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How to Pin Your Own Comment on Instagram?

Instagram allows you to pin a favorite comment so that it shows at the top of the comment list for your post. This functionality was only implemented a year ago.

Although, pinned Comments are useful for highlighting the greatest and most interesting comments on your Instagram photos.

Because the function is new, most people are unaware of it. We will go over all you need to know about how to pin your own comment on Instagram in this article. Have a look to learn how.

Understanding Comment Pinning on Instagram

Comment pinning on Instagram allows users to highlight specific comments at the top of their posts, ensuring important information, high engagement discussions, and user-generated content remain visible. This feature enhances post visibility, fosters community engagement, and adds aesthetic value to the overall presentation.

Step-by-Step Guide to Pin your Comment on Instagram

If you wish to pin someone else’s comment on your article, you may easily do so. Here is how to accomplish it on an iPhone or an Android device. It is important to note that you cannot pin comments on someone else’s Instagram post.

Before you proceed, keep in mind that when you pin someone’s comment, Instagram alerts them.

Step#1: Make sure you are running the latest version of the Instagram app.

Step#2: Open one of your Instagram posts and view all the comments.

how to pin my own comment on instagram

Credits: Webtrickz

Step#3: Find a comment you would like to pin. Then swipe left on the particular comment and tap the thumb pin icon. (Note: Do not swipe all the way to the left as that will delete the comment altogether.)

how to pin my own comment on instagram

Step#4: The pinned comment will now show up at the top will a Pinned label next to it.

It is worth noting that you can pin up to three comments to your article at once. If you want to pin someone else’s comment, you must first unpin one of the pinned comments.

Simply glide to the left and hit the Pin icon again to unpin a comment. To confirm, tap “Unpin.”

However, this is how you can easily learn how to pin your own comment on Instagram by thoroughly following the step-by-step guide above.

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How to Pin your Comment on Instagram Live?

When users go live on Instagram, they may pin their own comments. To do so, compose and publish a comment on your Instagram live video. Then, on your comment, click “Pin Comment.” The comment will now display on your Instagram live broadcast with a pinned tag.

Credits: Webtrickz

Moreover, to unpin the comment, tap the pinned comment again and select “Unpin Comment”.

Hence, this marks the end of a tutorial on how to pin your own comment on Instagram Live.

Creative Uses of Insta Pinned Comments

Pinning comments on Insta goes beyond mere visibility; it serves as a creative tool for users to curate and enhance their posts. One prominent application is showcasing user-generated content. Brands and influencers can feature comments that include valuable content created by their followers. This transforms their audience into contributors, fostering a sense of collaboration and community.

Another ingenious use of pinned comments involves strategically enhancing post visibility. By selecting and pinning comments strategically, users can draw attention to specific elements of their posts. Whether it’s emphasizing key details, noteworthy discussions, or aesthetically pleasing random comments, this approach ensures that the most impactful content stays in the spotlight, contributing to a more engaging and visually appealing user experience.

Interacting with IG Pinned Comments

Effectively engaging with pinned comments on IG involves two key aspects: responding thoughtfully and knowing when to unpin.

When it comes to responding, engaging with comments on a pinned post is crucial for community interaction. Users should actively reply to comments on the pinned post, fostering conversations and acknowledging user input. This not only strengthens the sense of community but also encourages further engagement.

On the flip side, knowing when to unpin comments is equally important. While pinning a comment can enhance visibility, there are instances where unpinning becomes necessary. This could be to feature a new comment, update information, or simply to maintain a dynamic and fresh interaction space. By understanding the balance between responding and unpinning, users can optimize their engagement strategy on Instagram.

Common Misconceptions about Instagram Pinned Comments

Let’s clear up some misunderstandings about pinned comments on Insta. Some people think only positive comments should be pinned, but that’s not true – any valuable comment can be highlighted. Another misconception is that pinning comments might hurt post visibility, but actually, it can boost it by encouraging more engagement. Understanding these facts helps make the most of pinned comments on Instagram.


Can you pin your own comment on Instagram?

Yes, Instagram allows users to pin their own comments on their posts. Simply locate your comment, tap on it, and select the “Pin Comment” option.

How many comments can you pin on an Instagram post?

As of now, Instagram allows users to pin up to three comments on a post. This feature is useful for highlighting multiple key comments or pieces of information.

Can other users see when you pin a comment on Instagram?

No, Instagram does not notify other users when you pin a comment. Pinned comments are visible to anyone viewing the post, but the act of pinning itself is not broadcasted.

Can you pin comments on someone else’s Instagram post?

No, the ability to pin comments is currently limited to the person who owns the Instagram post. Users can only pin their own comments on their posts.


As we all are aware of the facts Instagram has introduced a cool new tool that allows you to ‘pin’ up to three comments to the top of a post’s comment thread.

Because comments are an important component of the Instagram algorithm, this feature provides you with a terrific new option to boost interaction on your posts and connect with your online community. 

Meanwhile, the more comments you receive, the more people will see your content. Receiving comments also provides you with insight into your community’s ideas and desires, allowing you to interact with your audience and expand on those ties.

Hence this is why we have tried our level best to structure a guide based on your query about how to pin my own comment on Instagram.

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