10 Killer Tips To Get More Subscribers On YouTube In 2023

10 Killer Tips To Get More Subscribers On YouTube In 2023

10 Killer Tips To Get More Subscribers


Want more YouTube subscribers in 2019? We have 10 expert tips and tricks to build your YouTube subscriber base as of now!

When you start your YouTube channel, remember that you have no right to anything, especially subscribers. You must work hard and rush day and night to win every view and every subscriber. In that sense, let us give you 10 expert tips that will make you think about how to build your super-committed subscriber base:

Get more subscribers on Youtube

# 1 Make building a relationship with your audience a priority

Subscribers are earned by building a relationship with their audience, and that can be done in many different ways. Of course, the most obvious seems to be on a personal level. You are standing in front of a camera, which means that the public can connect with you directly, and vloggers will surely accumulate subscribers as they tell more about their history.

But it can also be educational level. I know of many videos in which I have seen something, and I have had that moment of light bulb in the video, and that makes me click on subscribe immediately. This type of subscription happens a lot with the educational and procedural channels. The problem with that is that the user generally only wants a specific answer to a specific question you gave him, and then, he is no longer interested in its content. But that’s the nature of YouTube: subscribers can have different values ​​for different people.

I think that, ultimately, if you can establish a relationship with your audience and develop a certain level of trust, those will be your most valuable subscribers who will invest not only in the video you just saw but in the future content of your channel. I think that all the advice you will see in this post is related to this.

# 2 Duplicate the video content that works for you

Now, there is one tried and tested, which guarantees direct access to get more subscribers, and that is sub by sub. I’m kidding, of course, but there is a trick to get more subscribers faster, and that is to analyze the data on your own channel to see which videos convert the videos into subscribers. This can be done through one of VidIQ’s tools. It’s called Channel Audit, and when you open it, there is a section dedicated to videos that get the most subscribers for your channel. It is logical that if those videos are turning viewers into subscribers, you should make more content on those topics. The Channel Audit, by the way, is part of our huge VidIQ arsenal that will help you research YouTube, analyze videos, audit your channel as you just saw and take optimal measures to help you grow your channel. It is free to download!

# 3 Be consistent with your upload program: give viewers a reason to subscribe

youtube subscribe

Being consistent has many different shapes and sizes, but one of the most important is the consistency of the schedule. Be sure to continue posting so that people return to your content, but most importantly, stay constant in your choice of topic. Let’s say you need three videos to turn a viewer into a subscriber:

The first video creates awareness of who you are and what you potentially do on YouTube.
The second video creates consistency. Now, they know what you do and what they like about the content.
The third video generates more momentum than we talked about in Council One, trust, and that’s where the subscription can come from.
If you jump from one topic to another, you may never pass the awareness stage of your content. I know this may sound counterproductive right now, but you really need to focus on a specific topic. What you are most passionate about and about which you can tell the best stories.

# 4 Treat viewers as guests: make it easy for them to understand what your channel is about

Consider the spectators as your guests and welcome them to your home. Give them a guided tour so they know where everything is, and those guests will soon become friends. What do I mean by that metaphor? Order your channel page! This will include the creation of a channel banner that visually tells your audience what it does in five seconds, and upload a video of the channel’s trailer that best represents the type of content it does.

Also, always create playlists that help inform the visitor about the topics covered and show recent uploads so that people know that they are still producing content.

# 5 Ask viewers to subscribe, they probably will

Sometimes, you just have to tell your viewers what to do because they won’t do it themselves. There is nothing wrong with occasionally asking your audience for some help, and if you do too much, your audience will let you know. If you’ve never tried it before, definitely try it and try to make it fun.

# 6 Be creative with calls to action (CTA)

Generally speaking, when you ask your audience to do something, it is what is known as a call to action. But you can be more subtle. It could make graphics appear on the screen that does not even refer to. Simply search ‘subscribe to the green animation screen’, and you will find many free options on the Internet

# 7 Get intelligence with your brand watermark

Subscribe Branding Watermark YouTube

He wants to know about something that could increase subscriber growth by 500%: his brand watermark. Many video creators simply use the logos of their channels. But we recommend using a subscription button like this one because when you mouse over this button on a desktop, you can subscribe to the channel. It does exactly what it says on the can.

