5 of the Best Instagram Marketing Strategies to Help You Close More Deals

5 of the Best Instagram Marketing Strategies to Help You Close More Deals

5 of the Best Instagram Marketing Strategies


Instagram has more than one billion active users and more than 500 million people who use Instagram Stories daily. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is an important platform to market your brand to your target audience. In fact, Instagram has more than 2 million advertisers and more than 25 million business profiles today.

However, with so many competitors out there, it can be difficult to cut the noise and make your presence felt on Instagram. To help you make the most of your Instagram marketing efforts, here are the best Instagram marketing strategies.

1. Create brand tags

Instagram uses hashtags to classify similar posts under one roof. You can use hashtags to generate interaction and create rumors about your products or businesses. All you need to do is create branded hashtags or custom hashtags that are relevant to your business.

You can then promote those hashtags during your campaigns and encourage people to add them to their own posts as well. When they do, it will automatically begin to reach a wider audience without any additional investment.

Nike, for example, did this extremely well with its #runfree campaign. This campaign attracted runners, especially those who chose to run during the winter. The overwhelming response to the campaign shows its success. Currently, there are more than 531.9k posts on Instagram using this hashtag.

2. Optimize your Instagram business account

When you set up your Instagram business account, you should also strive to optimize it. It is crucial to include a link to your website in your Instagram biography to drive traffic to your website. In addition, you must add useful information that describes your business in your biography.

It is also essential to remain recognizable while maintaining the same photo and name. You must choose a permanent name for your Instagram account and make sure it is relevant to your business name. Also, keep your profile picture consistent in your social media profiles to make sure your audience always recognizes it.

3. Create valuable content

To attract your target audience, you must create content that they value. That is why it is absolutely crucial to first understand your target audience. Discover your interests and weaknesses. Find out how you can solve your problems and then propose content ideas related to those issues.

They should be able to relate to their content, and it should also be useful for them. When they discover that you can solve their problems, they are more likely to interact with you and your content on Instagram and other channels. It will also help improve your confidence in your brand.

When more people interact with your content, it will work as a social test for others who find it. This, in turn, will help you increase your presence on Instagram and increase sales as well.

4. Partner with influencers

Influencer marketing is an excellent way to promote your business on Instagram and generate sales. You can partner with influential Instagram people from your niche and ask them to promote your brand among their audiences.

The influencers are Instagram users who have massive and highly engaged followers. Their audiences swear by their recommendations, and you can use this influence to promote your brand.

All you need to do is find influential people in your niche that have similar values ​​and tones to those of your brand. This is essential because they will look like an extension of your brand and can also affect your brand image.

You could also use social listening to find influential people who are already writing about your brand. For that, you can use social listening tools and track brand mentions.

Finally, when you are looking for influential people, you should analyze their profiles carefully. Review the demographics of your audience, observe their participation rate and analyze other metrics to determine their effectiveness.

This is necessary because there are many fake influencers on Instagram who like and followers. Partnering with them will only damage the image of your brand.

5. Take advantage of user generated content

Creating new and unique content can be a difficult task, especially when you have to do it regularly. If you don’t post frequently on Instagram, you may lose contact with your audience, and this can damage the presence and reach of your brand.

To generate commitment and remain relevant to your audience, you can take advantage of user-generated content.

All you need to do is ask your audience and your customers to publish using your brand hashtags. Then you can select some of those posts and publish them also through your Instagram account.

Not only will this give you unique content, but your audience will be motivated to create more publications of this type.

Now that we have analyzed the various Instagram strategies to increase your sales, let’s look at some tools that can facilitate Instagram marketing.

Final thoughts

Instagram is a great place to market your brand, and the best Instagram marketing strategies can help you maximize your results.

Research your target audience well and create high quality content that can generate commitment. Partner with influential people and take advantage of user-generated content to further improve your chances of generating sales through Instagram.

Are there other Instagram marketing strategies that you considered effective? Let us know in the comments.

