In case you think about it, we’ll repeat: don’t go the fake follower route.

Instead, the best way to build your next – whether you’re an aspiring influencer or a growing brand – is to buy real IG followers.

Unlike the aforementioned bots and fake accounts, these are legitimate accounts that are owned by real, active Instagram users who are actually interested in your content.

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So they will really like your messages and respond to them. And buy things from you.

The challenge to get active Instagram followers?

Time: it takes a lot of time to research and like / comment on / follow your target group. You could do this full-time if you wanted. And you could easily see no progress from all those efforts.

Money: Instagram wants you to try to build your audience with the help of their advertisements. Some quick math about that: assuming you get a realistic cost of $ 0.50 per new follower of your not-completely-sure-what-I-do advertising campaign, you can easily spend $ 500 + to only 1,000 IG followers to get. That will add up fairly quickly.
Much, much easier to easily work with the best site to buy friends from Instagram followers.

But there are many websites that claim that if you work with it, you only pay for Instagram followers who are real.

The simple facts: most of them sell bots.

So before you buy Instagram followers, here are a few tips for not being scammed.

1. Don’t buy cheap Instagram followers

Buying active Instagram followers is probably cheaper for you than running Instagram advertising campaigns.

BUT, if the price seems too good to be true – it is almost certainly true.

Some sites sell “followers” for just $ 0.01 each; although that may sound a lot, they are almost certainly fake (see the dangers of this above).

Plus, sites that sell cheap followers are probably just trying to make money fast …

This means that they do not take the time to ensure that your account and credit card details are secure.

And they almost certainly do not spend time making sure that you are not banned by Instagram for using their service.

2. Work with a reliable place to buy Instagram followers

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The entire ‘buy Instagram followers‘ industry has a shady reputation thanks to a few shady sellers; we do not blame you for being careful with whom you buy.

# 1 The red flag of a site is not the place you have to pay for Instagram followers: they don’t tell you how they will get those followers for you.

Although it is fine if they do not guide you step by step through their (probably own) process for how they get each follower, they must at least tell you about the strategies they have used.

Do they rely on the follow-on/follow-up policy?

Do they deal with relevant accounts through likes and responses?

Finally, Do they get listings for you from larger, more established accounts?

If they don’t give you the slightest hint, it’s probably because they have something to hide.

And that something is probably a collision.

3. Buy targeted Instagram followers

One of the best ways to see if you are buying Instagram followers who are real people who are actually interested in you is by looking at their accounts.

The best sites to buy Instagram followers will ask you for details about your target audience, which hashtags you use the most, and who your competitors are.

Based on this data, they can compile a list of targeted followers for you based on demography, location, and interests.

The end result: you pay for Instagram followers who really like your content and buy things from you.

If the service you purchase from Instagram followers only asks for your account name?

Run. Because you don’t buy active Instagram followers. You buy bots.

4. Buying Instagram followers should increase engagement

When you buy active Instagram followers, you will not only see your followers increase.

Your involvement will also increase (assuming they have also targeted Instagram followers).

Remember: The most important reason to buy Instagram followers is to involve people in your content so that you can increase brand awareness and convince sponsors to work with you or sell more products.

A large number of followers is great. It helps convince people that you are legitimate.

But it’s not enough anymore.

Buying Instagram followers must be more than increasing your number of followers, it must be a growth tactic fueled by the involvement of real, targeted users who love what you do.

5. Do more than buy followers. Buy strategy

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Even some of the legitimate sites that make the top 10 “best place to buy Instagram followers” fall short when selling real Instagram followers.

It’s great to get more targeted Instagram followers.

But how do you keep them happy and make them valuable for growing your brand and company?

The best site to buy Instagram followers is one that, in addition to creating real Instagram followers, also offers tips to help you grow your followers, engagement, and income.

They should at least have a lot of great blog posts about how you can build a brand, create great content and make money with your audience.

Even better if they have really lived support staff ready to help you find great hashtags, find out what kind of content you should create, and otherwise grow your brand using their platform.

That said, where do we recommend that you purchase genuine Instagram followers?