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Why Can’t I Follow Someone on Instagram?

One of the most widely used social media platforms where users may increase their following for either personal or professional reasons is Instagram.

However, you must follow people and establish relationships to get started. On Instagram, you cannot, however, binge-follow for users.

Additionally, there are several restrictions and limitations on Instagram when it comes to following accounts.

Here are several key explanations for your query about why can’t I follow someone on Instagram, along with solutions. Keep reading to learn.

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Why Am I Unable To Follow Others On Instagram?

Due to the possibility that you have already followed 7,500 profiles, Instagram limits your ability to follow other users (the maximum allowable limit).

Though it is possible that you engaged in some shady behavior on the network. A bug in the phone might also be the cause.

Instagram, in contrast to the majority of other social media platforms, takes the required steps to maintain the site free of any extraneous activity. People may only follow a certain amount of accounts as a result.

Additionally, it disables the following option for accounts that show suspicious activity. Here are the six main causes of your query about why can’t I follow someone on Instagram.

1. Reached Maximum Follow Limit

Instagram’s terms of service (TOS) provide that users may follow a total of 7,500 accounts.

This cap has been kept in place to prevent spamming. You should verify the accounts you follow even though it is doubtful that you have hit that limit.

Fix: Filter Out the List

We strongly advise you to unfollow Instagram accounts that you engage with the least in order to prevent this from happening.

You will have more room in your following as a result, and Instagram will let you follow new accounts.

Hence, to avoid your query about why can’t I follow someone on Instagram. We highly urge you to unfollow the accounts that you interact with the least. This will give you more room in your following and allow you to follow new accounts on Instagram.

However, you should act wisely if you are attempting to attract followers by following people and anticipating a follow-back.

Although only 30% of people, in accordance with our data, will follow you back. This implies that you have to often review the list and unfollow any users who haven’t followed you back.

2. Followed Too Many Accounts

Instagram takes the appropriate precautions, like the majority of social media networks, to stop spambots from mass following or unfollowing activities.

Moreover, it never hesitates to temporarily or permanently disable the following option for any such accounts for this reason.

According to our investigation and several testing, Instagram only permits you to follow up to 60 accounts every hour.

Therefore, Instagram may apply some limits and label you a spammer if you go above this limit.

Fix: Follow People Slowly and Steadily

Simply keep the estimate in mind while requesting others to follow you.

Instagram’s algorithm will still see your follow request as one that you initiated, even though the majority of users might not accept it right away.

Therefore, this is why we urge you to submit thoughtful follow requests and refrain from spamming.

Though it makes it clear that after you have spent an hour issuing follow requests, there is no harm in waiting for another hour or two.

3. Bug on Your Phone

Another key factor for your following limits might be a phone bug.

Most frequently, unusual behavior of the program might be caused by cache data kept on the phone or slow performance.

Other limits, in addition to the preceding ones, may also be caused by your phone bug.

This query of why can’t I follow someone on Instagram is frequently seen on low-end cellphones with slow performance speeds and little memory. Bugs in the Instagram program might be another cause of this problem, though.

Fix: Try Restarting the Phone or Application.

Restarting the phone or the Instagram program is the simplest approach to resolving the problem.

Firstly, log out of the application, then turn off your phone. If you have previously tried logging out, you have the option to re-install or update the application.

On the other hand, the final (and least desirable) alternative, if the problem still persists, is to factory reset your phone.

Do this, though, only if other programs are also giving you the same problems or bugs.

4. Using Third-party Services

The use of a VPN or any other third-party software may put users under limitations.

Instagram may flag your behavior as suspicious if your account is visited from several distinct IP addresses and may prevent you from following other accounts.

Instagram makes it very explicit in its Terms of Service that using any kind of third-party software that facilitates bulk following, unfollowing, or liking and commenting is strictly forbidden.

Henceforth, any account found engaging in such behavior will be banned and you might be facing this query why can’t I follow someone on Instagram because of this?

Fix: Prevent the Use of Any Third-party Software

Certain behaviors that violate Instagram’s policies are prohibited. Any such third-party program that Instagram firmly forbids should be avoided.

Even while this program could function well and be advantageous to you a few times, if you are discovered using such applications, you will suffer a great loss.

However, the Instagram algorithm, might not ban VPN-using accounts until they engage in any suspect behavior.

This implies that unless you do something unusual if you mistakenly accessed your account using a VPN, you would not be subject to any restrictions.

5. Blocked by the User

Most of the time, blocking is one of the main reasons you cannot follow a certain Instagram account.

When a user or company bans an Instagram account, that account may view the account and its followers but cannot initiate follow requests.

When the user whose account has been blocked tries to send follow-requests on prohibited accounts but is unable to do so, this causes confusion, and this leads to many users questioning what you questioned above why can’t I follow someone on Instagram?

Fix: Create Another Account

The only fix to this issue is to create another account.

Deactivating your current account will allow you to erase it, after which you should make a new account with the same details but a different username.

Because it will not be on anyone’s block list, your new account will be able to follow whomever you choose.

However, keep in mind that there was a reason the individual first blocked you. You should not try to follow them because doing so can make you appear to be a stalker.

6. Blocked or Muted Some Accounts.

If you cannot follow certain users on Instagram, you may have mistakenly muted or restricted them.

Additionally, for those who can follow most accounts but cannot follow others, this problem is real. Instagram users have the option to block access to certain profiles they do not wish to communicate with.

However, the majority of users, are unable to recall which accounts they limited in the past and afterward encounter difficulties connecting or communicating with those accounts.

Hence, this could be the main reason for your query about why can’t I follow someone on Instagram.

Fix: Lift the Restrictions or unmute them.

Making such accounts available to you is the simplest approach to escape this situation.

Lift any enforced limitations by following the instructions below.

  • On your phone, go to Settings.
  • Enter the privacy settings by clicking on Privacy.
  • A list of the muted and restricted accounts will be displayed for you.
  • To unmute users from the lists, click on the users you want to remove.


Why am I unable to follow someone on Instagram?

If you can’t follow someone, check their account privacy settings. If it’s set to private, you need their approval to follow. Privacy settings can be adjusted in the account options.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can follow on Instagram?

Yes, Instagram has a follow limit to prevent misuse. If you’ve reached this limit, you’ll need to wait until you gain more followers or the limit resets before following more users.

What should I do if I’m facing technical issues preventing me from following on Instagram?

Technical glitches or app issues may occur. Try restarting the app, clearing cache, or updating to the latest version. If problems persist, it could be a temporary Instagram platform issue.

Can being blocked by a user affect my ability to follow them on Instagram?

Absolutely. If a user has blocked you, you won’t be able to follow them. Check if you can view their profile or posts. If not, it’s likely that they have blocked you on Instagram.


It may be enjoyable to follow a variety of different individuals, especially if you have a personal account. You may follow a variety of topics, such as sports, fashion, food, etc., making it simple to gain a sizable following.

However, watch out for the 7,500 caps. In a word, before clicking the follow button, you should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of issuing follow requests.

We believe that we have addressed all of your concerns about Instagram follow limitations and we are glad that you chose us to resolve your query about why can’t follow someone on Instagram.

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