When we switched to this subscriber button, our subscription rates from that source increased by more than 500%! As a gift for you, here is a link to the image you can use. For more information on how to implement this on your own YouTube channel, watch this video: ‘How to add a subscription button’

# 8 Reach through the Community and YouTube stories tab

Not all video creators can produce videos every day, but you still have to produce content every day. How? Well, if you have more than 1,000 subscribers, you can post status updates, ask questions, post voting polls and promote videos through the YouTube Community tab. If you only have time to post one video per week, you always have five minutes to post an update on the Community tab.

The same goes for YouTube Stories if you have access to them. Create short video clips vertically that you can record quickly to keep your audience updated with what you are doing. You can even make video responses to the questions through this function, which is quite impressive for building relationships and building trust with your audience.

# 9 Help YouTube engage non-subscribers!

Now, I know what you are thinking right now. The Community tab and YouTube Stories are great for my subscribers, but what is the difference for non-subscribers? Well, here’s the weird thing. Those community posts and YouTube Stories can affect people who haven’t subscribed to your content but have viewed your content or content related to what interests that viewer. It is true! We publish regularly in our Community tab, and we often receive comments from users who are not subscribed to our channel. There is nothing we can do about it, but we appreciate YouTube approaching a new audience on our behalf 🙂

# 10 Reference to your subscribers in your content

You may not have access to the Community tab or YouTube Stories yet. It’s fair that you still have access to YouTube comments. You should respond to every comment you can because of this, all links return to the number one council, building relationships and building trust with your audience. It is always a great feeling for the commentator to know that the creator of the video is paying attention to what he says and responding to his comments. And we try to do that in VidIQ with every video we make. And there are also other ways to recognize your community, such as referring to them directly in videos. If you can make your audience feel special, there is much more chance of investing in you.

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Top 10 Myths About Buying YouTube Views

Top 10 Myths About Buying YouTube Views

Top 10 Myths About Buying YouTube Views


Did you know that over 300 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube every minute? As YouTube becomes more saturated, it becomes increasingly difficult to attract viewers to your content and get YouTube views. As a result, buying views has become an increasingly popular way to get more viewers fast and effortlessly.

There are several benefits to buying YouTube views. In particular, buying views helps accelerate the natural, organic growth of your videos and channels. Videos with a higher number of views (whether these views have been purchased or have been accrued organically) are often perceived as more attractive, which in turn leads to more traffic. Let’s say you see two different cover versions of the same song:

– Video A has 20,000 views
– Video B has only 300 views.

Which video should you click on? In the vast majority of cases, YouTube users assume that Video A is better simply because it has more views. Therefore, buying YouTube views can provide a base of views that will work to attract real viewers in the future, increasing the visibility of your content.

Unfortunately, most people hear or assume negative things by buying YouTube views. They assume that buying views is inherently “bad” and that it deletes their content. The bottom line is that this could not be further from the truth. When you choose to buy views from a top provider, you will dramatically improve the visibility of your content.

Let’s go down the list of top 10 myths about buying YouTube views.

Let's go down the list of top 10 myths about buying YouTube views.

Let’s go down the list of top 10 myths about buying YouTube views.

10. It’s illegal (it’s not!)

It is not illegal to purchase YouTube views in any way, shape or form. It should be noted that there are some tactics that violate YouTube’s Terms of Service (TOS), such as bot views or tricking people into watching a video, but even then they are 100% legal.

9. Your video will be deleted (it won’t!)

Wrong. Your video will not be deleted or removed because you are buying views. If you buy views from cheap providers, your views may decline at some point, but your video will not be removed because of it. YouTube only removes videos that contain illegal content or content against its TOS. Additionally, running views does not explicitly violate YouTube TOS. It should be noted here that YouTube’s affiliate program policies say, “Do not use third-party websites and tools to automatically generate artificial subscribers or views.” However, if you are not a partner and do not monetize your videos, buying human views is not explicit against YouTube’s TOS.

That is why it is so important to choose a high-quality supplier. You can buy human views without any distractions as long as you are not a third-party provider. However, automatic views are against YouTube’s TOS, making the strategy a bit riskier. You need to be absolutely sure that you are buying from a provider that never uses automated techniques, such as display bots.

