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How to Check who Shared your Instagram Post?

You open Instagram to see that you have a slew of new followers and have no idea why. Did you suddenly become famous? Are you creating news anywhere? Or, more likely, did someone with a huge following repost one of your pictures on their Instagram story, gaining you, new internet friends?

Meanwhile, if you are interested in your unexpected fame or how hot your Instagram posts are, there is a hack that allows you to see who reshared your posts so you can keep track of who’s giving you free publicity.

Hence do read this article in order to find out how to check who shared your Instagram post.

Step-by-Step Guide how to check who shared your Instagram post

If you have a business or creator account, you can easily learn how to check who shared your Instagram post. These accounts provide access to content insights, which may reveal a lot about who is engaging with your Instagram posts, Reels, and stories.

However, converting your personal account to a creator account is free (and simple), but bear in mind that creator accounts cannot be secret. 

Simply follow the instructions below after your account is in creator or business mode to see who posted your posts to their Instagram stories.

  1. Navigate to your profile and choose the post.
  2. On your Instagram post, choose “View Insights.” If your post was reshared, a number will appear just beneath the paper aircraft icon. This will inform you how many people shared your post.
  3. Return to the photo and click on the three dots in the top right corner of the post. There will be a button that says “View Story Reshares.” Simply click on it. (Please keep in mind that this option will only display if your post has been reshared at least once.)
  4. You will be sent to a page called “Current Public Reshares,” where you can check how many people reshared your Instagram post on their stories.
  5. To find out who shared the post, go to the user’s story by clicking on a reshared story in the grid.
  6. From there, you can see the username and click on the account.

How to check who shared your Instagram post

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Hence, this is how you can easily learn how to check who shared your Instagram post by following the simple step-by-step guide we have structured above for your convenience.

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Why Does It Matter If Your Instagram Post Is Reshared?

If the interaction is crucial to you — for example, if you are trying to develop your influence empire – knowing who shared your Instagram post might be really beneficial. 

Secondly, checking who reshares your content might assist you in figuring out which demographic your post appeals to. 

Whether your new needlepoint hobby catching on with Generation Z? Are your social justice infographics being shared by respected millennial peers?

In addition, reshare insights are particularly useful if you have lately gained a flurry of new followers or likes on a post and are not sure why. 

However, you may go through your posts individually to see which ones have been reshared, and then look through the persons mentioned to see if any of them have large followings that could explain the surge of alerts.

While your friends and followers may enjoy a post enough to double-tap it, posting it to your story requires a little more effort. Users seldom share posts to their stories unless they truly connect with them. So it is important to know who is sharing the love.

Henceforth we hope that by now you have learned the reason behind the query of how to check who shared your Instagram pots.


How Can I Check Who Shared My Instagram Post?

Provide a step-by-step guide on how users can navigate the Instagram app to check who has shared their posts. Include details on accessing post insights or other relevant features.

Is It Possible to See All Users Who Shared My Instagram Post?

Address the extent of visibility into users who have shared a post. Explain whether the platform provides a comprehensive list of all users or if there are limitations to the information available.

Can I Check Who Shared My Instagram Post Anonymously?

Clarify whether the process of checking who shared an Instagram post is anonymous or if the user’s profile is visible to those who shared the content. Transparency on privacy aspects is crucial.

Do Different Post Types Affect the Visibility of Users Who Shared It?

Discuss if the visibility of users who shared a post varies based on the post type, such as regular posts, Stories, or IGTV. Understanding any distinctions ensures users have accurate expectations.


Resharing via screenshots on Instagram Stories doesn’t link, notify, or credit the original poster. Use the in-app post-sharing tool to track reshared content and allow viewers to access the original poster’s profile directly. This method is friendlier and more direct than sharing without attribution. If you want to check who shared your Instagram post, use the in-app sharing tool. Additionally, consider buying Instagram likes to increase your popularity.

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