Debunking the Top 10 Myths About Purchasing YouTube Views

Let's go down the list of top 10 myths about buying YouTube views.

Did you know that a staggering 300 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube every minute? With such a massive influx of videos, it has become increasingly challenging to capture viewers’ attention and generate YouTube views. As a result, purchasing views has emerged as a popular strategy to quickly and effortlessly gain more viewers.

Buying YouTube views comes with numerous advantages. Most notably, it accelerates the natural, organic growth of your videos and channels. Videos with a higher view count, regardless of whether the views were purchased or obtained organically, are often perceived as more appealing, leading to increased traffic. Consider a scenario where you come across two different cover versions of the same song:

  • Video A has 20,000 views.
  • Video B has only 300 views.

Which video would you be more inclined to click on? In the vast majority of cases, YouTube users assume that Video A is superior simply because it has a higher view count. Therefore, buying 1 million YouTube views can establish a foundation of views that will attract genuine viewers in the future, ultimately enhancing the visibility of your content.

Unfortunately, many people hear or assume negative things about buying YouTube views. They believe that purchasing views is inherently “bad” and that it deletes their content. The truth is quite the opposite. When you choose a reputable provider to buy views, you significantly improve the visibility of your content.

Now let’s address the top 10 myths about buying YouTube views.

Enhancing Your YouTube Strategy: The Power of Buying Views

While purchasing views can offer certain advantages, it is important to understand that it is not a standalone strategy. Rather, it is a tactical approach among many others that can help increase your view count. YouTube’s ranking algorithm takes into account not only views but also engagement metrics such as shares and comments.
To effectively accumulate YouTube views, it is crucial to focus on creating compelling, high-quality content and developing a comprehensive optimization strategy.

This strategy should encompass various elements, including adding relevant and high-quality tags and titles to improve discoverability, incorporating closed captions, and organizing videos into playlists. Once you have acquired views through purchasing, it is essential to explore additional tactics to enhance your YouTube presence and attract targeted viewers worldwide.

1. Considering the Purchase of YouTube Views?

There are multiple compelling reasons to consider buying YouTube views, with social proof being one of the most significant factors. The success of your video often hinges on the level of social proof or engagement it has garnered. A higher view count piques curiosity and encourages other viewers to explore your content, while a low view count may diminish interest.

Beyond social proof, here are some additional reasons why buying YouTube views can be beneficial:

  1. Rapidly increase your view count.
  2. Enhance the likelihood of your video going viral.
  3. Attract more organic views.
  4. Boost the social credibility of your YouTube account.
  5. Attract organic subscribers to your channel.
  6. Elevate your popularity within the YouTube community.
  7. Garner the attention and respect of fellow creators.

Incorporating these strategies and approaches can contribute to the growth and success of your YouTube channel.

2. Renowned YouTubers refrain from purchasing YouTube views

There is a widespread misconception that the act of buying views is solely confined to novices, hobbyists, or individuals lacking recognition. However, the truth remains that numerous esteemed YouTubers, businesses, artists, and celebrities resort to purchasing views to initiate their growth, establish social proof, and enhance their rankings. Ultimately, procuring YouTube views has become a prevalent tactic, with countless prominent YouTubers successfully leveraging its advantages.

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3. All purchased comments are generic

While many companies that sell YouTube comments post irrelevant or simple generic comments, some companies allow you to customize comments or offer “relevant” higher quality comments. High-quality providers will often post customized comments that are directly relevant to your content.

4. You don’t have to buy likes or comments

When buying views, many likes and comments assume comes naturally. Depending on how your video is promoted or how it has received views, this is not always the case. Even if it does, it does not guarantee that it will be positive.
Buying likes and comments alongside views helps increase your social proof and encourages others to like and comment as well. This is critical as YouTube increasingly takes engagement into account when ranking content. In other words, the more users who interact with your content, the higher it will rank and the more traffic it will receive in turn.

5. All purchased views are the same

This is simply not true. The views purchased vary greatly from location and reference to viewer retention and clickthrough rate. Cheap impressions are typically from bots or click farms, while quality impressions can be from websites and social media. Bots and click farms offer the kind of purchased view that can get you in hot water as they are generated using artificial techniques. The key is to avoid these kinds of purchased views and choose a provider that offers human views; In other words, you pay for a real person to actually watch your video.

6. All views bought are falsified

Many people automatically assume that all purchased views have been incorrectly generated using automated techniques. The reality is that purchased views are not all completely false or inorganic. It simply means that you paid to have someone watch your video, as opposed to the one who watches it organically without any compensation.

views bought are falsifiedIt can also be said that you buy YouTube views from YouTube yourself through ads, as they guarantee impressions based on a dollar amount. When it comes to buying impressions, some providers may offer real quality impressions, while others may offer false bot impressions. It varies. Again, that is why it is so important to choose a reputable, high-quality provider.

7. Your viewer count gets stuck at 301

Your viewer count gets stuck at 301

YouTube pauses the viewership to 301 to assess whether the video accrues views organically or through artificial techniques. Buying views from quality providers will never get your views stuck at 301. In fact, if you get stuck, it can actually help you get loose. Again, you will choose a high-quality provider that provides human views as opposed to artificial techniques.

8. Your account will be banned (impossible!)

Again, your account will only be banned if you post videos that contain illegal content or content against YouTube’s TOS. If you buy impressions from a reputable provider, your account is not banned simply because you buy impressions. Why? If they did, everyone would buy YouTube views of their competition to deliberately get them banned!

9. Your video will be deleted (it won’t!)

Wrong. Your video will not be deleted or removed because you are buying views. If you buy views from cheap providers, your views may decline at some point, but your video will not be removed because of it. YouTube only removes videos that contain illegal content or content against its TOS. Additionally, running views does not explicitly violate YouTube TOS. It should be noted here that YouTube’s affiliate program policies say, “Do not use third-party websites and tools to automatically generate artificial subscribers or views.” However, if you are not a partner and do not monetize your videos, buying human views is not explicit against YouTube’s TOS.

That is why it is so important to choose a high-quality supplier. You can buy human views without any distractions as long as you are not a third-party provider. However, automatic views are against YouTube’s TOS, making the strategy a bit riskier. You need to be absolutely sure that you are buying from a provider that never uses automated techniques, such as display bots.

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10. It’s illegal (it’s not!)

It is not illegal to purchase YouTube views in any way, shape or form. It should be noted that there are some tactics that violate YouTube’s Terms of Service (TOS), such as bot views or tricking people into watching a video, but even then they are 100% legal.