8. Your account will be banned (impossible!)

Again, your account will only be banned if you post videos that contain illegal content or content against YouTube’s TOS. If you buy impressions from a reputable provider, your account is not banned simply because you buy impressions. Why? If they did, everyone would buy YouTube views of their competition to deliberately get them banned!

7. Your viewer count gets stuck at 301

Your viewer count gets stuck at 301

Your viewer count gets stuck at 301

YouTube pauses the viewership to 301 to assess whether the video accrues views organically or through artificial techniques. Buying views from quality providers will never get your views stuck at 301. In fact, if you get stuck, it can actually help you get loose. Again, you will choose a high-quality provider that provides human views as opposed to artificial techniques.

6. All views bought are falsified

Many people automatically assume that all purchased views have been incorrectly generated using automated techniques. The reality is that purchased views are not all completely false or inorganic. It simply means that you paid to have someone watch your video, as opposed to the one who watches it organically without any compensation.

It can also be said that you buy YouTube views from YouTube yourself through ads, as they guarantee impressions based on a dollar amount. When it comes to buying impressions, some providers may offer real quality impressions, while others may offer false bot impressions. It varies. Again, that is why it is so important to choose a reputable, high-quality provider.

5. All purchased views are the same

This is simply not true. The views purchased vary greatly from location and reference to viewer retention and clickthrough rate. Cheap impressions are typically from bots or click farms, while quality impressions can be from websites and social media. Bots and click farms offer the kind of purchased view that can get you in hot water as they are generated using artificial techniques. The key is to avoid these kinds of purchased views and choose a provider that offers human views; In other words, you pay for a real person to actually watch your video.

4. You don’t have to buy likes or comments

When buying views, many likes and comments assume comes naturally. Depending on how your video is promoted or how it has received views, this is not always the case. Even if it does, it does not guarantee that it will be positive.

Buying likes and comments alongside views helps increase your social proof and encourages others to like and comment as well. This is critical as YouTube increasingly takes engagement into account when ranking content. In other words, the more users who interact with your content, the higher it will rank and the more traffic it will receive in turn.

3. All purchased comments are generic

While many companies that sell YouTube comments post irrelevant or simple generic comments, some companies allow you to customize comments or offer “relevant” higher quality comments. High-quality providers will often post customized comments that are directly relevant to your content.

2. Top YouTubers don’t buy YouTube views

Many people think that buying views is only made by beginners, amateurs or nobodies. The fact is, with all the benefits of buying quality YouTube views, there are thousands of top YouTubers, businesses, artists, and celebrities buying views for the same kick-start, social proof, and ranking improvements. In the end, buying YouTube views is a common strategy and many prominent YouTubers have reaped the benefits of it.

1. Buying YouTube views is the ultimate strategy

While buying views has its benefits, it is not an all-in-one strategy. It is a tactic and there are dozens of other tactics to get more views that you need. YouTube doesn’t rank content on views alone. It also puts a significant amount of emphasis on engagement, taking into account who shares your videos and comments on them.

When it comes to accruing YouTube views, the key is to post compelling, high-quality content and to have a comprehensive YouTube optimization strategy to ensure that content is viewed. The elements of an optimization strategy should include: adding relevant, high-quality tags and titles to help users discover your content, adding closed captions, and ordering videos to a playlist. After purchasing views, be sure to check out the other tactics to get more YouTube views to create your own strategy to increase your YouTube presence and attract targeted viewers from around the world.

Need to buy YouTube views?

There are many reasons to buy YouTube views. One of the most important is social proof. The success of your video depends largely on the amount of social proof or commitment it has achieved. If it has a lot of views, other viewers will be more curious and encouraged to check it out. If your video has a low number of views, people are less interested in watching it.

Other reasons you should definitely consider buying YouTube views are to:

    • Gain a lot of YouTube views quickly
    • Get a higher chance for your video to go viral
    • Attract more organic views
      Boost the social credibility of your YouTube account
    • Attract YouTube subscribers organically
    • Increase your popularity on YouTube
    • Have other creators take you seriously
Buy Real YouTube Views

Buy Real YouTube Views

Buy Real YouTube Views


For promoting any kind of business, nowadays social media plays a very important role. The major cause is that numerous people currently use social media. Mass people use social media in order to share their views, posts, pictures, videos and many more. Now at a time a huge cluster of people is actively engaged with the social media platform which you cannot find in any other conventional platform so far. Moreover, any ideas or information can be shared instantly with an unlimited number of viewers or subscribers in YouTube social media. Therefore, at present social media has become an incredible platform for doing promotional business marketing.  

