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How much does a Youtuber make with 100k Subscribers?

Have you ever wondered how much money YouTubers make when they reach the milestone of 100K subscribers? If you’ve been curious about the financial side of being a YouTuber, this blog post is here to shed light on the earning potential and factors that come into play. Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of YouTube earnings and uncover the secrets behind the figures.

Do You Know? Almost a third of today’s youth want to make a living as a YouTuber.

How YouTubers Make Money?

YouTubers can earn money in other ways outside of ads. The most prevalent methods used by YouTubers to increase their earnings are as follows:

1. Ad Revenue

With the YouTube Partner Program, creators can earn money through Google AdSense. To be eligible for the program, a channel needs to have at least 1,000 subscribers and over 4,000 views in the last 12 months. The minimum monthly payout for the channel is $100. You will only get paid for the month if your earnings are within the minimum required amount.

2. Brand Partnerships/Sponsorships

Opportunities for brand sponsorships increase with both view and subscriber counts. YouTube stars can earn money by endorsing brands. In other cases, they may not even have to pay for the things. In most cases, YouTubers may expect more earnings with a more actively engaged audience.

3. Affiliate Marketing

In the description area, some YouTubers offer links to where you may buy their chosen products. The channel receives a commission for any sale made by a viewer who clicks on one of the affiliate links.

4. Merchandise

To supplement their income, creators who have established a following on their channel frequently offer merch. T-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more can be sold through a YouTuber’s online shop.

5. Crowdfunding

Many popular YouTubers have turned to crowdfunding platforms to supplement their income. Famous producers use sites like Patreon because it allows them to share premium material with their patrons.

How Much Do YouTubers Earn?

Earnings for the highest-profile YouTubers can reach a staggering $29.5 million annually. Of course, most YouTubers don’t operate that way. Keep reading to learn how much money the typical YouTuber makes and how many followers are needed for sustainable YouTube income.

How much does an Average YouTuber make Per View?

How Much Does An Average YouTuber Make Per View

Creators must join the YouTube Partner Program to monetize their content. Google (who controls YouTube) and the person who created the content divide advertising revenue. About 68% of the money made by ads goes to the creators of the videos on YouTube.

Advertisers set their prices this way:

  • Advertisers often pay anywhere from $0.10 to $0.30 per view, with the average being $0.18.
  • This amounts to about $18 per 1,000 ad views for the average YouTuber.

Remember, YouTubers only receive a payment if their viewers watch the ad. This equates to $3.50 to $5.00 per 1,000 video views, given that not all viewers will watch the advertisements.

Earnings from advertising could be more manageable. This is why many YouTubers rely on revenue streams such as advertising and affiliate programs to make ends meet. Earnings per view for a popular YouTuber average roughly $0.18, or $18 per 1,000 views.

How Much Does An Average YouTuber Make Per Month?

Earnings for YouTubers can be substantial. The average monthly income for a professional YouTuber is $4,600. The number of views your videos receive and how you choose to monetize them are just two of many variables that will affect your ability to reach this goal.

How Much Do YouTubers Make Per Hour?

A YouTuber may expect to make $29.15 an hour on average. It was reported as the typical wage for a YouTuber in the United States. This estimate relies on a 40-hour work week at a rate of $1,166 a week. Actual earnings could be much higher or lower, so take this with a grain of salt.

How Much Does An Average YouTuber Make Per Subscriber?

The number of subscribers makes no difference to a YouTuber’s earnings. I wonder why they keep nagging people to subscribe.

Many viewers eagerly await each new upload. If they have a large number of subscribers, it’s more likely that their videos will be seen extensively. More views mean more money from ads. There are many easy and effective ways to get more views on YouTube.

Having a large number of subscribers also helps creators land better arrangements with major brands. Brands will pay extra to promote their content if a YouTuber has a significant following.

How much is YouTube Earning with 100k Subscribers?

