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5 Amazing Social Wall Examples

Social networking is an essential part of our lives, a huge source of traffic, and a critical component of any company’s growth. Social feeds refresh your website regularly and keep it relevant and up-to-date with new content. Displaying social feeds on your website will also provide visitors with a more comprehensive view of your brand. It will also engage and invite feedback.

 It enables marketers to transform a static display screen into something interactive, engaging, and appealing. The question is what are the 5 amazing social wall examples? Let’s have a look!

Silicon Valley Bank’s Social Media Feeds on Digital Displays

Silicon Valley Bank is one of the largest banks in the United States, specializing in providing funding and loans to cutting-edge technology companies. Moreover, building and growing a firm can be difficult, and SVB assists entrepreneurs and investors in realizing their dreams. 

Silicon Valley Bank assists growing growth and middle-market enterprises in selected sectors, with a concentration on technology and life sciences.  while also addressing other specialty areas where specialization and focus can give a higher level of service and better credit management.

  • Silicon Valley Bank used Flockler to build a slideshow of social media content. The slideshow is broadcast on digital screens and provides staff and visitors with the most recent news in real-time.

Integration of a Social Wall into a Virtual Event at Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland has a sizable social media following. As of July 2023, their YouTube channel had over 10.8 million subscribers. They have  9.1 million Instagram followers and over 2.3 million Twitter followers.

As we know social media is critical to creating and maintaining the festival’s community as well as engaging people all over the world with Tomorrowland’s events. Within the wonderful realm of pilinem, the virtual festival 2020 even allocated a particular section to the social media stream. Moreover, Tomorrowland currently has twenty-six official partners, including Pepsi Max, BMW Group, Budweiser, and Brussels Airlines, all of which promote the festival.

  • Tomorrowland used the sponsored posts. They ensure that their sponsors receive prominent advertising space on the festival’s official social feed.

National Geographic Storytellers Summit Virtual Event Wall

As you know virtual events and social walls complement each other. On their wall, attendees can see who else is participating and put names on their faces. Moreover, they have the opportunity to communicate directly with others who are watching the same content as they are. Furthermore, the event organizers will walk away with a plethora of user-generated content that they can use in the future.

  • National Geographic and the e2k events x entertainment agency collaborated to bring their annual Storytellers Summit to the virtual stage.

TEDx Community

Social walls are a natural complement to social media-heavy events. They start discussions and make it easy for people to share their ideas. They also provide an excellent way to include people who are unable to attend an event and allow them to participate.

A social wall collects material regardless of the social network it was put on, thus you can collect and show posts from Twitter and Instagram at the same time. TED offers licenses to people all over the world to organize their own TED events, known as TEDx Events, with the “x” standing for “independently organized.”.

  • The amazing thing about TED and TEDx is that the organizers are worldwide connected. TEDx organizers, presenters, and audiences utilize both their “own” TEDx hashtags and the more general #TEDx and #TEDTalks hashtags.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness does an excellent job of developing interesting content with their gym-goers. Their social media wall serves as a resource for workout and inspiration advice, as well as fast Instagram images from the gym showing the most active members.

  • Community is an important component of everything Planet Fitness does: their basic objective is to create a community setting in which growth is supported and celebrated by staff and fellow members. So it’s only logical to use a social media wall to highlight and magnify the community.

Two kinds of feeds can be displayed on a social network wall

Hashtag feed: select a hashtag, and public postings using that hashtag will be displayed in the feed.

Account feed: shows posts from a specific account. Some systems also provide a feed of postings made by anyone who mentions or tags the chosen account.

Here are some smart ways to use social media walls to increase engagement, visibility, and sales.

Display user-generated material

Image depicting a social networking platform in the cosmetics sector.

As we know a hashtag wall is a treasure trove of user-generated content and a unique method to display it. It’s both rewarding for the users whose posts appear on the screen and interesting for anyone else who happens to be viewing the broadcast.  Moreover, brands like it since it involves no effort on their part, after all, it’s called user-generated content, not brand-generated content.

Make use of a branded hashtag

A branded hashtag is one that a brand creates for promotional purposes. It usually includes the brand name or a variation of it, but this is not always the case. They’re great for increasing your brand’s visibility on social media, but only if people use them. 

You can start by using the hashtag with your staff, friends, family, and so on. In this way, the hashtag wall has some posts to start with. As people view your hashtag wall, you should observe the usage of the branded hashtag.

Make people aware of upcoming events

Social media walls are popular at conventions, trade shows, networking events, and even casual happy hours. They add a one-of-a-kind element to the experience that attendees will remember and discuss with their peers. They enjoy how simple yet exciting it is to have their post displayed on a screen for all to see at the event.

Firstly, make a hashtag or account the focus of your feed if attendees mention it in their social media posts. Attendees see posts and photos from the event displayed on a screen. They will feel as if they are a part of something noteworthy. It gives the event a more current and happening feel. 

Follow breaking news or trending topics

Most people are aware that one of the primary functions of hashtags is to group and follow posts about breaking news or a trending topic. Why not use a social media wall to track a popular hashtag?

If you notice a trending hashtag and want to follow it on a medium other than your web browser or smartphone, use a hashtag wall. Depending on your brand and what it does, you may want to keep up with industry news, viral content, competitor news, or pop culture trends. Instead of switching tabs in your browser or opening an app on your smartphone, you can have the hashtag feed up on a separate screen while you do other things.


What is a social wall?

A social wall is a dynamic display that aggregates and showcases user-generated content from social media platforms. It’s commonly used at events, websites, or digital signage, providing real-time engagement by featuring posts, images, and comments related to a specific hashtag or topic.

How do I set up a social wall for an event?

To set up a social wall, choose a platform that suits your needs, define content parameters such as hashtags or handles, customize the design to align with your event’s theme, and then embed it on your website or display it at the venue. Encourage attendees to use the designated hashtags for inclusion.

Can you provide examples of successful social walls?

Certainly! Successful social walls include Twitter Live Walls at conferences, Instagram Hashtag Campaigns for brand promotions, and Facebook Moderated Walls that ensure a curated and engaging display of user content.

Are there privacy concerns associated with social walls?

Yes, privacy considerations are crucial. Inform users about the public display, provide opt-out options for those who prefer not to be featured, implement moderation to filter inappropriate content, and ensure compliance with platform guidelines and privacy regulations to protect user data and maintain ethical practices.


These five amazing social wall examples underscore the dynamic and interactive nature of user-generated content in the digital realm. From events and conferences to brand promotions and website engagement, social walls have become powerful tools for fostering real-time connections. The versatility of social walls is evident in their ability to cater to diverse niches, creating immersive experiences that captivate audiences. As technology evolves, social walls offer limitless potential for brands, events, and e-communities to elevate interaction and showcase collective content.