Facebook is the most popular social media app. it is the best and fastest way to stay connected with your relations.  A tag is a unique type of link. You create a link to someone’s timelines when you tag them. The person’s timeline may be updated as a result of the post you tagged them in. you can, for example, tag a photo to reveal who’s in it, or make a status update to reveal who you’re with. Someone will be notified if you tag them.

People can upload images to Facebook and tag their friends in them. If you happen to be one of the tagged friends, the tagging and all subsequent comments appear in your notifications. This feature is a million times more annoying than useful in my opinion and a big number of people would concur. Although, the basic concept is straightforward and practical.  

Today’s article is about untagging. You will learn ‘’how to untag someone on Facebook’’

Facebook post tags

First, before we go into the methods for untangling someone on Facebook, let’s clarify what is a Facebook tag. When someone says ‘’facebook tag’’ it now signifies that they have tagged you in their post.

However, you have the option of blocking someone from tagging you in a Facebook post, as well as the option of untagging someone who has erroneously tagged in your post. Whichever method you choose, you have complete control over it, and that is what we want to demonstrate here.

Untag someone On Facebook

  • Go to facebook.com or the Facebook mobile app and find the post or photo you want to untag.
  • Select the ‘’more’’ button then ‘’edit post’’ to untag someone from a post.
  • If you want to untag someone you have tagged in the text of a post, simply edit, highlight, and erase their name like you would a word.
  • If you mentioned that you were with someone in your post, go to the ‘’edit post’’ page and tap on that person’s name. this gives you the option of adding more tags or deselecting the person you want to untag.
  • You can’t remove a tag from a Facebook photo from your timeline. To open the photo, first, click on it. Select ‘’edit’’ from the desktop menu. Select the tag button at the top of the screen on a mobile device. You may then untag folks by clicking on the ‘’x’’ next to their name.

Untag from a text post

  • Simply follow these methods to untag someone from a text post that a user has made themselves.
  • Open the Facebook app or use a browser to get to a website.
  • Locate the post in which a person has been tagged.
  • Select ‘’more’’ and edit the post from the drop-down menu.
  • Remove the username by highlighting it and editing it out.
  • Follow these steps if a person is initially tagged using the ‘who are you feature:
  • Click on the three dots in the post’s right corner.
  • Select edit post and then touch on the person’s name. user can now deselect the person and add, more people.

Untag multiple photos

  • Here’s how to remove a tag from multiple photos on Facebook at once:
  • Look for the activity log button in your Facebook feed and click it.
  • Then, on the activity log bar, hit the photos link.
  • Check the boxes to see if any new photographs have surfaced.
  • To remove the photos from your Facebook feed, tap the ‘’remove tags’’ option and confirm.

Untag someone from a Facebook post online

Facebook posts can be made using www.facebook.com or m.facebook.com, as well as by logging into the Facebook app using your Facebook app to tag or untag people. Using Facebook messenger, it is not possible to untag someone from Facebook. the facebook.com website is the only place to change your timeline.

Untag someone from the Facebook app

The new Facebook app works exactly like the Facebook PC software; you can use your mobile phone to publish anything to your timeline, and you can tag and untag people on Facebook using your Facebook Lite app or any facebook app. now, if you’re using a Facebook app to access Facebook, simply open the app to access your account and then identify the post to which you accidentally tagged someone; click the option to edit and then untag such a person from the icons above.


Facebook is used by millions of people. Facebook tags allow you to target certain people with your posting. You can delete the tag from the original post if you mistakenly tagged someone on a photo you don’t want to be tagged. While individuals with authorization to access your post can still see the photo and identify people they know, it reduces the chances of a tagged photo appearing on the person’s timeline. I hope this will be helpful for you and you get guidance from this article.


What is the procedure for removing a tag from a comment?

Follow these simple procedures to ‘’untag’’ oneself from other false profiles and posts:

Tag to get started, go to your timeline.

Select the activity log option.

Select the posts you have been tagging option.

Choose the post or comment in which you have been tagged.

Hover your mouse cursor over ‘’edit’’ and select remove the tag from the drop-down menu.

Is it true that removing a tag from Facebook notifies anyone?

As mentioned above, Facebook tells everyone who appears in a tag, but it does not notify parties when a tag is deleted. Because adding a tag has privacy concerns but not deleting one does not, no warning is required.

What happens when you delete a Facebook tag?

Remember that when you remove a tag from a post or photo, the tag will no longer display on the post or photo, but the post or photo will still be viewable to the audience with whom it was shared. People might be able to see the post or photo in places like the news feed or the search result