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How to See Who’s live on Instagram

We are discussing in this article How to see who’s live on Instagram

Instagram lives is one of the best features of Instagram used by millions of users that enables you to engage with your followers by letting you broadcast live and give a real-time experience in form of Instagram stories.

If you’re wondering how to see who’s live on Instagram, then read this article till the end. 

How to see who’s live on Instagram:

see who’s live on Instagram

The very first step you need to follow in order to figure out who is sharing a live video with the Instagram users is to open your Instagram feed where the stories of your followers are visible.

The person live streaming will become prominent as their display picture, with a colorful ring around it, and the term ‘Live’ will appear at the top of the feed.

You may view their live video by tapping or clicking on that particular profile picture.

You may as well see the live stream of people you are not following on Instagram if they have a public account.

How do You Know Who is Live on Instagram Without Following?

One of the few ways to see who is live on Instagram without following them. One of the ways is to look for the green “live” tag as mentioned previously.

Another way is to look for their profile bio as there are chances that have mentioned their link to live stream.

In addition to this, you can type the #live hashtag and you will be displayed a list of people that will be broadcasting live streams.

Moreover, there are a few featured channels consisting of a large number of viewers and you are free to watch their lives.

Lastly, you may simply follow the accounts conducive to live sessions that you think might be entertaining and exciting to watch!

Instagram Live Features:

Instagram Live Features

Now that you know how to see who’s live on Instagram, you must also be aware of the numerous Instagram live features to make the application and live stream experience even more fun!

Instagram comes up with various features like the ability to apply filters and effects, and invite friends to join the live stream.

You can ask your friends to add you up on Instagram live broadcast so you can enjoy the experience together!

You may start a live video yourself and celebrate the perks of getting views and fame. The more views you get on Instagram, the higher the chances of you getting popular as the increased visibility leads to more engagement. You may buy instant Instagram views if you want to enjoy the results now.

In addition to this, while you watch someone’s Livestream, there are a lot more ways to engage with the person or page who is broadcasting. Such as, firstly, you can leave a comment. This can be done by tapping the word “comment” or “add a comment” option mentioned in the bottom right of the live screen.

Secondly, you may like or react to the live video as there is a prominent option to do so. You can even like a comment or reply to it. Instagram likes is also a great way to get visibility and engagement for which you can buy Instagram post real likes.

In addition to this, you can share the video by tapping the arrow option available on the bottom right of the screen or simply tap on ‘share video’ and choose who you want to share the video with.

How do I Start a Live Video on Instagram?

start a live video on Instagram

Apart from knowing how to see who’s live on Instagram, you should also know how to start a live video on Instagram. For this, you need to follow tips;

Firstly, if you swipe right on your Instagram feed, you will be displayed options such as ‘post’. ‘story’, and ‘life’. You have to tap and scroll on ‘Live’.

Secondly, you can add a title to your life by tapping on ‘title’ on the left side of the screen.

In addition to this, you can see the number of reel views at the top of the screen.

Moreover, you may as well pin your favorite comment. This enables the viewers to read that comment clearly.

Lastly, when you are done broadcasting your live session, you have to tap on “end”. This option is available in the top right corner of your screen. 

Can I Download My Instagram Live Video?

Once you are done with your Instagram live session, there is an arrow down icon available on the top left of your screen and it enables you to save the live broadcast to your camera roll or even on your own feed. You can buy Instagram saves as well for higher engagement with your followers.

However, only the video will be saved and not the engagement like likes, comments, reactions, and viewers.

The option for saving lives is only valid when applied to our own video. You cannot download a live stream that is conducted from someone else’s profile.

Can I Manage My Instagram Live?

manage my Instagram live

Instagram offers various customizable features such as turning off comments on live, and turning off requests from others to join the live.

For any further queries, feel free to reach out.