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How to Remove a Tag on Instagram?

For instance, you open an Instagram message notifying you that a buddy has tagged you in a picture. Your closed eyelids are visible in the image. Everybody has been included in their fair share of embarrassing photos that they would never publish, but since a buddy looks fantastic, they share it anyhow. Though, removing a tag on Instagram is easy if you have been mentioned in an offensive photo or tagged in something else that you do not want to be associated with you online. Moreover, if you want to learn how to remove a tag on Instagram then you are at the perfect spot. Keep reading to know how.

How to Un-tag Yourself on Instagram?

Thankfully, Instagram lets you take a tag out of someone else’s post. This easy procedure of how to remove a tag on Instagram can let you delete a self-tagged comment on someone else’s article.

Step#1: Tap the photo or video that you have been tagged in.

Step#2: When the name tag displays, tap it.

Step#3: On an iPhone, tap “Remove Me from Post” or “Remove Tag” (Android)

Step#4: Tap “Remove” (on an iPhone) or “Yes I’m sure” to confirm (Android).

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Hide Photo from Profile

Furthermore, you can hide the image from your profile as an alternative to untagging yourself.

Although you are still included in the photo if you choose this option, the image will not show up in the list of tagged photographs on your profile. If you do not feel strongly enough to completely delete the tag, you may still conceal the image by doing as follows:

Step#1: In the image or video where you were mentioned, tap.

Step#2: When the name tag displays, tap it.

Step#3: Then select “Hide from My Profile.”

How to Untag Someone on Instagram?

However, the process of how to remove a tag on Instagram is simple. When you tag someone on Instagram, you may quickly modify or delete the tag and change where it appears on the image. If you want to alter or delete a tag you put on your own image later, do the following:

Step#1: Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the labeled image.

Step#2: Tap “Edit”

Step#3: Click the “X People” symbol that reads “Untag on Instagram” in the bottom left corner (X being the number of people tagged).

Step#4: When the “X” button shows next to someone’s name, touch it after tapping the tag you wish to delete.

Step#5: To save the tag changes and to finish editing, tap “Done” a second time.

View Tagged Photos on Instagram

Meanwhile, viewing your tagged images is easy for those of you reading and wondering whether there are any questionable photos you should go back and check on. Go to your profile and touch the Instagram-tagged photo icon to view your tagged photographs.

Additionally, by selecting the same option on another person’s profile, you may see the tagged photographs of that user as well.

Setting Instagram Tag Permissions 

You may modify your tagging permissions in your Instagram settings to prevent you from deleting tags in the future. On Instagram, there are two options for tagging: “Add Automatically” and “Add Manually.” 

The majority of accounts are by default configured to “Add Automatically.” As a result, you can be tagged in pictures and the pictures will instantly show up on your profile.

Moreover, after you choose the “Add Manually” option, you receive a notification when you have been tagged and may decide whether or not it should display on your profile.

In Order to Change your Tagging Permissions, Take the Following Actions:

Step#1: Untag on Instagram may be done by clicking the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of your profile.

Step#2: At the bottom of the menu, tap the Settings Gear.

Step#3: Select Photos and Videos of You under “Privacy and Security.”

Step#4: Depending on your taste, turn the “Add Automatically” option on or off.

Lastly, clicking “Hide Photos and Videos” on this page will send you to a screen with all of your labeled photos. You may pick and select which ones you wish to bulk-hide here.

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How Do I Remove a Tag from a Photo on Instagram?

  • Navigate to the photo with the tag.
  • Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Edit.”
  • Tap on the person icon and then “Remove Tag.”

Can I Remove a Tag If I’m Not the Original Poster?

Yes, you can. Visit the photo, tap the three dots, choose “Edit,” and then remove the tag as mentioned in the first question.

Will the Person Be Notified If I Remove Their Tag?

No, Instagram doesn’t notify users when you remove a tag from a photo.

Can I Remove Tags in Bulk on Instagram?

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t provide a bulk tag removal feature. You need to remove tags individually from each photo.


It is simple to tag other users in posts, stories, comments, and captions on Instagram. However, what if you are mentioned in a picture or video that you do not like?

This article will demonstrate how to prohibit people from tagging you or mentioning you in comments, how to untag yourself on Instagram, and how to remove a tag on Instagram from your Instagram account.

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