With 2.936 billion monthly active users, Facebook has now become immensely popular, especially after its live video feature which allows its users to Livestream directly with the viewers on Facebook and enable them to engage along through comments and reactions. 

The use of the live video options has increased by 50% since 2020 and as time passes by, users are more curious to learn about the feature. However, a lot of people wonder how to delete the live videos from Facebook once they are done streaming.

If you are one of those people questioning how to delete the live video, then this article is definitely for you. So, stay in the loop!

Steps to delete the live video on Facebook:-

In order to delete, firstly, make sure to end the live stream as the video cannot be removed until and unless it has been ended. 

Once you finish your live, it will automatically be saved as a post on your Facebook timeline. In such cases, from your profile or page, select the ‘More’ tab under your profile, navigate to the Videos tab, and hit the delete button. 


Another way you can delete your Facebook live video is to tap on the three dots visible in the top right corner of your live video and choose “select”

How to delete a live post a Facebook?

It is not possible to delete a live post on Facebook right away because the post will stay on your Facebook profile for 24 hours and then it becomes a normal post. 

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How to delete a live broadcast from your live archive? 

  1. To access your profile, tap or click on your profile image in the lower right.
  2. Tap the upper right corner.
  3. Click Archive.
  4. At the top, select Posts/Stories Archive, then select Live Archive.
  5. To delete a live broadcast, tap on the video you want to delete
  6. Tap Delete once to confirm, then tap Delete again.


Facebook live videos are archived rather than removed.

Similar like other Facebook videos, Facebook live videos function in the same way. The primary difference is that you may provide your followers access to a live video feed through your phone or computer. Anyone who has been following you will be notified of the link to view your archived Facebook live video on your profile.

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