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How to Find Lives on Instagram?

Venturing into the world of Instagram to discover live streams is like going to a big, colorful festival where stories are told in real time. Imagine each live broadcast as a small stage, showing real, unscripted moments of life.

Your helpful guide in this exciting world is the app’s search feature. Think of it as a magic wand that helps you find special places where live stories are happening.

The Explore page is like a map of this festival. It’s filled with many different live shows, each one sharing its own unique story. In this online carnival, your curiosity is what moves you forward. It takes you to different stages, where every livestream has its captivating tale to tell.

How to see who is live on Instagram right now?

The very first step you need to follow to figure out who is sharing a live video with the Instagram users is to open your Instagram feed where the stories of your followers are visible.

When someone starts live streaming on Instagram, their profile picture becomes more noticeable. It has a bright, colorful ring around it. This makes it easy to see who is doing a live stream. Also, the word ‘Live’ will show up at the top of your Instagram feed. This is like a sign telling you that they are sharing something right now, and you can watch it as it happens.

You may view their live video by tapping or clicking on that particular profile picture. You may as well see the live stream of people you are not following on Instagram if they have a public account.

How do you know who is currently live on Instagram without following?

One of the few ways to see who is live on Instagram without following them. One of the ways is to look for the green “live” tag as mentioned previously.

Another way is to look for their profile bio as there are chances that have mentioned their link to live stream. In addition to this, you can type the #live hashtag and you will be displayed a list of people that will be broadcasting live streams.

Moreover, there are a few featured channels consisting of a large number of viewers and you are free to watch their lives. Lastly, you may simply follow the accounts conducive to live sessions that you think might be entertaining and exciting to watch!

Instagram Live Features

Instagram Live has several features and capabilities for users to engage with their followers in real time. Here are some of the key features of Instagram Live at that time:

Real-Time Broadcasting: Instagram Live allows users to start a live video broadcast with just a few taps. Once you go live, your followers can join and watch the video in real time.

Live Comments: Viewers can interact with you during the live broadcast by leaving comments and questions in the chat. You can respond to these comments in real time.

Having Live Guests: You can invite another Instagram user to join your live stream as a guest.

Pin Comments: You have the option to pin comments to the top of the comment section, which can be useful for highlighting important messages or questions.

Notify Followers: When you start a live video, Instagram sends notifications to some of your followers.

Viewership Analytics: You can track live viewers and access post-broadcast analytics, including views, comments, and shares.

Save Live Videos: You have the option to save your live videos to your Instagram Story for 24 hours. You can also choose to download the video to your device and share it on other platforms.

IGTV Integration: After your live video ends, you can choose to share it as an IGTV video, providing a more permanent way for your audience to access the content.

Live Shopping: With a business account, you can showcase products and enable shopping tags for direct purchases during Instagram Live.

Live Badges and Donations: Viewers can buy badges and send donations during your livestream to support you.

Scheduled Lives: You can schedule a live broadcast in advance, allowing your followers to receive notifications and plan to join your live stream.

Remember that Instagram may have introduced new features or made changes to existing ones since my last update. To stay up to date with the latest Instagram live features and best practices, it’s a good idea to check the official Instagram help center or community guidelines.

How do I Start a Live Video on Instagram?

Apart from knowing how to see who’s live on Instagram, you should also know how to start a live video on Instagram. For this, you need to follow tips;

Firstly, if you swipe right on your Instagram feed, you will be displayed options such as ‘post’. ‘story’, and ‘life’. You have to tap and scroll on ‘Live’.

Secondly, you can add a title to your life by tapping on ‘title’ on the left side of the screen.

In addition to this, you can see the number of reel views at the top of the screen.

Moreover, you may as well pin your favorite Instagram comment. This enables the viewers to read that comment clearly.

Lastly, when you are done broadcasting your live session, you have to tap on “end”. This option is available in the top right corner of your screen. 

Can I Download my Instagram Live Video?

After concluding your Instagram live session, utilize the arrow-down icon on the top left to save the live broadcast to your camera roll or feed. If you want to enhance engagement, consider purchasing Instagram saves. It’s essential to note that only the video is saved, excluding engagement metrics like likes, comments, reactions, and viewers.

Please note that the save option applies only to your video and cannot be used to download a live stream from someone else’s profile.

Additionally, for an organized content creation approach, consider utilizing the draft Instagram post feature.

Can I Manage my Instagram Live?

Yes, you can manage your Instagram Live with various customizable features. You have the option to turn off comments during your live session, providing you with more control over the interaction.

Additionally, you can turn off requests from others to join your live broadcast. These features help you tailor your Instagram Live experience to better suit your preferences and engagement style.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out for support.


How can I check who is currently live on Instagram?

Open your Instagram feed, and profiles with a colorful ring around their display picture labeled “Live” are actively streaming. Tap on the profile picture to view the live video.

Is it possible to see Instagram live videos of people I don’t follow?

Yes, if the account is public, you can explore and watch the live streams of users even if you don’t follow them.

Are there alternative ways to find live videos on Instagram?

Absolutely! You can look for the green “live” tag, check the profile bios for live stream links, search the #live hashtag, and explore featured channels for engaging live content.

Can I see who is live on Instagram without following them?

Yes, by searching for the green “live” tag, checking profile bios, using the #live hashtag, and exploring featured channels, you can discover and watch live videos of users you don’t follow.


Instagram Live offers a dynamic way to connect with your followers in real time through live broadcasts. To find out who’s currently live, open your feed and look for profiles with a colorful ring around their display picture, accompanied by the label “Live” at the top. This indicates active live streams. Even for public accounts you don’t follow, you can explore their live content.

There are alternative methods to discover live content, such as checking for the green “live” tag, exploring bios, searching the #live hashtag, and checking out featured channels with high viewership.

Initiating a live video is simple: swipe right on your feed, tap “Live,” add a title, and engage with viewers by pinning comments and monitoring reel views. You also have the option to download your Instagram live video, although keep in mind that engagement metrics like likes and comments aren’t saved.


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