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How to Make Blank Status or Comment on Facebook: 3 Methods

Sometimes, you may feel like posting something on Facebook even when you have nothing specific to say. You might want to surprise your friends with a simple approach by posting a blank status. However, you may wonder what an empty post actually means on Facebook.

An empty post, as the name suggests, refers to a post that is completely devoid of any text or image. If you usually write a new post with blank spaces, Facebook will not allow you to submit it.

Similarly, Facebook comments cannot be left blank either. This is not how the platform operates. Instead, you need to enter some content in the status or comment box before Facebook allows you to publish it.

In this article, we will provide two straightforward methods to understand what an empty post means on Facebook. Keep reading until the very end to learn more about it.

Method 01: Posting a Blank Status or Comment on Facebook

If you want to post a remark or status with no text on Facebook, you can use a specific shortcode. Here’s a step-by-step guide to understanding what an empty post means on Facebook:

Open Google Chrome or any other browser on your PC or smartphone and log into your Facebook account.

In the status or comment box, enter @[0:0]. In the status or comment box, enter @[0:0] Credits: geekinstructor

You can copy and paste it or type it exactly as it appears. There is a gap after the second zero, so please pay attention to that (0).

Type the shortcode in each new line to create a multiple-line blank status. multiple-line blank status Credits: geekinstructor

This will create four line Blank status

Click the “Post” button to share it on Facebook. You will see a blank status until it is published. click create post button to share something Credits: geekinstructor Please note: that this method is not supported by the Facebook app, but it works on both the mobile and desktop versions of the Facebook website. You can try creating a test post and setting its privacy to “Only Me” to see if this technique is effective.

Method 02: Posting an Empty Status or Comment Using Blank Space

This method is different from the previous one. Here’s how you can post an empty status or comment on Facebook using a blank space:

  • Copy the empty space between these brackets: []
  • If you are using a phone, open the Facebook app; if you are on a computer, open the Facebook website.
  • Paste the copied empty space into the status or comment box.

Finally, publish the status update or comment on Facebook to complete the task. Unlike the previous method, this one works with the Facebook app as well. It is extremely easy to use since you don’t need to manually input anything. However, this method doesn’t allow you to create multiple lines with a blank status.

Method 03: Blank Comments Only

The methods mentioned above can also be used to submit empty comments on Facebook. However, there is an additional approach that only works on computers with a desktop keyboard. To make a blank comment, simply open the comment box on the relevant post and press ALT+0137. This will result in an empty comment. Post it and enjoy.


How can I make a blank status on Facebook?

To create a blank status, copy and paste a blank character. You can find this character on websites offering Unicode characters. Paste it in your status update, and voilà, a blank status.

Can I make a blank comment on Facebook posts?

Yes, similar to creating a blank status, you can copy a blank character and paste it in the comment section. This will appear as a blank comment.

Are there any limitations to using blank statuses or comments?

While blank statuses and comments are allowed, excessive use or misuse may violate Facebook’s community standards, potentially resulting in restrictions or account actions.

Do blank statuses or comments affect engagement algorithms?

Blank content may not contribute positively to engagement algorithms, as it lacks meaningful content. It’s advisable to maintain a balance between creative expression and adherence to platform guidelines.


For those who are curious about what an empty post means on Facebook, I hope these methods will be useful. They work on all platforms, including Android, iPhone, PC, and others, regardless of what you are using. Additionally, you can use similar techniques to send a blank message, add a blank space to your Instagram or WhatsApp bio, or create a username with an empty comment.

Lastly, we would like to express our gratitude for choosing us as your source of information on what an empty post means on Facebook. If you have any valuable experiences or feedback to share with us regarding this article, we would be glad to hear from you.