Do you wish to become a famous personality on Instagram and go viral? Then you need to focus on your Instagram live views!

Live streaming has now made its way on almost every social platform including Instagram making it an indispensable application to improvise your fan following and get popular!

If you want to keep up with the social trend of being a public Instagram figure and getting all the attention, then Instagram lives streaming may exactly be the one feature to make it all possible!

You must be wondering how this one feature can get you all the social attention. So, let me tell you, “More than one million people watch Instagram live every day”

Can you imagine getting thousands of people watching you, a dream for any Instagram user for sure!

But, some dreams are really meant to be true! If you want to become Instafamous and enjoy the perks of getting viral then follow our pro tips to gain followers through Instagram live

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How to get more views on your Instagram Live and why is it important?

For any Insta user who wishes to gain viewers to show off their fan following, Instagram lives are crucial!

In this post-pandemic phase, a lot of users, especially the millennials, are used to spending an ample amount of time exploring Instagram, its users, public figures, etc, and a lot of them get inspired by it. They too wish to become a well-known personalities and find a way to get popular with thousands of followers

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However, they are not able to do so because getting so many viewers simply seems like an impossible task for them.

If you are one of them, then you just got lucky because we have the perfect hack for you to get a chance to stand out from all of your peers by getting Instagram live viewers instantly and driving massive web traffic on your Insta account! Now without waiting any further, let’s discuss a few ways you may gain your Instagram live viewers:

 Tip# 1: Get active on your Instagram Account

 It’s 2022 and you still have a dull account? Then it’s time to change!

 By being active on your Instagram, you will be able to optimize your follower relationship and generate maximum Instagram traffic

When you keep your profile well updated, there are high chances that your followers are aware of your social life and may be highly interested and curious about your every upcoming post

 This is important because why would people watch you live when they don’t even know you exist

If you’re fully active on your Instagram, you may strengthen your relationship with your followers which is crucial if you want to get known by a lot of people 

You may post frequently, conduct question sessions live, or simply write a blog post. Once the people start indulging in your account they will know what you will talk about in the future on your live sessions and so they will help you gain live viewers.

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Tip#2: Use Instagram Stickers

The Instagram stickers such as “Ask me a question” or simply a poll are highly interactive stickers of Instagram

They convince your followers to take part in your Instagram stories and live sessions During your Instagram live, you may reveal the results of your poll or simply answer the questions that were asked to you in the previous story with a questioning sticker

This way, you may as well show off your number of viewers and conduct an interactive live session which would gradually develop interest among your followers and may as well help you reach more viewers for your life story

 If your followers get a thought that your account values their interests and opinions, it is guaranteed that you will get as many Instagram live views as you wish!

 Tip#3: Plan before starting your Instagram live session:

 It is crucial to know what you have to say on your Instagram live in order to ensure high follower engagement on your story. We recommend you plan and prepare a small speech or an interactive session to deliver during the life

 Every single word that you will say in your life will help you build fan engagement. Your genuine interaction with the viewers will make them feel associated with you and your account You may as well be able to connect with your viewers on a more personal level and get higher views on every life story. However, make sure your live sessions are not entirely rehearsed or overly scripted

Another tip is to promote your live stream before it starts so you get more viewers on your live session!

 Tip #4: Recognize which topics will help you connect better with your clients

When it comes to views and engagement, figuring out what kind of content your audience enjoys during live sessions might pay off big time

One of the easiest ways to figure out so is by using Instagram analytics and find the type of content that would help engage best with the followers and then talk about it during your live streaming

 Tip#5 Schedule your Instagram Lives

Once you figure out what timings are best to conduct live sessions, you can set aside that time to boost your live viewers and reach new users

When your followers know the time you will start your live streaming, there are high chances that they will connect with you.

In addition to this, you may as well never miss an opportunity to improve your Instagram storyboarding, in general.

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Getting maximum views for your Instagram live is 100% recommended as it is the best tactic to get known on social platforms!

It helps to build recognition and nurture your relationship with the followers which is a great way to go viral and enjoy the perks of getting the social attention.

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Now that you are well aware of all the pro tips and tricks of gaining views on your Insta live, do not forget to tell us your valuable feedback.

Good luck!