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Why Can’t I See Posts I Liked on Instagram?

Are you one of those questioning why can’t I see posts I liked on Instagram? The option allows you to view your Instagram-liked posts. You may sort it from newest to oldest or oldest to newest.

Moreover, the “Posts you’ve liked” feature appears to have been deleted from the app as of early 2022. Previously, the option could be found in your account settings.

However, it was previously found under the “Request Verification” option. You will not be able to find it if you go to your account settings right now.

This article will explain why you cannot view the “Posts you’ve liked” option on Instagram and how to resolve the issue. And also guides you on the easiest and simplest way to enhance your viewership by directly buying Instagram reel views.

Why can’t I see “Posts you’ve liked” on Instagram?

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Instagram’s “Posts you’ve liked” feature is no longer available because its location has moved. The option was withdrawn from the account settings page to the menu in early 2022.

Previously, you could access the option by going to your account settings. You can access your account settings by going to your Instagram profile > Menu > Settings > Account.

The “Posts you’ve liked” option can be found under “Request Verification.” You will not find it under “Request Verification” right now. This is because the option’s location has changed to “Your activity. “In the menu, select “Your activity.”

Hence, you can access it by tapping the menu icon on your Instagram profile. And we hope that by now you must have got the reason behind your query about why can’t I see posts I liked on Instagram.

How to Fix “Posts You’ve Liked” not Showing on Instagram?

To resolve the issue of “Posts you’ve liked” not appearing on Instagram, navigate to your profile’s menu.

Furthermore, after tapping on the menu icon, you will see the “Activity log” option. To view your favorite posts, select “Activity log,” then “Interactions” and “Likes. “Instagram’s “Activity Log” is a new tool that allows you to control your activity.

In addition, Instagram allows you to manage your photographs, videos, account, and activities. This includes reading, evaluating, and removing the posts you have liked.

Because the “Posts you’ve liked” option has been removed from account settings, you can only view it through “Your activity.”

Here is how to discover Instagram’s “Posts you’ve liked” option to solve your query about why can’t I see posts I liked on Instagram:

Navigate to your Instagram profile’s menu.

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The first step is to open the Instagram app and log in to your account.

Keep in mind that you can only use the Instagram app to find the “Posts you’ve liked” option.

You cannot use the PC version of Instagram as it does not have that option.

Once you are on your Instagram profile, tap on the menu icon on the top navigation bar.

Tap on Your Activity.

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The menu will appear once you tap on the menu icon. The menu provides several choices such as “Settings,” “Your activity,” “Archive,” and others.

Instagram’s “Your Activity” option is a new tool that allows you to control your activity. To begin controlling your Instagram activity, tap “Your activity.”

Select “Interactions”.

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After you tap “Your activity,” you will be sent to the “Your Activity” page. Then you will be able to manage your photographs, videos, account, and more on this page.

There are other options available, including “Time spent,” “Photos and videos,” “Interactions,” and others.

You may evaluate and delete likes, comments, and other interactions by selecting “Interactions.”

Because you are looking for your favorite posts, choose “Interactions.”

Tap on “Likes”.

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After clicking “Interactions,” you will be sent to the “Interactions” page. There are three options on the page: “Comments,” “Likes,” and “Story responses.”

Meanwhile, the “Likes” option displays your Instagram-liked posts. The “Posts you’ve liked” feature has been replaced with the “Likes” option as of early 2022.

As a result, you must choose “Likes” to view the Instagram posts you have liked.

See your Liked Posts.

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After you have tapped on “Likes”, you will land on the “Likes” page.

On the page, you will see a grid list of all of your liked posts.

By default, your likes are sorted from newest to oldest.

You can change the sorting by tapping on “Sort & filter”.

However, now you have successfully found the location of “Posts you’ve liked” on Instagram! And you can resolve your query about why can’t I see posts I liked on Instagram.


Where Can I Find Liked Posts on Instagram?

Locate your liked posts by tapping on the heart icon, then the “Posts You’ve Liked” tab. It’s accessible from your profile.

Why Can’t I See My Liked Posts Anymore?

Instagram occasionally updates features. If unable to view liked posts, check for app updates or explore recent changes in settings.

Can I Retrieve Previously Liked Posts?

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t provide a direct option to retrieve past liked posts. The app focuses on real-time interactions.

Are There Privacy Settings Affecting Liked Posts?

Check your privacy settings; a private account may limit the visibility of liked posts. Adjust settings accordingly for a personalized experience.


As of early 2022, Instagram disabled the “Posts you’ve liked” option without notice.

As a result, many users were perplexed as to where the option had gone. For the time being, you can only access the option by going to your activity.

Moreover, keep in mind that the website is only accessible through the Instagram app. Instagram’s PC edition does not allow you to regulate your activity.

However, we have structured this guide for you to the best of our knowledge and we hope that it was of some use to you and you found your answer to your question of why can’t I see posts I liked on Instagram.

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