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Social Media Feed on Website Examples

Businesses at times have a presence across many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other. However, they do not have the same number of followers across all the platforms. 

In this regard, telling people that you have a presence on other platforms as well, social media feed on websites become essential. With that, there is an increase in followers and people will know what you are posting on your social media.

These social media feeds can be created by social media aggregators which shows content from your accounts.  In addition, you can customize the layout of the feeds on your website according to your theme

Not only that, these aggregators have access to API tools that allow you to sync your social media on your websites. Through the tools, the content will be generated automatically without your interference. 

Let’s see some of the social media feed on website examples. 

Instagram Feed (Photos) 

You can post your Instagram photos on your website. Along with that, you can also make it cover the whole page of your website. In that way, all the details of your photo it hashtags, captions, or even comments will be visible. It will look like your Instagram home page which will better engage the traffic and increase sales

Instagram Feed (Hashtags)  

With the help of the Masonry widget,  you can post user-generated content on your website. It will be automatically generated whenever a user will use your assigned hashtag. In this way, your website will look more credible and popular. If a person comes to your website and sees the testimony of random people, they will surely buy something. 

When you use this widget not only the text of the hashtag but also the post of the hashtag will be visible.  You can encourage your Instagram followers to post their feedback in a video and use your hashtag. 

Youtube Feed 

Youtube videos are another way to make your website more engaging. If you sell any product, you can show its application process through your video. Apart from that,  you can also post any informative video in support of your product. In this era of fast scrolling, nobody wants to read long paragraphs. A video will get your message across efficiently. 

Feed widget will allow you to post Youtube videos on your social meida website. A significant size of your website’s page will be used by the video. When people play the video, they will not be taken to youtube. Instead, the video will play on your website. This will also increase people’s stay time on your website.

You will just have to sync your Youtube channel on your website. There will be videos on your site whenever you post on your Youtube channel. 

Tik Tok Feed 

Just like Youtube, you can also post videos of Tik Tok on your website. TikTok can be a better choice if you do not want lengthy videos on your site. People are more likely to watch a short entertaining video over a lengthy video on Youtube. This is precisely the reason for the success of Tik Tok. 

By using the Carousel widget this can be possible. You can show trending videos related to your product that will encourage people to buy it. Other than that, the Tik Tok videos do not need someone to click on them to play. It plays whenever someone scrolls on it. This means that your video will most likely be seen by any person that visits your website. 

Pinterest Feed 

Copyright images are always a problem for any website owner. On one hand, you want to have a unique and relatable picture. While, on the other hand, you do not want any copyright issues. 

Pinterest solves this issue as most of the time it has copyright-free images. Other than that, you can make a profile on Pinterest where you can get all creative. For example, Posting quotes, drawings, poetry, and many more. Then, you can sync that to your website to give an aesthetic touch to it. 

Twitter Feed 

Twitter is a great way to get the latest news to your audience. You can post any new development regarding your product or your relevant industry. This will make your audience more interested in your product. As they will think that there can be a potential for this product to be more advanced. The best example of it can be tech-related products. 

The Twitter feed will give authenticity to your website as most people regard Twitter to be a credible platform.  The best thing about adding this feed is that you will not have to worry about color schemes. You can customize the layout in any way you want. Apart from that, you can also add your JS and CSS code to make it more personalized. 

Facebook and Instagram mentions

Just like hashtags, you can also show the mentions of your brand on your website. The mentions can be on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. In this regard, a wall widget is used. The widget works by showing the post in which your brand was mentioned on the website. 

This is very useful to show that people are talking about your products which means they are satisfied. In addition, it also addresses any type of query a person has without contacting anyone. This will give a boost to your online business. 


If you have any confusion regarding how the feed will look on social media website, you can visit any established website. Nowadays, every other website uses this technique to get as much organic traffic as possible. On the other hand, it is not very difficult to set up as there are many web development software that has these features. 

The only thing that you have to do is to be creative. Come up with your style and content. At the end of the day, these are the things that matter most.  Lastly, if you have any confusion, you can also hire an expert.

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