When social media networks first appeared, they were only used for communication between people who know each other (in rare cases, between people who don’t know each other) and for fun. Today, the situation is different because millions of active users on many social media networks and many companies realize that they can use social media for promotion and brand building. The situation is no different when it comes to Twitter.

Twitter, once used as a microblogging platform, is now used by more than 300 million users who are active every month. Many of them use the platform daily, and a large number of them are actually business users.

But opening an account on Twitter and being active is just one element that will help you see the benefits of using this network. If nobody reads your tweets, you cannot expect success.

In a recent conversation with Tait Fletcher, co-founder of a coffee subscription company in Albuquerque, he identified having a huge following/fan base on Twitter as one of the most important elements of their marketing plan. With Twitter, a large following gives a positive indication for potential customers/customers, better exposure to virality, revenue from followers, social evidence, and future potential for companies.

There is more than one way to get Twitter followers, but they can be divided into two groups – paid and free.

When it comes to free methods to get Twitter followers, you need to know that different tactics are used by Twitter account owners.

For example, they try to promote fresh content every day. They also communicate with other users by responding to responses and sending social signals to other profiles. Some of them use videos and images to enrich the content they share and attract the attention of followers. These are the strategies that Drew Doggett from Kobalt Consulting claimed to use for their online marketing from local businesses in Aurora areas in Colorado.

On the other hand, when it comes to paid institutions, Twitter users can choose advertisements and purchased Twitter followers.

The first solution is fairly simple: you pay Twitter to display your ad and hope to get more followers. Although this is a practical solution, it can be quite expensive and cannot guarantee success. The second solution has proven to be much more reliable and efficient.

Why is buying a Twitter follower a smart idea?

Before we share the details, we want to point out that the crucial part here is the word really.

If you are willing to pay for such a service, buy genuine Twitter followers. There are many so-called reliable providers of Twitter followers, but they offer fake accounts without profile photos and with illogical names, which are clearly fake Twitter accounts. And it won’t take long for them to be deleted and your Twitter followers will suffer.

True Twitter followers have unique profile photos, their own tweets and they communicate with other users. Buying real Twitter followers seems very useful, but many entrepreneurs and ordinary people still wonder why they should take this opportunity.

Well, to start with, if you have a large number of fans on Twitter, you will immediately improve your brand exposure. Twitter accounts with thousands of followers look important to users. These accounts with a few dozen followers are not very reliable.


When we talk about these effects, it is good to mention that such a strong basis causes the so-called bandwagon effect. It has been proven several times that people follow profiles more often with a huge number of fans.

Moreover, there is no doubt that buying real Twitter followers is much cheaper and easier than waiting for your successor to grow. Once you have a certain number of followers, you can try to increase your followers in an organic way. Instead of investing hundreds of dollars in Twitter ads, you can now buy followers and see their numbers rise within hours.

As you can see, there are many benefits to buying real Twitter followers, but if you are interested in buying something, you should rather stick to providers with a good background and success rates.