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How to make your Instagram Photos Stand Out?

In the time of social media, where everyone has the potential to be an influencer, the challenge emerges – how do you carve a unique niche that captivates audiences and stands out amidst the digital noise? For beginners navigating the labyrinth of Instagram, the journey to growth and creating a community of like-minded individuals can be both exhilarating and daunting.

Imagine stepping into the world of Instagram, where each photo is a canvas waiting to be painted with individuality and creativity. To embark on this visual storytelling adventure, one must grasp the essence of standing out amid the sea of images. As the digital landscape evolves, the need for authenticity and innovation becomes more crucial than ever.

So, how can you ensure that your Instagram photos transcend the ordinary and leave an indelible mark on your audience? Let’s unravel the amazing ways to make your Instagram photos stand out, transforming your feed into a captivating narrative that beckons followers into your unique universe.

12 Tips on How to Take Good Instagram Photos

Navigating the expansive realm of social media involves more than merely capturing moments—it’s an intricate art form. Transforming your Instagram photos into attention-grabbing visual stories requires a strategic approach. Explore this guide to enhance your Instagram presence and ensure your photos captivate your audience:

1. Use a Quality Camera

For great Instagram photos, you don’t always need an expensive camera. A good smartphone like an iPhone can do the job. Your photos mustn’t be blurry or low quality because people won’t stop to look at them. Modern smartphones have different photo modes like panoramic and wide-angle, which let you be creative with your pictures.

2. Develop your Aesthetic

You cannot be able to stand out if you just upload random photos. This randomness means that you do not have an individual identity. Before starting, you should think about a theme that relates to you the most. For example, some people relate to darkness and give a sad or serious vibe. On the other hand, there are people you relate to with more cheerful vibes or bold colors.

Once you have decided on a theme, stick to it and be consistent. Before uploading the next photo, always consider what you have uploaded before or will upload after this. All your images should be on the same concept and feel like an extension of the previous photo. Over time, you will develop your style, and people will like you for being unique. 

3. Understanding Photography Basics

Before delving into themes and colors, mastering the fundamentals of photography is essential. Learn about optimal lighting conditions, such as the ‘Golden Hour,’ and consider investing in portable lighting setups for varied scenarios. Keep your camera steady, explore composition techniques like the rule of thirds, and enhance photo quality.

4. Have an Objective

To get people’s attention, having an objective is essential. Nobody will follow you if you do not have a direction. Even if you get Instagram followers & likes, it will be challenging to retain them.  By having an objective for your posting, you will target a segment of the audience.

For example, you can upload photos related to food or travel. Another example can be designer clothes or makeup tutorials. In this way, your followers will always wait for your next post. In addition, you can tag related hashtags along with your Instagram photos. You will get the attention of new potential TikTok followers when they search for that hashtag. Plus, you will create a cloud of like-minded that will help you to improve in your field. 

5. Edit your Photos

You might not believe it, but every famous influencer edits their photos. Some of them even photoshop their photos with different backgrounds. However, I will not recommend you do that.  Nobody likes a heavily edited and filtered photo. Therefore, you should edit a photo like it is not edited. The images should be edited to lighten up, and the colors should be highlighted. Another thing you can do is tune your face structure and improve expression. 

6. Theming and Color Palette

Maintain a consistent visual identity by adopting a theme or color palette. Plan posts to ensure a harmonious flow, considering how each photo complements those around it. Experiment with colorful frames, grids, or color-coded feeds for a visually appealing Instagram presence.

7. Know your Audience

Focusing on your audience is key to success on Instagram. Use the Instagram Insights feature to learn about your audience. It gives you information like their interests and when they’re most active. This helps you make content that they will like, which can bring in more followers and potential customers. You will know what kind of people enjoy your content, and you can tailor your posts to them.

8. Give Details

People choose to follow you on social media not just out of support, but for the knowledge and experiences you share. It’s important to provide insights into your process. For instance, if you’re an artist, explain the inspiration behind your art pieces and the methods you used to create them. Similarly, if you’re showcasing makeup skills, detail the products you use. This approach not only keeps your current followers engaged but also attracts new ones who are looking for educational content.

9. Interact with the audience

Whoever follows you should know that there is a human behind the account. Nobody likes to follow people with whom they do not feel connected. When you interact with them more, an emotional attachment develops. They become so involved in your life that they do not want to miss your post. 

This interaction can be done in many ways. Firstly, you should always reply to the comments as much as you can. This gesture encourages more people to comment, which in turn will increase the reach of your post. In addition, you can come live often to directly talk with the followers. You can ask them what photos they want to see next in the live chat and listen to their opinions. This way, they will feel that they are valued, which will make them stay. 

10. Know your Angles

“Know Your Angles” emphasizes the importance of understanding the best angles for your photographs. Remember, it’s not about looks; it’s about finding the right perspective. Try taking photos from various angles to see which ones flatter you the most. Afterward, take some time to review these photos, either alone or with friends, to determine which angles showcase you best. This practice can significantly enhance the quality of your photos and boost your confidence in front of the camera.

11. Strategic Hashtag Usage

Strategic Hashtag Usage involves carefully selecting hashtags to increase the visibility of your posts. Rather than using only popular hashtags, it’s beneficial to use a mix. Include some high-traffic hashtags to gain wide visibility, moderate ones to tap into general interest areas, and niche-specific hashtags that directly relate to your content. This balanced approach helps in reaching a broad audience while also targeting those who are most likely to be interested in your posts. Such a strategy can significantly enhance engagement and attract followers who are genuinely interested in your content.

12. Collages with Layout

Utilize Instagram photo editing apps like Layout to create engaging collages. This app allows you to arrange photos in various grids, enhancing storytelling and presentation. Collages offer a unique way to share narratives compared to individual posts or slideshows.

Everybody has certain angles that make them look best. Indeed, you will also find one. Work on the angle that you find and perfect that by practicing.  The angles do not come alone.  With them, you also need good lighting. Find a place where there is enough light that will make your photo lighten up. When somebody sees a well-lighted picture with perfect angles, they will surely wait for a moment to see it. 


How can I improve the quality of my Instagram photos?

Use natural light, keep your camera steady (consider a tripod), and understand basic photography principles like the rule of thirds. Experiment with different angles and compositions for more dynamic images.

What are some creative ways to use themes or colors in my Instagram photos?

Stick to a consistent theme or color palette to make your feed visually appealing. You can group photos with similar colors or use filters to maintain a cohesive look.

How can I use Instagram’s editing tools effectively?

Utilize Instagram’s built-in editing tools to adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation, and apply filters. Don’t over-edit; keep changes subtle for a more natural look.

How important is the background or setting in my Instagram photos?

The background can greatly impact the appeal of your photo. Choose settings that complement your subject without overpowering it. Clean, uncluttered backgrounds often work best.

How can burst mode improve my Instagram photography?

Burst mode is great for capturing action shots or fleeting moments. It takes several photos in quick succession, giving you more options to choose the best shot.


Creating standout Instagram photos involves combining the basics of photography, planning, and a bit of digital flair. Knowing how light works, using tripods for stable shots, and understanding composition is key. Themes, colors, and careful planning make your Instagram page look pleasing.

Digital makeup apps add a modern touch, ensuring your selfies always look great without actual makeup. But it is not just about looks; using hashtags strategically helps your posts reach more people.

Remember, it’s not just about single posts; it’s the whole story your feed tells. Being consistent, creative, and understanding what your audience likes are essential. With these, you can grow your Instagram naturally, building a community that loves your unique visual story. Embrace visual storytelling, and see your Instagram presence grow effortlessly.