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Instagram bans ‘cosmetic surgery’ filters

Instagram bans ‘cosmetic surgery’ filters

Instagram bans ‘cosmetic surgery’ filters


Instagram is eliminating all augmented reality (AR) filters that represent or promote cosmetic surgery, amid concerns that harm people’s mental health.

The effects that make people look as if they had injected their lips, fillings or a face lift will be among those forbidden.

Research suggests that filters that change the face can make people feel worse because of their appearance.

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, said the ban was about promoting wellness.

Instagram bans cosmetic surgery

“We are reassessing our policies, we want our filters to be a positive experience for people,” said a spokesman.

“While we reevaluate our policies, we will eliminate all the effects of the [effects] gallery associated with plastic surgery, stop the approval of new effects like this and eliminate the current effects if we are informed.”

In August, an update of the Instagram application allowed users to create their own virtual effects. It included things such as animations and custom facial filters, which can be superimposed on images and videos.

Many popular filters, such as Plastic, mimicked the effects of extreme cosmetic surgery.
View this post on Instagram

fix me filter just out – come live your plastic surgery fantasy

A post shared by DANIEL MOONEY (@danielmooney) on

Another filter, FixMe, showed how an aesthetic surgeon marked a person’s face before the procedures.

Its creator, Daniel Mooney, told the BBC: “FixMe was supposed to be only a critique of plastic surgery, showing how unattractive the process with the marks and bruises is.

“My intention was not to show a ‘perfect’ image, as you can see in the final result. Perfection is overrated.

“I can see where Instagram comes from, but as long as some of the most followed accounts on Instagram are from ‘surgically’ improved people, the removal of surgery filters really won’t change that much.”

Instagram said it was not sure how long it would take to remove all filters, but many users thanked the ban.

“Most people simply pass the filters as’ girls having fun ‘and just let the girls enjoy things, but when you haven’t published a photo without one of these filters since 2016, then it’s clearly something deeper than just’ fun ‘, “said a user on Twitter.

However, some users said they would miss the effects.

“Instagram has also considered me and what I am supposed to do when I have a day when I look more applauded than normal? Old demacradas witches should also look impressive,” one tweeted.

In February, Instagram said it would remove all graphic images of self-harm from the platform. It has gone through amid concerns that they could affect young and vulnerable people.

It followed the death of Molly Russell, 14, who committed suicide in 2017 after seeing graphic images of self-harm on the site.

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How to Get More Views on YouTube in 2023

How to Get More Views on YouTube in 2023

How to Get More Views on YouTube in 2023

Imagine standing in a room full of people and bustling. There is hardly room to sit still, much less move. The atmosphere is loud with countless competing voices: men, women, young, old. The bony arms and elbows are nailed to the sides as you push yourself through the position.

“I have something to say,” you whisper meekly. Nobody listens, and if they do, nobody looks.

They are too busy paying attention to a handful of other people, bathed in searchlights, scattered around the room, who really seem to have their things together.

Buy youtube views cheap

I’m pretty sure that if YouTube were a physical place, it would be.

We all know that there is an audience there. We all know that there is an inherent value in creating video content that captures and attracts attention.

But there is also a ridiculous amount of competition. Frequently used statistics suggest that up to 300 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute.

In that context, the trite threshed as “create excellent content” are no longer enough. You should also be on to make sure your content is easy to find, attractive to click and offers incredible value every time.

So, it’s 2019. How do you get more YouTube views? Let’s find out…

Optimize for search

YouTube is not just a video sharing platform. It is also the second largest search engine in the world.

This means that you should invest the same amount of research that you would put into blogging ideas. It begins with the creation of content around topics in which people are demonstrably interested. Of course, you can come up with content based on your own notion of what is entertaining or interesting, but it is a risk.

A good starting point here is to search for a keyword related to your brand or profile and check out “suggested searches” on YouTube. These are incredibly valuable because they are based on the terms people really search on YouTube.


Even in this simple example, many of the suggested searches could make interesting video themes.

