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How to Determine Instagram Influencer Rates?

Influence marketing business has become a billion-dollar industry in this era of social media. The platform that enabled this industry the most is Instagram. It is observed that every other social media influencer starts their journey from Instagram and then expands to other platforms. This might be because people see social media as a lifestyle guide. According to studies, Instagram plays a large part in people’s buying decisions. 

Therefore, Instagram has become the go-to place for people to promote their brands or products. However, if you own a brand and want to promote it, you will have to stay within your budget. Knowing the influencer rates will help you negotiate better. 

Read along as we will tell you, Instagram influencer pricing: how to determine influencer rates.

How to Determine Influencer Rates in 2024?

Here are some variables that influence the rate of an influencer. 

Number of Followers

Whenever a brand approaches any influencer, this is the first thing that comes into consideration. Your number of followers tells how effective and consistent you are.  Apart from that, a high number of followers is also a good thing to get your message as widespread as possible. 

On the other hand, if you are a beginner influence marketer and have a low number of followers, buying followers is another option. After that, you will not be frustrated by the low rates offered to you based on your followers. The best site to get your hands on followers is Boost social media.  

Engagement Rate

It is advantageous to have a large number of followers to get the attention of brands. However, just having followers is not enough. Sometimes brands prefer an influencer who has fewer followers but has a high engagement rate.  Over an influencer who has a high number of followers with less engagement rate. 

Engagement rate means how many followers are interacting with the post that you are sharing. It can be likes, comments, sharing, and views. Fortunately, you can also buy Instagram likes and shares. Not only that, but you can also buy Instagram impressions. This will give a boost to your engagement rate and will help you get better rates. 

Content Quality

An influencer rate also depends upon what type and quality of content are demanded. For example, if a brand just wants a shoutout post or candid story, the price will be less. On the contrary, if a brand wants a professional video, the price will certainly go up.  It just does not depend only on the materialistic cost of production. If a brand wants creative, artistic, or specialized content that might take more time, the price will be high. 

Influencer Domain

Another variable to consider when deciding the rate of an influencer is their domain. This means what their area of focus is. If it is food, travel, beauty, or fitness, the price will be less. The reason for that is simple supply and demand. When it comes to brands, they have many options to choose from because every other influencer has one of these domains. 

However, if someone’s category is firearms, luxury cars, or high-tech gadgets, their price will be high. This is because there are not many influencers who work in this domain. 

Copyright Claim

When a brand asks an influencer for content to promote their product, they are just paying for the marketing of the brand. It would be wrong to imply that the content that the influencer made will belong to the brand.  Therefore, brands will not have any right to post that content anywhere they like. 

In this regard, they will have to pay extra to get all the utilization rights. After that, the content will belong to them and the influencer will have no copyright claim over it. 

The Length of the Project

As we all know, buying in bulk is always cheaper than buying in fewer numbers. Similarly, if a brand offers a long-term collaboration proposal, the Influencer comprises price. For an influencer, there are many benefits to working in the long term. 

The first benefit is that they will have a steady income for quite some time. On the contrary, they will have to wait for the next project which can take their sweet time to come. Instead of waiting idly, it is better to work at a low rate. On the other hand, followers also like to hear more details about a brand consistently. If an influencer jumps from brand to brand, followers think that they are just after money not providing value. 


There would be an additional charge if a brand wants to restrict the influencer from working with certain brands. This means that sometimes brands do not want the influencer to work with their competitor. The restriction time is based on the monetary compensation that the brand is willing to pay. 

This tactic is often adapted so that the competitor can not hire the same influencer to counter their campaign. Other times, it is because they want an influencer to work as the face of their product. 

The Estimated Rate of Influencer

Other factors that might influence the pay rate can be the celebrity status of the influencer or some qualification that gives them validation. Although there are no fixed rates and the rates are dependent on multiple variables, however, we can do some estimation.  Below are some rates of different types of influencers for your reference: 

  • Nano Influencer: This type of influencer has followers ranging from 1k to 10K max. They are not very expensive due to their limited reach. Brands or businesses pay them between 50 to 120 dollars. Sometimes, they are happy just to receive free sample products. 
  • Micro-influencers: Followers ranging from 10k to 100k, these influencers are very effective with high engagement rates. Their charges are usually 150 to 550 dollars. 
  • Mid-level influencers:  The Accounts that have followers up to 500K falls in the category of mid-level influencers. Their charges are usually from 600 to 5k dollars.

Mega influencer:  This is a million followers league. Here, the rates can be as high as 10k per post. The price goes exponentially up as the millions keep increasing. Usually, celebrities are in this league.


How do influencers calculate their rates?

Influencers often consider multiple factors when determining their rates. These include their follower count, engagement rate, industry standards, and the scope of the collaboration. Some influencers use a formula that combines these variables, ensuring a fair reflection of their value to brands.

Can influencer rates vary by industry?

Yes, influencer rates can vary significantly by industry. Niche or specialized influencers in high-demand sectors may command higher rates due to their expertise and engaged audience. Industries with broader appeal might see more competitive pricing among influencers.

Are there legal guidelines for influencer collaborations?

Yes, legal guidelines exist for influencer collaborations, especially concerning disclosure and transparency. Influencers are often required to disclose partnerships, and both parties may formalize agreements through contracts. Compliance with these guidelines is crucial to maintain trust and adhere to regulatory standards.

What role do engagement rates play in determining rates?

Engagement rates, measuring the interaction and responsiveness of an influencer’s audience, play a crucial role in determining rates. Brands value influencers with higher engagement rates, as they indicate an active and loyal audience. Influencers with better engagement can justify charging higher rates.

How can brands negotiate effectively with influencers?

Effective negotiation with influencers involves understanding their value, being transparent about budget constraints, and building mutually beneficial relationships. Brands should communicate their goals clearly, be open to collaboration, and consider non-monetary incentives. Establishing trust and fostering long-term partnerships can lead to more successful negotiations.


In the grand finale, figuring out Instagram influencer rates is akin to composing the perfect melody – a symphony of factors blending in harmony. Influencers, attuned to their value and audience affection, establish rates that resonate. Each industry brings its unique rhythm, influencing the rates influencers charge. Rules act as conductors, ensuring fairness, while engagement levels serve as the applause – the louder, the better.

For brands, it’s a dance of negotiation. Openness, clear goals, and offerings beyond cash create a melodic partnership. Trust forms the melody’s key. As this Instagram music continues, influencers and brands compose beautiful collaborations, pleasing everyone.

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