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How to Get a Taken Instagram Username?

Have you ever tried to find out how to get a taken Instagram Username? When you attempt to register an account for yourself, your company, or a customer, you frequently encounter this issue. Sadly, finding the perfect username will get more difficult over time.

But for most people, though this is not the end of the world. They just select a username that is already in use by adding commas, dashes, underscores, or acronyms, as Instagram advises. But you are not like most people. Setting a separate username for your brand would not ever be an option if you take your brand seriously, just like Gollum looking after the ring.

Therefore, I would like to walk you through an authentic way how to get a taken Instagram username. Be with us and read this article till the very end to know the solution.

How to Get an Instagram Username that is Taken?

To get a taken Instagram username and properly submit a trademark violation or infringement, you will need:

Request to get an Instagram username that is taken

To ask for an Instagram username change from the current owner, you can send them a polite and respectful direct message (DM) or contact them through any other means available if possible. Make your request clear and concise, explaining your reasons for wanting the username.

Sending an email message to request an Instagram username change from the current owner can be a bit challenging, as Instagram typically doesn’t provide direct contact information.

However, if you do manage to find an email address or another means of contact, you can use the following template as a starting point:


I hope this message finds you well. My name is [Your Name], and I am reaching out regarding the Instagram username [@Desired Username], which you currently hold.


I have a significant interest in this specific username for personal/business reasons, as it aligns closely with my [briefly explain your reason].


I understand the personal value of a username and assure you this request is made respectfully. If you are open to the idea, I’d be grateful to discuss a possible arrangement that benefits us both.


Best regards,

Be respectful in your request, and understand that the current owner is under no obligation to change their username.

Make an offer to purchase the username

If simply asking for the username doesn’t yield results, you can consider making a monetary offer to the current account owner. Sometimes, offering compensation can convince them to give up the username.

When making an offer, it is crucial to clarify that you are interested in purchasing the username only, not the entire Instagram account. You want to use it for your own profile.

As for how much to offer, there is no fixed price. It depends on how important that username is to you and how much the current owner values it. Negotiation is key, and both parties might find a compromise.

Note: It’s important to be cautious because buying and selling Instagram usernames goes against Instagram’s terms of service. Instagram explicitly states that you can’t sell, license, or purchase accounts or data obtained from the platform. This includes usernames. While some have reported success with such transactions, it’s not officially supported by Instagram and carries risks.

Report to Instagram if an account is not active

If you are interested in acquiring a specific Instagram username and it is currently held by an inactive account, you can take steps to potentially free up that username for your use.

Subject: Request to Acquire Inactive Instagram Username [@DesiredUsername]


Hi Instagram Support,


I am writing to request the transfer of the Instagram username [@DesiredUsername]. This account seems inactive, with no posts since [Insert Date]. The username is crucial for my business/client, aligning with our brand across various platforms.


I have attached relevant screenshots for your review. Acquiring this username would greatly benefit our brand’s consistency and digital presence.


Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your guidance on this matter.



Submit a trademark report

When all other methods fail, you can explore the option of reporting the existing Instagram account for trademark infringement, provided your business name is indeed trademarked. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Visit the Instagram trademark report form: Instagram Trademark Report Form
  2. Complete the form with the following information such as: To file a trademark report with Instagram, you will need to provide your contact details, demonstrate your brand’s online presence with a website link, share trademark specifics including registration number and date, offer the Instagram account link using your brand name, and include any additional evidence supporting your claim. This comprehensive information will help Instagram review and consider your request.
  3. Submit the request.
  4. Instagram will review the submitted information and decide on the username transfer.

If you don’t already have a trademark, you can consider applying for one and then proceed with the trademark report to your Instagram account. Trademarks can help protect your brand identity and provide legal grounds for username acquisition.

Consider settling for a close alternative

If you are finding it challenging to secure your desired Instagram username, it might be time to consider settling for a close alternative. When the username you want is already taken, especially by inactive accounts that Instagram won’t release, or by users unwilling to relinquish their handles, creativity becomes key in selecting a new username. You can do something that can help you to have the desired brand name such as:

Add Prefixes or Suffixes: Incorporate words like ‘the’, ‘official’, ‘team’, or your location. For example, try ‘@TheYourBrand’ or ‘@YourBrandOfficial’ if ‘@YourBrand’ is taken.

Incorporate Keywords: Blend in relevant keywords that represent your brand or industry. For example, ‘@SweetBakesShop’ or ‘@CitySweetBakes’ for a bakery business.

Use Abbreviations or Acronyms: If your brand name is long, consider using an abbreviation or acronym to shorten it.

Include Underscores or Periods: Adding an underscore or period can sometimes make your desired name available, like ‘@Your_Brand’ or ‘@Your.Brand’.

Whatever variation you choose, the goal is to keep it memorable and relevant to your personal business brand. Ultimately, your Instagram identity is more than just your username. Your content quality, user engagement, and community building play a crucial role in your social media presence.


What is a Instagram trademark?

An Instagram trademark is a legal registration of a brand name, logo, or symbol, used for brand identity and protection on Instagram. It allows trademark owners to act against misuse or infringement on the platform.

Does Instagram delete inactive users?

Instagram does not routinely delete inactive user accounts solely due to inactivity. User accounts can remain active even if they are not regularly used.

Can I request an inactive username?

Yes, you can potentially request an inactive username. If the username is associated with an inactive account, you can report it to Instagram, or if you have a valid trademark claim, you can file a trademark report to request the username. However, the outcome depends on Instagram’s policies and the specific circumstances.

How can I check if an Instagram username is inactive?

To check for inactivity, look at the account’s posting history, follower engagement, and overall activity. However, only Instagram can officially determine an account’s inactivity status.


When setting up your Instagram account, you might have the perfect username in mind, only to discover it’s already taken by an inactive account. For brands and influencers aiming to establish a presence on Instagram, having the right username is crucial. This often raises the question of how to acquire a taken Instagram username.

In this article, we have delved into strategies to secure a desired username, providing insights for users encountering this challenge. As you explore these methods, don’t forget to share your valuable feedback with us. We are committed to assisting you in navigating the intricacies of Instagram and ensuring your journey on the platform is seamless and effective.

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