If you are willing to learn how to upload live photo to Instagram, then you are at the perfect spot.

You can take live images directly from your camera app if you have an iPhone 6s or later. The relatively new medium creates a “moving” image that allows you to provide viewers with a more visual context for your photographs by occupying the space between a still photo and a movie.

As we all are aware that Instagram was one of the last platforms to enable live images, but there is a way to add that function to your profile now thanks to updates and clever workarounds. 

Though, it is vital to remember that whether you wish to add a live photo to your story or your photo wall will affect how simple it is to do so.

Step by Step Guide 

Step#1: Select the desired live photo by launching the Photos app.

Step#2: Upward-swiping users should select “Save as video.”

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Step#3: Open the Instagram application.

Step#4: In the bottom menu of the app, select the + sign.

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Step#5: Choose the stored video from your photo collection.

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Step#6: On the upper right, click “Next.”

Step#7: Include a caption.

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Step#8: Press “Share.”

Hence, this is how you can easily find out how to upload live photos to Instagram using the step-by-step guide mentioned above.

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How to upload live photo to Instagram as a Story 

Step#1: Open Instagram.

Step#2: To reach the “Stories” area, tap the camera symbol in the top-left corner of the screen. 

Step#3: Scroll through your bottom menu on the narrative screen until “Boomerang” appears. Tap it.

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Step#4: When you see the boomerang icon, tap the white circle on the bottom menu to start taking your live snapshot.

Step#5: You may change or add text to your live photo any way you like.

Step#6: In the lower right corner, click “Send To.”

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Step#7: Choose the recipient for your live snapshot from options like “Your Story,” “Close Friends,” or a user you follow.

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Step#8: The activity can be stopped by selecting “Undo” or by clicking the blue “Done” link that displays at the bottom of the screen.

Step eight marks the end of the procedure to learn how to upload live photo to Instagram as a story.

Can You Create A Boomerang From A Live Photo?

To begin with, first, you have to understand that by changing your Live Photo into a Boomerang, you can cut your 1.5-second Live Photo in half and make it last for only one second, which is the duration of a Boomerang. Good news: Live Photos frequently turn into fantastic Boomerangs.

Instagram’s equivalent of brevity videos is boomerangs. You may use it to turn a Live Photo into a Boomerang and it uses the burst photo mode on your camera to capture a sequence of pictures that will produce a moving image.

Though, older versions can still be used with the procedure described below. If you have a new phone, go to the section after that for the choices that apply to it.

Make a Live Photo into an Instagram Boomerang on iPhone 5 or Older

Step#1: Activate “Instagram” and choose “camera.”

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Step#2:  By pressing the circle in the top right corner and sliding up to choose your Live Photo, you may start a new narrative.

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Step#3: Press and hold your finger on the screen after you have uploaded a Live Photo. The Boomerang is made with 3D Touch in this method.

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Step#4: Post the Boomerang to your Story, then write the next paragraphs of your post as you choose.

Although it is not the most beautiful solution, it works as Instagram catches up to the times and starts collaborating with Live Photos and you can easily learn how to upload live photo to Instagram.

Convert Your Live Photos to Animated Gifs

You could always convert your Live Photos to GIFs and publish them on Instagram if the aforementioned technique does not work for you. 

While, giftr creates distinctive animated GIFs using videos, stock pictures, selfies, and live photographs in addition to videos and brand-new Live Photos, applications are limited.

As you are using Giftr for this topic to turn your Live Photos into animated GIFs that you can share on Instagram. Lively and other applications are useful, but Giftr does the job well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Samsung smartphones provide Live Photos?

You do have Motion Photos, Samsung’s response to Live Photos from Apple.

Despite the differences between them, both have the same objective—creating animated photographs. The same procedures as previously can be used to upload these. 

If you cannot save it as a video, upload it to Google Photos as a video.

Are stickers an option for live photos?

You may include stickers, the date, the time, and other elements just as you would with any other Instagram post.


Live Photos, which blend video and GIF pictures to produce something more engaging than a still image, are a terrific addition to current iPhone models. Live Photos breathe life into still images!

Furthermore, major social media sites like Twitter and Facebook started utilizing Live Photos after Apple introduced them as a feature. Instagram, which focuses on photos, stood out among the prominent social networking platforms.

Although, it took some time to figure out how to upload Live Photo to Instagram, especially given how long Instagram took to provide this function. At the very least, it is possible with a little tweaking.

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Lastly, we are glad that you chose us in order to learn the procedure and we hope that you had a wonderful experience learning it.