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How to Share a Gofundme on Instagram?

Sharing a GoFundMe refers to the act of posting a GoFundMe campaign link on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. GoFundMe is a crowdfunding platform where individuals and organizations create fundraising campaigns for various purposes, from personal needs and emergencies to charitable causes and creative projects.

When you share a GoFundMe campaign on social media, you are essentially promoting it to your online network. By adding a message or explanation about the campaign’s purpose, you aim to raise awareness and encourage your connections to visit the GoFundMe page and potentially contribute financially.

This method leverages the power of social networks to expand the campaign’s reach and garner support from a broader audience, including friends, family, and the online community.

How do I Share a “GoFundMe” on Social Media?

Follow these instructions to share a GoFundMe link on Instagram. Select a new story in the Instagram app. Apply a filter to a photo before adding a caption.

Make sure to add a link to your fundraising page. The link will remain on the grid indefinitely, and it should be viewable in the article.

In addition, you may also include a link sticker in the narrative content if you are sharing Instagram stories. And above all, you can publish a link, make sure you are verified, and have at least 10,000 followers.

Then select “+ URL” from the drop-down menu. Click “Add URL” after typing the URL into the box.

In the upper right corner, the procedure will be done. Your Instagram account’s bio area will now include a link to your fundraising page.

You can now share the link to your fundraising with your social media followers. They may also swipe up your story and contribute by clicking the link.

You may start marketing your GoFundMe campaign on your story after you have set it up. On your Instagram account, try adding more photos, videos, and text. Use bold, underlined, or highlighted text whenever possible.

You can use your Instagram story to post videos or photos related to your GoFundMe campaign. The more Instagram users who see your content, the better it is for your fundraising effort. Using your Instagram story to promote your GoFundMe can be an effective way to reach a wider audience and address the question of how to best share your GoFundMe campaign.

Hence you can easily learn how to share a GoFundMe on Instagram by following the instructions mentioned above.

How can you Copy a Link to your GoFundMe on Instagram?

Keep in mind that you must be a verified Instagram user with at least 10,000 followers to share a GoFundMe link.

Go to your profile and press the arrow symbol in the bottom right corner to do so.

Then, under “+ URL,” insert your link. A green check mark will appear in the upper right corner after the process is complete.

Moving on, you will need to put the URL into your caption or narrative after you have it. This will transform the URL into a clickable hyperlink in the caption or article automatically.

That is all there is to it! You may also put the URL into the “www” box of the message if you are not verified. On the Instagram platform, there are additional applications that make it easy to share the link.

Furthermore, for your GoFundMe campaign to run successfully we have answered various queries that could appear while learning How to share a GoFundMe on Instagram. Please give it a read.

Why do not I have an Instagram Link Button?

It is simple to add your GoFundMe link to your Instagram profile. All you need is a GoFundMe account and a following of at least 10,000 people. To add your link to your Instagram story, simply follow these instructions.

The link sticker may be found in the bottom-right corner of your Instagram app. If you still cannot find it, use a third-party tool like Linktree.

To begin, make sure your Facebook page is validated. Instagram makes it simple to link your accounts, and each business account is limited to one connected Facebook page.

Now you are ready to start posting fundraisers to Instagram after you have connected your accounts. Add contribution buttons to your posts and utilize stickers to let followers know your campaign is open to make them more noticeable.

Make sure you update your fundraising page frequently once you have published it to show folks you are still active. Including a contribution button in your bio will inform your followers that you are raising funds and demonstrate your commitment to your cause.

Remember: If you don’t have many followers, you might not have a GoFundMe account. But on Instagram, if you have 10,000 or more followers, you can share a GoFundMe link in your story. Just use a button or paste the link in the “www” box to share it with your followers.

Why Cannot I Click on My Link?

Do not panic, you are not alone if your GoFundMe link is not clickable on Instagram. This is a problem that is growing more prevalent.

As a consequence of spamming and the young age of many users, some accounts had their links completely disabled.

While there is no obvious explanation for why links are being blocked, there are a few solutions. If you encounter the notice “Link not clickable on Instagram,” keep reading to find out how to repair it.

First, figure out why your Instagram link is not clickable. Instagram’s policy has changed to prohibit the sharing of links in the bio or comment area of posts.

Hence, if you follow a few simple steps, you may still include a clickable link in your profile. First, make changes to your profile. Paste the link into the “website” field in the “website” section, then hit “done.”

Next, check to see if your profile includes an “underline” option. If you do not have a “clickable” option, make sure the “underlined” content is bolded instead. The URL may then be included in your narrative or caption.

Your link will then become a clickable hyperlink. If you have more than 10,000 followers, though, you should make your profile name clickable and include a link to your fundraiser website.

How Do I Fix My Instagram Bio?

If you are not sure how to update your Instagram bio to include a Fundraiser Link, this article will help. It is common to get a warning saying your link is not clickable.

This notice might appear for a variety of reasons. Follow the procedures below to resolve the problem:

First, make sure your mobile app is up to date. It’s completely free. Then, launch the Instagram application. In the “Add a Link” box, you should see a link.

Then, on the “See More” link, you should be sent to your bio page. After that, you may add your GoFundMe link. If “link not permitted” still appears in your bio, change your mobile data IP and try again.

This is how you can simply fix your Instagram Bio and grasp how to share a GoFundMe on Instagram.


Can I share a GoFundMe campaign directly on Instagram?

Yes, you can share a GoFundMe campaign on Instagram. Go to the GoFundMe page, click “Share” below the goal amount, and select Instagram. Add a caption, and it will be posted on your Instagram profile.

What should I include in the caption when sharing a GoFundMe on Instagram?

Craft a compelling caption explaining the cause, why it matters, and a call to action. Include relevant hashtags and encourage your followers to share the campaign to maximize reach.

Can I share a GoFundMe link in my Instagram bio?

Yes, you can add the GoFundMe link to your Instagram bio. Edit your bio, paste the campaign link, and encourage followers to visit and contribute.

How can I make my GoFundMe shareable for others on Instagram?

On the GoFundMe page, use the “Share” button to copy the link. Encourage others to share by providing easy-to-understand instructions and engaging visuals that highlight the campaign’s purpose.


GoFundMe is a for-profit crowdfunding website based in the United States that allows people to collect money for a variety of events ranging from birthday parties and graduations to life-changing events such as accidents and diseases.

It is quite popular nowadays but still, there are some people out there who are unaware of this feature. They are the ones who have questions like how to share GoFundMe on Instagram, How to share a fundraiser on Instagram or what is the best way to share a GoFundMe.

So for them, we are here to the rescue and as usual, we have tried our level best to answer your queries with the best of our knowledge.