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How to Unfollow Someone on Instagram

Technology has made living quite quick and easy these days. It makes our responsibilities so much easier. In current days, social media is an emerging branch that is being used quite wisely by people. Instagram is the most popular social media app. People love to use social media.

Instagram is a well-known social mobile app for sharing photos and videos. You can discuss your day-to-day activities and behind-the-scenes moments of running your business as a company. Although you can ‘’program’’ or repost other people’s photographs, and can share Instagram posts.

Instagram is used by millions of people. All of this is because of its unique features. It often launches new features that are liked by people very much. Here we are also going to discuss a feature of Instagram that is ‘’how to unfollow someone on Instagram’’

Up to 10 seconds of image viewing, there are no limits to how many stories you can add. Within stories, you can send direct messages. By swiping down on the camera screen, you can access links to photographs and videos from your personal camera roll (only the last seven days of photographs and videos are available).

Whenever the number of its followers is decreased it launches new and brilliant features that are very liked by people.

How to Find the Accounts You Want to Unfollow

  • If you want to unfollow some person you can unfollow them from their post. You just have to go to their posts. From post tap on username, tapping on a username will open the profile picture of the user you want to unfollow. Here you can unfollow them very easily.
  • If you remember the name of the person you want to unfollow simply you can search his name. But remember that the user name will be correct, there is no one little mistake. From here you have to open a user profile and simply unfollow him.
  • You can also unfollow someone from your profile. You just simply go to your profile and tap on the following option. Here you will find all the accounts that are followed by you. From here you can unfollow them by tapping following or by tapping on their profile.
  • So these are some ways to find that person whom you want to unfollow. This will be very easy to find. You can follow the person in the same way just tapping on following when you want to follow back.

Unfollow Someone on Instagram

  • Open your Instagram app on your mobile.
  • Tap on your profile icon at the bottom right corner.
  • On the profile page, you will see three options (Instagram posts, followers, followings) here on the right side you have to tap on following here you will find the people that are followed by you.
  • From the list of people that you have followed, tap on the account, you want to unfollow and click on the unfollowing option.
  • After tapping the following the account is removed from your following list and shown as a follower it means you have been unfollowed by this account.

Unfollow Someone From a Profile Picture

  • Open the Instagram app on your phone first. Tap the profile icon at the bottom of the app (the last icon in the bottom bar).
  • Tap “Following” at the top of your newly opened profile page. This will show you the Instagram individuals you follow.
  • Find the account you wish to unfollow in the “Following” list.
  • For the account you want to unfollow tap on its profile picture. Here from the list that opens after tapping on the profile tap on following and select unfollow.

Reasons Behind Unfollowing Someone on Instagram

There are several reasons behind unfollowing people. Some are discussed here

  • Sometimes you follow someone because their postings and content are engaging, but after a while, it becomes monotonous, and you want to unfollow them.
  • Some people will follow you just to get a follow back, and once you do, they will unfollow you. As a result, following them is the proper course of action.
  • Perhaps you have a large number of dead accounts on your following list and wish to remove them.
  • You may occasionally receive posts from people you don’t recall following.
  • You do not want to follow someone on social media since you are no longer pals with them.
  • It is impossible to list all possibilities, but those listed above are the most common.
  • If you unfollow someone he will never know that you have to unfollow him.


Instagram is the most popular social media app. It is very liked by people. Millions of people like Instagram. Its posts are the best way of sharing your memories with others. Sometimes you follow someone because of its impressive posts but after some time the post is very odd that you don’t like to watch so you can unfollow that person. There may be several reasons behind unfollowing someone. You can unfollow someone in different ways. I hope you will like this article. It will help you to unfollow someone.


What is the best way to unfollow everyone who doesn’t follow you back?

Select ‘’not followers’’ from the drop-down menu. This will show you a list of people who have not returned your follow. Simply click the circular box next to a user’s name and select ‘’unfollow’’ to unfollow them from the ‘’not follow’’ list. To unfollow all users at once, go to ‘’select all’’ and then ‘’unfollow’’

Is it possible to unfollow a large number of people on Instagram?

There is an app that is called ‘’Mass Unfollow for Instagram’’ that helps you have a fresh start on Instagram. It allows users to pick a large number of followed accounts at once and stop following them all at the same time. You may mass unfollow, block users, and delete posts in bulk, in addition to the mass following.

How many Instagram users unfollow each day?

Following and unfollowing are both considered actions. A daily restriction of 200 is imposed. Following and unfollowing 10 times each hour will keep your account safe and prevent it from getting suspended. Furthermore, there is no limit to the number of people who can follow you.