The Chrome extension, Keywords everywhere adds another layer of data. This tool extracts the monthly search volume, the average CPC and the level of competition (from 0.00 – easier to 1.00 – more difficult). This data is extracted from Google, instead of being specific to YouTube, but it is still a really easy and perfect way to obtain this data and compare the general level of interest in the chosen topic.


Once you’ve decided on a search term to target, you should also take care of the “basic” optimization tools available through YouTube. At a minimum, you want an attractive title and a thumbnail that stands out on the search engine results (SERP) page.

SEO expert Brian Dean talked about what he calls the “Skyscraper Technique”: the idea that the best way to create successful content is to identify the best piece of content that currently exists, and then make sure to create something even better. This philosophy definitely becomes good on YouTube.

Run your chosen keyword through YouTube and take a look at the search results. The challenge is to make sure that your title and miniature, at a minimum, are the biggest, best and most attractive. This will optimize your clickthrough rate, which can help you move up the ranking. After all, if your video is clicked more frequently than others on the results page, it is likely that YouTube’s ranking algorithm will eventually assume that your video answers a question or explains a topic better than your rivals, and classifies it accordingly.


The really important things to pass the time are:

Title: Look for obvious opportunities. Can you improve the number in a list of videos? Can you make a title easier to understand? More generally, certain titles are better for capturing attention due to their length and the words they use. We have written a complete article about a CTR experiment that we run in our title tags: How we increase organic blog traffic by 53% (in 5 minutes …), which has some transferable lessons.

Thumbnails: Your eyes will always be attracted to the most elegant and elegant videos; There is an implicit credibility here. We make a quick judgment about which video will be the best use of our time, and first impressions really count. This means taking the time to create professional thumbnails, instead of using the random video frame that YouTube chooses for you by default, it will surely be worth it. Particularly when you see how unflattering YouTube defaults can be … I mean, what is number 3? It seems that I am about to perform an exorcism.


Ideally, you want to try and keep the style consistent across all your videos. Take YouTube sensation The Body Coach, for example. His thumbnails are clear, consistent and clean – and, since they include the video title, we know exactly what to expect without even bothering to read the text underneath the thumbnail.


Description: This super important writing helps YouTube and Google understand the context of their video. Be sure to include your keyword in the first 25 words, make a complete description of at least 250 words and include your keyword 2-4 times.

Tags: This is probably the least important basic optimization setting, but be sure to include your target keyword as your first tag, and then use all the relevant tags you can think of, with “relevant” as the keyword!

ADDITIONAL TIP: Thanks to YouTube’s automatic transcription tool, which we will cover in more detail shortly, the site can scan the actual content of your video, as well as all these pieces of information you provide. Many experts suggest saying your keyword, and at the beginning of the video, for this exact reason.

The video itself

I know I promised to avoid talking about “excellent content”, but, although I’m about to touch the content of your videos, I hope it’s much less crazy than that!

Simply put, its content is important.

In particular, there is much evidence that YouTube likes longer videos. Experts argue that “Total observation time” is THE most important classification factor and, well, that makes sense. After all, the main objective of YouTube as a site is to keep viewers interested in YouTube. Consequently, the YouTube algorithm values ​​the total playing time in the same way that the dwell time is valued by Google. It’s about your ability to offer results that do the best job for your search engines.

Of course, you still need to keep your viewer interested, so do not change it for the simple fact of doing so. But if you have the option of making a series of 10 x 3 minute videos, or a complete 30 minute super video, there is a good chance that you will see better results with the latter.

Likewise, you must get to the point quickly. Again, to review Brian Dean’s advice, he recommends following a simple “PPP Formula” during the first 15 seconds of his videos. This means “Preview-Test-Preview” and it looks like this:

Preview: Talk about the content of your video. “In this video, you will learn XYZ …:

Proof: Tell your audience why they should listen to you. “I used the lessons in this video to achieve ABC …” or “The lessons I will share with you are based on extensive research and experience …”

Preview: Talk about something specific and particularly interesting that the viewer will learn. “And I will share a particular advice that you will not find anywhere else,” or “One of these lessons is based on new and exclusive research and will DEFINITELY surprise you.”


