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Facebook and Instagram Ban ‘Sexual’ Emoji

While eggplant and peach emojis are innocently used to represent food by some, they are widely known for their sexual connotations. Responding to this, Facebook comments and Instagram comments have recently banned these emojis, along with the water drop symbol, for being “sexually suggestive.” This change is part of an update to Facebook’s sexual solicitation Community Standards, specifically targeting sex workers who utilize the platforms for their services.

Facebook’s Explanation and Community Standards Update:

According to Facebook, the decision to ban these emojis stems from the platform’s commitment to addressing discussions surrounding sexual violence and exploitation. The company acknowledges the importance of facilitating such discussions but draws the line when content encourages or facilitates sexual encounters among adults.

User Reactions and Further Discussion:

Social media users have expressed various opinions regarding the emoji ban. Some request additional bans on brand emojis and specific phrases, while others point out the existence of other emojis with sexual connotations that have not yet been prohibited. Meanwhile, some users humorously speculate about the newfound opportunities for other food-related emojis, such as bananas, carrots, hot dogs, tacos, and donuts, to take the spotlight in posts.

This recent ban has sparked discussions on social media platforms, with users sharing their thoughts and opinions on the matter. Ward W. Bond, a Twitter user, humorously commented on the ban, highlighting the restrictions on insinuating antioxidant foods in posts.


Facebook and Instagram’s ban on sexual emojis reflects their efforts to combat sexually suggestive content and protect against exploitation. The decision aligns with their updated Community Standards and ongoing commitment to maintaining a safe online environment.