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Amazing Ways to Make Your Instagram Photos Stand Out

With the rise of social media, every other person has become an influencer. Now, it is challenging to come up with a style that is not done by others. When you do not have anything new to offer, people will not be inspired and follow you. Therefore, it gets tricky for beginners to grow and create a cloud of like-minded people. 

That being said, the question remains, What are the amazing ways to make your Instagram photos stand out?

Here are some of the ways that will help you stand out.

Use a Quality Camera

I am sure many of you already know that a camera can make or break a photo. You do not need high-definition DSLRs to get a good shot. An iPhone or any other flagship phone can do the job.

Nobody will stop scrolling for you if your Instagram photos are blurry, dull, or low resolution. In addition, if you have a flagship phone, then many other options can upgrade your photos. Options such as panoramic, wide-angle, and professional mode give you the flexibility to be creative. 

Develop Your Aesthetic

develop ahtetic skills

You cannot be able to stand out if you just upload random photos. This randomness means that you do not have an individual identity. Before starting, you should think about a theme that relates to you the most. For example, some people relate to darkness and give a sad or serious vibe. On the other hand, there are people you relate to with more cheerful vibes or bold colors. 

Once you have decided on a theme, stick to it and be consistent. Before uploading the next photo, always consider what you have uploaded before or will upload after this. All your images should be on the same concept and feel like an extension of the previous photo. Over time, you will develop your style, and people will like you for being unique. 

Have an Objective

To get people’s attention, having an objective is essential. Nobody will follow you if you do not have a direction. Even if you get Twitter followers & likes, it will be challenging to retain them. 

By having an objective for your posting, you will target a segment of the audience. For example, you can upload photos related to food or travel. Another example can be designer clothes or makeup tutorials. In this way, your followers will always wait for your next post.

In addition, you can tag related hashtags along with your Instagram photos. You will get the attention of new potential TikTok followers when they search for that hashtag. Plus, you will create a cloud of like-minded that will help you to improve in your field. 

Edit Your Photos

You might not believe it, but every famous influencer edits their photos. Some of them even photoshop their photos. However, I will not recommend you do that. 

Nobody likes a heavily edited and filtered photo. Therefore, you should edit a photo like it is not edited. The images should be edited to lighten up, and the colors should be highlighted. Another thing you can do is tune your face structure and improve expression. 

Know Your Audience

As you have noticed, I am constantly emphasizing the audience. This is because the audience is your key to success. In this regard, You can use the feature of insights on Instagram.  There you will get all the information about your audience. This feature will help you tailor your content or photos according to the audience base. It will also help you get more potential customers because you would know which type of people will like your content. 

Give Details 

This part is crucial. People follow you not because they just want to support you. Instead, they follow you because they want to learn. Whatever you do, always show behind the scenes or the steps you followed. For example, if you made an art piece, tell them where you get the inspiration and how you made it. Another example is if you show your makeup skills, then tell them the products you use. Doing this will retain your existing followers and will attract more who search how-to queries. 

Interact with the audience 

Whoever follows you should know that there is a human behind the account. Nobody likes to follow people with who they do not feel connected. When you interact with them more, an emotional attachment develops. They become so involved in your life that they do not want to miss your post. 

This interaction can be done in many ways. Firstly, you should always reply to the comments as much as you can. This gesture encourages more people to comment, which in turn will increase the reach of your post. In addition, you can come live often to directly talk with the followers. You can ask them what photos they want to see next in the live chat and listen to their opinions. This way, they will feel that they are valued, which will make them stay. 

Know Your Angles

Last but not least, always remember you are not ugly. The angle is wrong. Experiment with your angles by having a photo clicked at all the possible angles. The next thing will be to sit down and judge yourself. You can also take help from your friends.  Everybody has certain angles that make them look best. Indeed, you will also find one. Work on the angle that you find and perfect that by practicing. 

The angles do not come alone.  With them, you also need good lighting. Find a place where there is enough light that will make your photo lighten up. When somebody sees a well-lighted picture with perfect angles, they will surely wait for a moment to see. 


Following the tips given above will definitely help you for the perfect Instagram Photos. However, if you want to be more efficient, then you must be confident. Confidence is not only just to look confident but also to feel it. You should be comfortable in your skin. You should believe that the outfit you are wearing or the pose you are giving is the best of the best.  Doing this will make you stand out because you will look original.