However, this article will provide you, in general, a good suggestion on how to get more YouTube views and subscribers. In the meantime, perhaps you come to know that YouTube users upload several hundred thousands of videos for their viewers and subscribers every day around the world.

  • Beforehand making YouTube videos, you have to learn about how well you market it properly. There are many different factors that you need to consider in order to attract more viewers and subscribers to your youtube channel. Foremost you have to think about the content of your video. If you can provide good content and good presentation of your subject over there, then, of course, you could positively affect your viewers. Before making your youtube videos, you may consider the following suggestions positively and which might help you a lot as well.
  • You Have to Create Proper Thumbnails

    Perhaps you know all of the ins and out of thumbnails. However, generally, thumbnails mean very small photos that serve your videos on YouTube. YouTube already has huge numbers of videos. Therefore, among the huge flow of unknown videos, people have the impulse to click on an attractive thumbnail. By considering the common people’s viewpoint, you have to make your thumbnail very catchy and attractive so that at a time many viewers watch it and at the end, they get interested to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

    1. Use Your Personal Creativity

      You can make a lot of funny and interesting videos but these must be original and relevant. If you make videos but that are not that much appealing to the audiences or viewers then your effort will be null in void. In order to reach your goal, you must create videos with good content which may attract the viewers. You have to give some reasons so that the viewers attract on your videos for viewing, sharing and finally subscribing. If you would like to get your videos super hit in the YouTube channel, then, of course, you have to be more creative. For that, you need to use your professionals with good concepts and ideas so far.

    2. Good Title Speaks Louder

      You have to always remember to provide good, matching and compelling title to your videos. Therefore, it would be superb, if you can provide your video a compelling title.

    1. Provide A Meaningful Message in Your Videos, Don’t Make It An Ad

      As you are considering to appeal to more viewers and subscribers for your videos then you have to give a good input in the videos. With good content and ideas on your videos, you can attract more viewers definitely. Otherwise, If you make the videos just like an ad then the viewers will not be attracted to it.

    2. Proper Tagging

      You have to provide a proper tag on your videos. Proper tagging attracts more viewers. People always are inclined to get something interesting and meaningful. Whenever people will search with a tag caption, then they will easily get your videos. Therefore, it is always imperative to use a good tag caption that usually facilitates to get more viewers of a video on YouTube.

  • Utilize Other Social networking Sites

In order to get wider ranges of viewers of your YouTube videos, then you have to promote your videos by linking with other social networking sites. It is a pretty good idea to utilize other social networking media such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, MySpace, Instagram and so on.

  • Using Blog for Promotion

In order to reach and fulfill your business goals particularly to share your videos with as many people as possible then it would be really a great idea to build up your own website blog where you will also post and share your videos, articles and other features. By making a blog, you can also attract so many viewers for your YouTube channel.

  • Remember Never to give up

As if you are a busy person with your business, you cannot provide as much enough time to the social media networks in order to promote your business, then don’t do any tension or suffer in any frustration. You always have a good solution in your hand. You just need to find out a professional company who offers help on YouTube viewers increment.

By assessing your case, we may suggest you contact with Boost Social Media.Com. Boost social media works since many years for helping the business communities across the globe to promote their business in the social media network. As the company has solid and wider experiences to help many business clients, then it would be your best choice to hire the Boost Social Media.Com for your problem. It is veritable and real fact that promoting business in social media nowadays has become a very essential matter. Without having numerous real viewers in your youtube channel you cannot grow your business and build more clients in a shorter time. To have a successful business, you need to have more viewers on your YouTube channel.

For getting more real viewers in your YouTube channel, then it would be wise for you to hire and consult  with the Boost Social Media.Com. 

For contact with the Boost Social Media.Com, just visit the homepage of the company via https://boost-social-media.com/. You may contact the company at any time for any kind of help and suggestions.