To be successful on YouTube, you can use a million followers. With 100,000 members, creators may still make a respectable living. Now what about the YouTube earnings with 100k subscribers? Here we go with the proper answer: according to the same calculations, a YouTuber with 100,000 followers who uploads two videos every week can earn $600 to $1,000. This equates to $2,400-$4,000 in advertising revenue every month. That’s a nice sum, but YouTubers also have many other options for making money. See for yourself down below.

How much does a YouTuber make with 1 Million Subscribers?

The vast majority of the roughly 38 million channels on YouTube have fewer than a million viewers. Channels with over a million users have a good chance of being profitable on the service.

Here is how much a YouTuber could make if they uploaded two videos per week:

  • The average weekly income for a popular YouTuber is around $10,000.
  • If the price was $3.00 to $5.00 per 1,000 views.
  • Ad revenue alone may be anything from $24,000 to $40,000.

This is calculated on the assumption that all 1,000,000 viewers watch everyone. Not all subscribers will view every single video. Although subscribers have priority, non-subscribers can also watch.

Top 5 Tips to Earn more as a YouTuber

Here are five ways that YouTubers can use to increase their profit. Let’s explore together:

Five Tips To Earn More As A YouTuber

1. Niche Identification

It’s wise to specialize in one area only. This will assist in maintaining your channel’s subscriber base and provide it with purpose. Your audience has come to anticipate a specific style of writing from you. It wouldn’t make sense for a tech channel to start sharing cooking tips.

2. Make Some Good Shows

Success for many channels comes from publishing ongoing video series. This helps in numerous ways. The process of categorizing videos on your channel is simplified. Additionally, it facilitates the discovery and subsequent marathon viewing of similar videos by interested viewers.

3. Make Consistent Video Updates

Maintaining your audience’s interest requires posting consistently. If viewers find your channel to be active, they are more likely to subscribe. You can also try posting at different times to see what works best.

4. Share Your YouTube Content With Others

Joining forces with others can help you gain more fans and attention. You can make cameo appearances in other people’s videos, and they are in yours. You can both expand your reach and attract new viewers by working together.

5. Make a Strong Social Media Presence

Maintaining an online presence is beneficial for a full-time YouTuber. You can get the word out about your videos on several sites. Furthermore, it facilitates communication with your readers and builds anticipation for future content.


What happens if you get 100k subscribers on YouTube?

To be considered for a Creator Award, a candidate must satisfy the following criteria: Accumulate a certain number of paying customers: When you get 100,000 subscribers, you’ll get silver. Platinum: When one million people sign up

How much does a YouTuber with 50k subscribers earn?

You can make between $800 and $1,400 monthly if you have 50,000 subscribers who watch most of your videos regularly, 35,000 views per day, and a 25% engagement rate.

What are the primary sources of income for a YouTuber?

Primary income sources include AdSense revenue, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and merchandise sales. The mix and effectiveness of these sources can vary based on the channel’s niche and audience engagement.

How does AdSense contribute to a YouTuber’s earnings?

AdSense earnings for a YouTuber with 100k subscribers depend on factors like average video views, audience location, and click-through rates. Ad revenue is often the base income but can fluctuate with viewer behavior and ad market trends.

Does the YouTuber’s content niche affect their earning potential?

Definitely. The content niche significantly influences earning potential. Niches with high advertiser demand or dedicated audiences can generate higher earnings through AdSense, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.


The income of some YouTube producers is mind-boggling. But don’t expect to get rich overnight with this. Making a solid living on YouTube requires a lot of work and a bit of luck.

The size and quality of your following are crucial factors in determining a YouTuber’s earnings. With 100k subscribers, insights into nearby YouTube earnings provide valuable information on potential income opportunities. Understanding the dynamics of your audience and consistently delivering high-quality content contribute significantly to your earning potential as a YouTuber.

YouTube may only provide a part-time income for some, but it may be a fantastic source of extra cash. You have nothing to lose by posting videos on YouTube about something you’re interested in.

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