Thanks to YouTube’s automatic playback functionality, we rarely end up watching a video these days. Once you have captured the interest of a viewer, you are very likely to be interested in other content that you have created. Playlists are a good way to direct them to your other videos. The auto play feature can be worth thousands of visits per month, so use it to your advantage.

Identify some of your videos linked by common themes and throw them as playlists. We have done this with our series of useless facts on YouTube, for example. You can find a useful step-by-step guide on how to set up a playlist here.


Check your transcripts

YouTube gets smarter all the time and now automatically transcribes your videos. Of course, computers still sometimes make mistakes, especially if you have a regional accent! So be sure to verify the transcript. This will ensure that YouTube has an optimal understanding of what you are saying in your video.


(For the record, I was saying, “Hi, I’m Adam, content manager here on Wyzowl,” instead of “or I’m out of content manager here on Wiser.” :))

Mature fruit

Most of the time, we are so excited about advanced marketing tips that we forget the really basic things. Think of some of the super easy and completely free ways you can generate views just by publishing your video content. For example, you could paste a thumbnail into your company’s email signatures; Research suggests that the average office employee receives 121 emails a day and sends around 40. In a company with 100 people, those are 4,000 people per day who receive a link to their video. Newsletters via email, social promotion, share your video content with potential sales customers: these are all incredibly easy ways to make the “See” counter go forward.

Paid advertising

Paid advertising sometimes has a bad reputation simply because traffic, in theory, stops when you take your budget. But in reality, if you are confident in your content and feel that it really adds value, a paid advertising campaign may have what we sometimes call a “kickstart effect.” Thanks to the magic of organic exchange and subscriptions, excellent video content that really helps people can come to life quickly.

If your goal is to simply watch your videos, then a video ad campaign might be a good idea. You will use Google AdWords to configure this. Start by pasting the link to your video and determine what your ad text will say.


Decide whether to route people who click your ad through to your YouTube channel, or your website. If video views are your metric for success, then the former is probably going to make more sense.


Set your daily budget and then choose a target audience. Initially, you can target by age, sex, geographic location and web activity, but once you are in the initial configuration stage, it can be much more detailed.


Our advice with PPC is always “trial and error”. Start with little; Make small changes and let them develop. Use YouTube and AdWords analytics to understand what works and what doesn’t. And most importantly, avoid instinctive reactions. If you’re just looking for a starting point, “YouTube Creators Academy” has a brilliant step-by-step guide to set up your first campaign.

Calls to action in each video

There is a reason why most of the main YouTubers remind people in EVERY video that they like, comment, share and subscribe: it is because these participation factors play a key role in the success not only of the video they are seeing only the channel itself and all its content. Simply asking people to do these things is usually more effective than you think.

Cards and final screens

The basic interactive functionality within YouTube can really help create great experiences for your viewers, and encourage them to stay on your channel.


Here are two options: cards and final screens. Both offer the possibility of linking videos, channels, websites and related surveys within the videos. The only significant difference between them is that the final screens appear at the end of your video.


Cards can pop up at any point during your video, which means you can be contextual with them. For example, if you make a point within your video – which you also happen to have made a full video about – you can reference that fact, and have a clickable thumbnail link pop up for your viewer.


Final thoughts

YouTube is still a tool of great influence to show your brand, reach a large audience and monetize the content you create. To generate the views your content deserves, remember:

  • Create videos on topics that people really want to know.
  • Optimize your video to find out: spend the comparatively short time it takes to write an excellent description, create a solid title and create
  • beautiful eye-catching miniatures. It will be worth it in the long run.
  • Publish your video wherever you can: email signatures, mail shots. Whatever works!
  • Make each video part of a playlist to take advantage of “AutoPlay” views.
  • Consider paid advertising if you are looking for a “kickstart effect” for your video content.
  • Use Cards and final screens to increase participation and retention in your channel.
  • For some amazing tips on how to use video on social networks, check out our free ebook here.
Buy Country Targeted YouTube Views

Buy Country Targeted YouTube Views



country targeted you tube views

YouTube is the largest search engine for videos. It is used by more than 1 billion users per month. We get you real views by simply promoting on our network and by optimizing your video. Thousands of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute. Every video can easily be lost, but with our country tergated youtube views,  your video will get more views.

