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7 Tips on Organically Growing Your Instagram Following in 2024

Growing your Instagram tracking is a process that has constantly evolved in recent years. In the era of influencers, many users are dedicated to finding new ways to beat the platform algorithm and increase their own followers.

Growing Your Instagram Following

Therefore, it is incredibly refreshing when you see users willing to disburse useful information on how others can benefit from their organic growth techniques.

International fashion photographer and educator, Anita Sadowska, recently released an informative YouTube video with 7 tips on how to organically grow an Instagram follow-up. Sadowska has 68.5k followers, so you know that the advice he gives is going to be right! Look at the following video!

7 Tips To Get Instagram Tracking

Here are 7 useful tips to get the Instagram tracking you have been dreaming of in 2024!

1. Instagram grid design

Start with the correct Instagram design that goes with your theme.

Instagram uses a three-column grid, and you can use this three-column system to your advantage, such as posting your images in lots of three. That way, you could have a row of three images from a photo shoot and your images would be joined in a visually more attractive way.

“Usually, I find that people don’t want to see more than three, a maximum of four photos from a given session,” says Sadowska. “After that, it becomes repetitive and you start losing followers.”

2. Color scheme

Although it may seem like a challenge, have a recurring color theme in your Instagram grid. An easy way to do this is to combine everything with the skin tones you shoot. It doesn’t matter if you are outside or in the studio, using skin tones to maintain a uniform color scheme will look great for your followers!

3. Try what works

Test the images you publish over time to see which images work best with your followers. For example, when Sadowska was filming Beauty, Fashion, and Swimwear, he chose his favorites from the photo shoot and then tested which images they obtained the most.

Now, obviously, there is a balance in this. You may like to photograph Fashion more than Beauty, but Beauty works better, so you can choose to sacrifice a little the likes for what you like most.

4. Timing is everything

Related image

Post your photos at different times of the day according to your location in the world. Be sure to write down your current time zone and keep it in mind. Sometimes you will find a universal schedule that works best for your publication agenda.

“When I’m in Ireland or Europe, in general, it’s basically between six and nine at night,” says Sadowska. “When I’m in Bali, it’s usually very early in the morning because it still fits European time.”

The key is to publish images at different times when you start and see what sticks.

5. Be selective with your work

Only publish the best of the best!

“This is crucial for me,” Sadowska emphasizes. “I’ve seen photographers publish every image they took in the session and it’s simply not a big deal. Try to be super selective.

Sadowska says he would rather publish a large image every three to four days than publish mediocre images daily.

6. Use stories

Since the stories came out, Sadowska discovered that it is crucial to be VERY active in Instagram stories. “I feel that today, most of my commitment actually comes from stories and not from the food itself.”

Therefore, make extensive use of Instagram stories to better interact with your followers.

7. Clean

Be sure to follow only the people who are relevant to what you do and who you find interesting. That could mean removing a little from your watchlist. Sadowska only follows about 300 people or less and it is easier for him to connect with those people than if he followed 3000.

Therefore, be selective not only with your images but also with the content that follows.

Sadowska offers great information in this video, and in about 10 minutes, it is definitely worth seeing. Enter each tip a little more in-depth and if you follow their advice, you may be on your way to growing a great Instagram follower.