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How to Get Your Profile in Trending List of Instagram?

According to research, more than 35% of young people in the US regularly use Instagram. And Instagram is the most famous platform among the young crowd. More than 92% of people currently using Instagram belong to ages 18 to 49. If your business is not yet on Instagram, bring it to Instagram for more growth.

Although companies have figured out how to take advantage, there is still a disconnect when it comes to using Instagram. That’s because people are still wondering how to better develop their business through an image and video-sharing app. But keep in mind that an Instagram business account may be the best place you can use for better growth of your business and if you need to do it in a proper way, you will definitely stand out in the crowd.

How to Get Your Profile in Trending List of Instagram

How to get your business on a trend list with Instagram?

Videos, photos, and trend outlets that appear in the trend list are tailored to how you use the Instagram app. The content displayed in this tab may vary depending on the interest of each account holder, which is why you may see different results on different accounts. Instagram may display the content of the people whose content you are already interested in along with the other content that many people like on Instagram.

So, if you are ready to get featured on Instagram, you need to know that it takes more than gaining more followers on Instagram. To that end, the following are some of the best tips for getting your business into a trending list on Instagram.

Instagram business

  1. Set your profile as a business account
  2. Increase the life of your Instagram account
  3. Make the following active users in your company account
  4. Use hashtags smartly
  5. Interact with followers to stay in the discussions
  6. Send consistently but strategically
  7. Set your profile as a business account

It is always a necessary opportunity to set your profile as a business profile. That’s because keeping your profile personal isn’t going to help you grow your followers. The content of a personal username account is never shown in the trend list just because the posts on such accounts are protected from being seen by anyone.

Increase the life of your Instagram account

This may not be a big factor, but it can be an important factor to include. That’s because bringing business into the trending list Instagram looks at this point to some degree. If your account is old enough, the chances of it being on the list of trends are greater compared to the one a few weeks older.

Make the following active users in your company account

Getting active followers is one of the most important factors in bringing your business on that trend list on Instagram. That’s because this is the only way to compete for the popularity of your opponents. But what you need to consider is that you need to get more than just a follow.

Engagement is the key to success. That’s because you can see examples of hundreds of business accounts that have thousands of followers but don’t appear on the trending list on Instagram. It’s just because supporters of these accounts are not active.

Use hashtags smartly

Instagram hashtag

Hashtags are the most interesting and fast way to get exposure to some of the content you share on Instagram. If you want to use hashtags smartly, you can easily increase the chances of getting into the exploration tab on Instagram with ease. Overusing hashtags is not a good thing to do. Just be smart while choosing hashtags for your content.

Interact with followers to stay in the discussions

Keep in touch with your followers to keep them active, try to interact with them by asking some questions or leave them for a discussion to stay more active on Instagram. Ask your followers something and tell them to answer your question in the comments. This will help you gain loyal customers with ease.

Send consistently but strategically

To submit your content, try to be the master of timing. This is because posting your content is not the only thing required to get more exposure. But placing your content at a perfect time is something worth doing. So, a wise choice is to post consistently, but at a time when most of your followers are active on Instagram. Set your schedule according to the timing of your followers.

To be on the list of trends, find out how to get more exposure for the content you share.

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Instagram followers

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Importance of Instagram for businesses

If you run a business, owning an Instagram account is really a better option for you. Because here you can get a lot better and easier opportunities to grow your business. That’s because, without a doubt, Instagram has the ability to provide excellent opportunities for business owners to grow their businesses. They can target better potentials that are chosen to market their products or services easily. You can find the most interested and best-targeted audience here to grab.

Instagram allows you to adopt the themes according to the type of business you own. Having trendy hashtags, a perfect bio and a better profile presentation are some basic components that every business uses. However, choosing a theme according to the type of your business can give you an exclusive view on Instagram and maybe a better reason why customers are attracted to your business. Instagram can help any business generate leads and market the services to a huge but interesting community of Instagram.


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