Are you wondering how to get 100 subscribers on YouTube?

If you have just started your YouTube channel and do not have subscribers then it must be quite frustrating for you.

Do not worry. There are many ways by which you can easily avail countless YouTube subscribers  and views. You can either purchase YouTube views at cost effective rates or follow the tricks we have gathered for you below.

We’ll walk you through nine methods to learn how to get 100 subscribers on YouTube.

When your YouTube videos are viewed more, it has a very positive effect on the platform’s algorithms. And you can increase the number of visits, it’s up to you. In fact, it’s better to buy real YouTube views.
And it is better to upload videos, so that you can get the most out of them.

Let’s get started.

Make a trailer for your YouTube channel.

Firstly you have to keep in mind that your Channel Trailer has the potential to convert visitors to subscribers on your channel page.

Your Channel Trailer is usually the second thing that people see after they see your Channel Art and Channel Icon. Trailer visitors will discover more about your channel and subscribe if it is done appropriately.

In addition to this make sure to keep your trailer short, exciting and do end with a call to action to subscribe your YouTube channel.

As per the recommendations of YouTube itself, the trailer should be of at least 30-90 seconds and not more than that.

And make sure your trailer includes all the point we are mentioning below.

  • A quick introduction to you and your channel
  • Overview of the sorts of videos you upload
  • Highlight reel of your video material
  • Timetable for posting (optional)
  • Subscription call-to-action

If all goes well then surely you will experience engagements on your YouTube channel.

Make a captivating profile.

Moving on, do not overlook the “About” area of your YouTube channel. This is where you may pitch potential subscribers on your YouTube Channel.

Secondly, you have to explain why viewers should subscribe to your YouTube channel and what they will gain by watching it.

Last but not the least, the efficient use of Keywords in your “About” section is really very important and should be taken into consideration as it will for sure make your YouTube channel  rank higher in search results.

Following this tip will help you grasp the basic idea of how to get 100 subscribers on YouTube for sure.

Choose titles that are searchable.

You do not have to worry about how users will search for your material on YouTube? We have also elaborated the trick to overcome this issue of yours.

Consider what your viewers might put into a search engine to locate your material when naming your videos.

These words or phrases used by users to search are known as “Keywords”. Keep in mind to place your keywords towards the top of your title because just the first 45 characters are shown in search area.

Furthermore, if you are quite impatient and want the result as soon as possible. So for that we would suggest you to straightforwardly buy YouTube likes for cheap and boost your channel’s engagements.

Improve your thumbnails

According to YouTube, 90% of top-performing videos use custom thumbnails and if you want your videos to be counted in that 90% then do follow the instruction below.

For implementing this trick you first have to know what a thumbnail is basically. Content’s thumbnail acts as a mini-movie poster. Its sole purpose is to get others to watch!

And do you even know that if your video appears in a search, but no one will click on it if the thumbnail is dull and boring. Hence, no one would prefer subscribing a boring thumbnail’s content.

You should be cognizant that humans are visual creatures, and you must stand out from the crowd. Bright, high-resolution thumbnails with the title of your video superimposed generally do really well.

If you follow these steps we can guarantee you that you will have raining subscribers and also get the answer to your query of how to get 100 subscriber on YouTube.

Analyze Your YouTube Analytics. 

To begin with, consider the information offered by your YouTube Analytics to help you expand your channel.

YouTube Analytics can help you figure out how to get 100 subscriber on YouTube. You may see the sources where people subscribed to your channel in the Subscribers Report, such as:

  • Your YouTube channel : Direct subscriptions via your channel’s Subscribe button
  • Interactive elements include: Subscriptions generated via interactive video features such as end-screens and subscribe watermarks.
  • YouTube Search: Subscriptions from viewers who found your video in the search results of a query on YouTube.
  • Other YouTube channels: Subscriptions from other YouTube channels that feature your channel.
  • External: Subscribe buttons integrated on websites other than YouTube or subscriptions from videos

For instance, if you are getting a lot of subscribers through YouTube searches, keep making searchable video titles to attract more of them.

In the end I just want to make this clear to you that you can make changes to help you gain more followers and views on YouTube. You can learn what works and what doesn’t on your YouTube channel by analyzing your analytics.

And if you are having trouble analyzing your analytics do not worry we have got your back. You may directly purchase YouTube targeted views.

Consistently produce content.

When you are making new videos, make sure they are relevant to your target audience.

Users won’t know what to anticipate from your channel if you publish a random vlog one day, a gaming video the next, and a cookery video the following. They’ll be less inclined to subscribe if they have no idea what your YouTube channel is about.

In the end you could receive a lot of random page views, but you won’t get any long-term subscribers.

Instead, choose a channel theme to offer people a reason to subscribe to your channel.

Create Video Playlist

The playlist is an underutilized YouTube subscriber trick. If the videos are part of a bigger series, this allows you to group them together.

Then, viewers will be more inclined to binge-watch your videos in the sequence in which they were created.

Plus, much like single videos, playlists appear in YouTube search results.

Make sure each time you make a new video for the series, the playlists should be updated.  Hence, users who appreciate your video playlist will subscribe to be alerted when the next instalment of the series is available.

Solicit subscriptions from your viewers.

You know how you include CTAs in blog articles, social media posts, landing pages, and just about everywhere else in your marketing strategy?

Yes, it is the same way for YouTube too. Simply ask if you want additional YouTube subscribers.

In addition a subscribe watermark may also be added to your YouTube videos. A subscribe watermark is a little emblem that appears in the bottom right corner of your videos to urge viewers to subscribe.

And apart from this you might also try contacting your relatives and friends if a handful of your friends and family members subscribe to your channel it will gradually lead you to solve your query of how to get 100 subscribers on your YouTube channel. 

In the end just remember the fact that everything starts by simply asking people to subscribe.

Use social media to promote your YouTube channel.

Now, it is time to start advertising your videos on other social media platforms because according to statistics 99% of YouTube users also are on other social media platforms.

As you have mastered all of the YouTube basics, such as picking a channel theme, making eye-catching thumbnails, and utilizing searchable titles.

Why wait for your videos to get discovered on YouTube when you can bring the content to them?

Some of the finest sites for gaining additional YouTube subscribers include Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. They’re also completely free.

Moving on with the topic, whenever you publish a new YouTube video, create a social media post to attract more views and subscribers for your YouTube Channel.

Make sure you include an eye-catching image that is relevant to the video, a brief explanation of what your video is about (make it intriguing), and a call to action with a link to the video. 

Do not forget to use hashtags to expand your reach as well. Look at other YouTubers’ social media posts to discover what hashtags they use. 


Now that you know how to get 100 subscribers on YouTube, it’s your turn to take action based on what you have learned.

Although you will not be able to get your first 100 YouTube subscribers in a day, you can hit 100 subs in time as long as you keep these tips in mind and avoid flaws and blunders.

Thank you for your time. And do not forget to share your precious feedback with us.