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How to Comment on Instagram?

There is a ton of picture applications available, but Instagram is the best of them all. The straightforward and easy-to-use commenting system is one of the key factors contributing to its success. Anyone may comment and like your photos because of this.

But occasionally, these comments might become abusive. Use the instructions in this article to learn how to comment on Instagram on your favorite photographs and remove any negative or irrelevant comments from the photos uploaded.

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How to leave an Instagram Comment?

Launch the Instagram app. Make sure your Instagram account is signed in. Your Feed will open when you launch the Instagram app.

Find the image you wish to comment on by browsing. You are able to leave comments on any of your own images as well as those of individuals you are following. To open the image, tap on it. 

Select “Comment” from the menu. Below the picture, next to the “Like” button, is a Comment button. The comment interface will then be displayed. Your keyboard will now be accessible, so you can start entering your comment.

Write your comment. Tap the green “Send” button once you are satisfied with your comment. Your opinion will be included in the collection of comments.

Hence, this how-to comment on Instagram can be easily done by thoroughly following the step-by-step guide we have elaborated on above for you.

How to Delete an Instagram Comment?

Look up the image you commented on. Only your own comments on other photographs and other people’s comments on your own pictures can be deleted.

Swipe the comment to the left with your finger. To the right of the comment will emerge a red garbage can icon. To begin erasing a comment, tap the trash can symbol.

Choose whether or not to report the comment. You have the option of reporting the comment as spam or objectionable in addition to deleting it. If spooky individuals are leaving comments on your photos, this is helpful. To report the comment, select “Delete & Report Abuse“. Tap “Erase” if you’d prefer to just delete it.

The “Delete” option will only be available when you remove one of your own comments.

So these three easy steps sum up the whole procedure behind the deletion of comments after learning how to comment on Instagram.

Website Commenting and Deletion

Go to Instagram and sign in. You can sign in to Instagram using your computer, but you won’t have as much access to the features. Photographic comments may be added, and unwanted comments can be removed.

Comment on a picture. Locate the image you wish to comment on. You may leave comments on pictures you have shot or pictures that are in your Feed. You may type your comment in the space just below the image if you are commenting on one in your Feed. If you want to comment on other pictures, click the picture to make it bigger, then type your message in the box to the right of the picture.

Removing a comment Open the image from which you wish to remove a comment. Only your own comments on other photographs and other people’s comments on your own pictures can be deleted.

  • Hover your mouse over the comment you wish to remove after you have located it. The top-left corner of the comment will show an “X” symbol.
  • Select the “X” symbol. “Delete” will be a menu item that will show up. To remove the picture, click here.

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Can I Edit or Delete My Instagram Comments?

Certainly! Instagram allows you to manage your comments easily. Find the specific comment you want to modify or remove on the post. To edit, tap on your comment, select the “Edit” option, make the necessary changes, and save your updated comment. If you wish to delete a comment, tap on it, choose “Delete,” and confirm the removal. This gives you control over the content you contribute to posts.

Why Can’t I Comment on Some Instagram Posts?

Encountering difficulties in commenting on certain Instagram posts may be due to restrictions set by the account owner. Some users limit comments to their followers only. Ensure you are following the account in question, and check if the user has specified comment permissions. Additionally, always adhere to Instagram’s community guidelines to avoid any limitations on your commenting activities.

Are Instagram Comments Public?

Yes, Instagram comments are publicly visible to the audience engaging with the post. It’s crucial to be mindful of the content and tone of your comments as they contribute to the overall discussion around the post. Exercise discretion, ensuring your comments align with Instagram’s community standards, as they are viewable by others interacting with the same content.


Unlocking Instagram fame is simple with the platform’s easy-to-use commenting system, making it a preferred interaction for marketers, influencers, and businesses. However, as the user base grows, negative comments may arise. Learn how to comment and delete comments on Instagram effortlessly.

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