this situation, you’ll be sharing right from your photo gallery. To learn more, follow the steps. Please keep in mind that this solution is only applicable to Android users.

Step#1: Open your phone’s picture app.
Step#2: Choose multiple pictures if you want to add numerous photos to your Instagram Story but they will appear as different slides. And if you want to put numerous photographs on a single slide, choose a single image.
Step#3: Select Instagram stories by clicking on the share menu.

how to add 2 photos to an Instagram story
Step#4: The chosen image will be shown on the Storyboard.
Step#5: Simply, click on the photo to adjust it accordingly.
Step#6: To add further images click on the sticker icon on the top bar and select photo stickers.
Step#7: Choose the second image and crop it to fit with the previous image.
Step#8: Once you’ve finished adding everything to the slide, click the “Next” button.
Step#9: Finally, to upload the images as your story, click “Send.”


How to Add Multiple Photos to an Instagram Story?

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What is the Maximum Number of Photos I Can Add to an Instagram Story?

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Can I Edit Individual Photos in a Multi-Photo Instagram Story?

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Mastering the skill of adding 2 photos to an Instagram story saves time and empowers you to craft visually appealing, cohesive, collage-style stories that captivate your audience. This feature ensures that any Instagram story you share becomes an instant hit. Moreover, if you’re looking to enhance your Instagram and TikTok presence, consider exploring options to buy Instagram automatic likes and real instagram views. This strategic move can significantly boost your follower base on both platforms. Now that you have various methods to add multiple photos to your Instagram story, we eagerly await your valuable feedback.

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