Now that YouTube is flourishing and more YouTubers are emerging from all over the world, it is extremely difficult to attract viewers to your videos and get more views.

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Generally, a low number of followers will not attract more followers. People feel shy to be the first subscribers on YouTube. But, videos with more views are more attractive to most viewers and this in turn generates traffic. So, buying Youtube Country Targeted Views is a best solution for you.

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Relying on such sites will cause serious problems for you, such as the lifelong ban on your YouTube account. That is why it is suggested to buy real country targeted YouTube views only from real and authentic sites like Boost Social Media.

So it’s very important to get real country targeted views and promote your video. We offer you country tergated real YouTube views in a safe and completely legal way. We offer you views of active YouTube users that last. Our site is very user-friendly and offers you different price packages so that you can select the most suitable one according to your requirements.

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We keep your information confidential and do not use bots to provide you with YouTube views. We also take care of YouTube policy; therefore do not use illegal means to provide you with fake prospects. Customer satisfaction is our first priority; That is why we only offer a quality service, depending on your needs. Moreover, we offer customer support 24 x 7/365 days to answer all your questions.


Top 10 Myths About Buying YouTube Views

Top 10 Myths About Buying YouTube Views

Top 10 Myths About Buying YouTube Views


Did you know that over 300 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube every minute? As YouTube becomes more saturated, it becomes increasingly difficult to attract viewers to your content and get YouTube views. As a result, buying views has become an increasingly popular way to get more viewers fast and effortlessly.

There are several benefits to buying YouTube views. In particular, buying views helps accelerate the natural, organic growth of your videos and channels. Videos with a higher number of views (whether these views have been purchased or have been accrued organically) are often perceived as more attractive, which in turn leads to more traffic. Let’s say you see two different cover versions of the same song:

– Video A has 20,000 views
– Video B has only 300 views.

Which video should you click on? In the vast majority of cases, YouTube users assume that Video A is better simply because it has more views. Therefore, buying YouTube views can provide a base of views that will work to attract real viewers in the future, increasing the visibility of your content.

Unfortunately, most people hear or assume negative things by buying YouTube views. They assume that buying views is inherently “bad” and that it deletes their content. The bottom line is that this could not be further from the truth. When you choose to buy views from a top provider, you will dramatically improve the visibility of your content.

Let’s go down the list of top 10 myths about buying YouTube views.

Let's go down the list of top 10 myths about buying YouTube views.

Let’s go down the list of top 10 myths about buying YouTube views.

10. It’s illegal (it’s not!)

It is not illegal to purchase YouTube views in any way, shape or form. It should be noted that there are some tactics that violate YouTube’s Terms of Service (TOS), such as bot views or tricking people into watching a video, but even then they are 100% legal.

9. Your video will be deleted (it won’t!)

Wrong. Your video will not be deleted or removed because you are buying views. If you buy views from cheap providers, your views may decline at some point, but your video will not be removed because of it. YouTube only removes videos that contain illegal content or content against its TOS. Additionally, running views does not explicitly violate YouTube TOS. It should be noted here that YouTube’s affiliate program policies say, “Do not use third-party websites and tools to automatically generate artificial subscribers or views.” However, if you are not a partner and do not monetize your videos, buying human views is not explicit against YouTube’s TOS.

That is why it is so important to choose a high-quality supplier. You can buy human views without any distractions as long as you are not a third-party provider. However, automatic views are against YouTube’s TOS, making the strategy a bit riskier. You need to be absolutely sure that you are buying from a provider that never uses automated techniques, such as display bots.

