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How to Find Random Lives on Instagram?

Find random lives on Instagram and get into a world of spontaneous content right at your fingertips. As you scroll through Instagram, the thrill of discovering live streams from around the globe offers a unique and interactive experience. From witnessing live events to joining in on casual chats, Instagram Live transports you into a realm of real-time sharing and connection.

Whether you are looking to be entertained, informed, or simply to explore something new, the ‘Live’ feature on Instagram’s Explore page is your gateway to an ever-changing landscape of live content. In this guide, we will explore the simple steps to find and enjoy these random live streams, connecting you with stories and experiences from across the Instagram community.

How to Watch Random Instagram Live?

To watch random Instagram live videos, follow these simple steps:

Check Stories Feed: Look at the top of your Instagram homepage. If someone you follow is live, their live video will appear as the first story.

Explore Popular Live Videos: Go to the search section (magnifying glass icon). Here, you can find popular live videos, often displayed at the top.

Discover Live Videos on Current Events: In the search section, you can find live videos related to current events or trending topics.

By following these steps, you can easily watch various random live videos on Instagram, from personal broadcasts to widely viewed live events.

How to Find Random Lives on Instagram?

Accessing live videos on Instagram is straightforward. Here’s how you can do it:

Open Instagram App: Launch the Instagram app on your device.

Check the Stories Section: Look for stories at the top of your home feed. Live videos are usually indicated by a colorful ring and a “Live” label beneath the profile photo.

Visit the ‘Explore’ Tab: Tap the magnifying glass icon to go to the ‘Explore’ page. Live videos that are popular or trending will often be featured here.

Watch a Live Video: Simply tap on a live story or a live video in the ‘Explore’ tab to start watching.

Remember, you can only watch live videos in real-time, so if you find a broadcaster you enjoy, keep an eye out for when they go live again in the future.

How to Watch Random Instagram Live

How to Join Random Lives on Instagram?

If you are keen to know how can you watch random lives on Instagram, so follow these three easy steps below:

Find a Live Video: When you open the Instagram app, look for live videos at the top of your feed. These are indicated by a colorful ring and the word “Live” under the user’s profile picture. Tap on the username of the live video you want to join.

Request to Join: Once you are watching the live video, tap on ‘Request to join’ usually located at the bottom of the screen. Then, confirm by tapping ‘Send Request.’

Wait for Approval: After sending your request, wait for the host to approve it. If they accept your request, you will receive a notification that you are about to enter the live room.

Remember, the ability to join a live video depends on the host’s settings and willingness to accept your request. Not all live video hosts may allow viewers to join, so your request might not always be accepted.


How can you search lives on Instagram?

To search for live videos on Instagram, open the app and tap the magnifying glass icon at the bottom. Then, select the “Live” option at the top of the ‘Explore’ page. Here, you can browse ongoing live broadcasts and tap on any to join and interact in real-time.

Is it possible to watch Instagram live without being followed?

By starting an Instagram live broadcast, you may simply reach a wider audience. When you go live, you will alert followers who have your app open that you are broadcasting to them. There might be a variety of other reasons, but sure, you can live broadcast on Instagram without disclosing your identity.

Can I search for live videos by topic on Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t allow searching for live videos by topic, but you can browse the ‘Live’ section in ‘Explore’ to find various content.

Are Instagram live videos available after the broadcast?

Some live videos may be available as replays on the broadcaster’s profile, depending on whether they choose to share them.


Finding random lives on Instagram is not just about stumbling upon new content, it’s about broadening your horizons and connecting with a global community in real-time. Each live stream you discover offers a window into someone else’s world. It presents opportunities to learn, be entertained, and feel inspired. Whether you seek a laugh, some insight, or just a break from your routine, these live streams are a tap away, bringing the world closer to you. Embrace the spontaneity and joy of discovering live content on Instagram. Nobody knows what amazing stories and experiences await your next live adventure.

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