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How to change Instagram icon

We are living in the world of technology. All of us use technology for our benefit. The Internet converts the whole world into a global village. All of us use social media apps. Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps. Through social media, we are connected with each other.  You can share your memories with your friends. Posts on Instagram are the best way to share your best time, your emotions with others, and your knowledge with others.

It gives people a chance to set up their own business. You can sell online things. A lot of people like these things and buy them. Most people use Instagram to get fame. Some use it to show their talent to the world. It supports the talent of people very much.

In this article, you will learn How to change Instagram icons. With the celebration of Instagram’s 10th year anniversary, the app added some awesome updates featuring some hidden features as well as new options to change the Instagram icon.

In the beginning, people knew Instagram as a social networking application for sharing photos and videos. Instagram is a popular social media application of Facebook that is currently in trend. Instagram furnishes us with different elements, for example, photograph sharing, posting photographs, loving, remarking, and informing (DM), Instagram story channels. Right now, they have given a report on the most proficient method to change your Instagram symbol.

To assist with praising its tenth birthday celebration, Instagram has added each of its exemplary symbols inside a mysterious menu that allows you to return to a portion of the exemplary application symbols of days gone by. As a feature of the most recent Instagram update for Android (and iOS), another secret menu has shown up inside the Settings application that is not difficult to track down and initiate.

There are a total of 13 Instagram app icons with which you can customize your home screen, but we’re sure that the pre-launch and original Instamatic-style icons will be top of any avid Instagrammer’s wish lists. It is truly energizing to realize that Instagram has concocted a cool update to change the Instagram application symbol, You would now have the option to change the Instagram symbol on iPhone and Android to appear to be like one of the principal symbols going right back to 2010.

The part was caused open to customers to help with complimenting the image-sharing electronic media’s drawn-out remembrance. You can peruse Instagram’s works of art and special symbols, going right back to when it was essentially a Polaroid camera. There is similarly a pre-dispatch variation and a celebratory birthday type of its most recent symbol.

Change the icon on iPhone

In the event that you have an iOS gadget, you can utilize the Shortcuts application to give any application you like an extraordinary symbol. However, there are a few requirements. You should be running iOS 14 or iPad OS 14 or higher, have the Shortcuts application introduced on your gadget, and have the picture you need to use for the Instagram application symbol saved to your Photos library.

Change the icon from the play store app

You can change your Instagram app icon from an app. It is really an easy method.

  • Utilizing the Shortcuts application, you essentially need to make another alternate route and pick the Open App activity.
  • Pick Instagram and give the easy route a name and select a photograph to use as the new alternate way picture.
  • The new easy route shows up on your iOS gadget with the name Instagram on it.

In this way, your picture will be set on your Instagram icon. You can choose pictures of your choice.

Change the icon from the Instagram app

  • Firstly open your Instagram app
  • At the lower right corner of your screen tap your profile
  • After opening your profile tap on the three-line icon at the top right side of the screen
  • Select the setting option from the list
  • Scrolling your screen up or pulling down from the top of the screen
  • Scrolling up your screen until emojis come
  • You would have to try it a lot of times. When you got successful you will see a page with all the old icons
  • Select the icon of your choice
  • Then add it to the icon and place

By using this method you can add icons to your screen through the Instagram app

Change the Instagram icon color

 Instagram is now updated as a whole new version such as

  • Hashtag trend
  • IGTV
  • Reels
  • Co-Watching

You can change color with these versions

Change the Instagram icon on the Android

You can change the Instagram icon on Android from the play store app or by Instagram.

Change icon by play store app

  • Introduce X Icon Changer from the Google Play store.
  • Tap and hold a clear right on the money on your telephone’s home screen and afterward, in the dropdown menu, pick Widgets.
  • Look down to track down X Icon Changer. …
  • Look through the rundown of applications introduced on your telephone and tap Instagram.
  • Select the picture you need to utilize.

Change the icon from Instagram

  • Firstly update your Instagram app
  • After updating your app tap on your profile
  • Then click on three dots menu icon at the upper right corner of your app screen
  • Then open your settings
  • Scroll down to see emojis
  • Here you will see a cupcake icon that asks you to celebrate with us. This will show you some cool custom icons.
  • Tap Add consequently once, a spring-up window appears straightforwardly to add the new Instagram symbol to your home screen.
  • Pick your beloved symbol and add it to your home screen.


Some people get bored seeing that old Instagram app icon. But this is a very good feature of Instagram. Instagram release this feature on their 10th birthday celebrations. By using this feature you can change the Instagram app icon of your choice. People love this feature very much. They get inspired by this feature. I also love this feature. I hope all of you will surely love this.