8. Your account will be banned (impossible!)

Again, your account will only be banned if you post videos that contain illegal content or content against YouTube’s TOS. If you buy impressions from a reputable provider, your account is not banned simply because you buy impressions. Why? If they did, everyone would buy YouTube views of their competition to deliberately get them banned!

7. Your viewer count gets stuck at 301

Your viewer count gets stuck at 301

Your viewer count gets stuck at 301

YouTube pauses the viewership to 301 to assess whether the video accrues views organically or through artificial techniques. Buying views from quality providers will never get your views stuck at 301. In fact, if you get stuck, it can actually help you get loose. Again, you will choose a high-quality provider that provides human views as opposed to artificial techniques.

6. All views bought are falsified

Many people automatically assume that all purchased views have been incorrectly generated using automated techniques. The reality is that purchased views are not all completely false or inorganic. It simply means that you paid to have someone watch your video, as opposed to the one who watches it organically without any compensation.

It can also be said that you buy YouTube views from YouTube yourself through ads, as they guarantee impressions based on a dollar amount. When it comes to buying impressions, some providers may offer real quality impressions, while others may offer false bot impressions. It varies. Again, that is why it is so important to choose a reputable, high-quality provider.

5. All purchased views are the same

This is simply not true. The views purchased vary greatly from location and reference to viewer retention and clickthrough rate. Cheap impressions are typically from bots or click farms, while quality impressions can be from websites and social media. Bots and click farms offer the kind of purchased view that can get you in hot water as they are generated using artificial techniques. The key is to avoid these kinds of purchased views and choose a provider that offers human views; In other words, you pay for a real person to actually watch your video.

4. You don’t have to buy likes or comments

When buying views, many likes and comments assume comes naturally. Depending on how your video is promoted or how it has received views, this is not always the case. Even if it does, it does not guarantee that it will be positive.

Buying likes and comments alongside views helps increase your social proof and encourages others to like and comment as well. This is critical as YouTube increasingly takes engagement into account when ranking content. In other words, the more users who interact with your content, the higher it will rank and the more traffic it will receive in turn.

3. All purchased comments are generic

While many companies that sell YouTube comments post irrelevant or simple generic comments, some companies allow you to customize comments or offer “relevant” higher quality comments. High-quality providers will often post customized comments that are directly relevant to your content.

2. Top YouTubers don’t buy YouTube views

Many people think that buying views is only made by beginners, amateurs or nobodies. The fact is, with all the benefits of buying quality YouTube views, there are thousands of top YouTubers, businesses, artists, and celebrities buying views for the same kick-start, social proof, and ranking improvements. In the end, buying YouTube views is a common strategy and many prominent YouTubers have reaped the benefits of it.

1. Buying YouTube views is the ultimate strategy

While buying views has its benefits, it is not an all-in-one strategy. It is a tactic and there are dozens of other tactics to get more views that you need. YouTube doesn’t rank content on views alone. It also puts a significant amount of emphasis on engagement, taking into account who shares your videos and comments on them.

When it comes to accruing YouTube views, the key is to post compelling, high-quality content and to have a comprehensive YouTube optimization strategy to ensure that content is viewed. The elements of an optimization strategy should include: adding relevant, high-quality tags and titles to help users discover your content, adding closed captions, and ordering videos to a playlist. After purchasing views, be sure to check out the other tactics to get more YouTube views to create your own strategy to increase your YouTube presence and attract targeted viewers from around the world.

Need to buy YouTube views?

There are many reasons to buy YouTube views. One of the most important is social proof. The success of your video depends largely on the amount of social proof or commitment it has achieved. If it has a lot of views, other viewers will be more curious and encouraged to check it out. If your video has a low number of views, people are less interested in watching it.

Other reasons you should definitely consider buying YouTube views are to:

    • Gain a lot of YouTube views quickly
    • Get a higher chance for your video to go viral
    • Attract more organic views
      Boost the social credibility of your YouTube account
    • Attract YouTube subscribers organically
    • Increase your popularity on YouTube
    • Have other creators take you seriously