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How to Make a Video Loop on Instagram Story?

Instagram is one of those social media networks where you may spend time while simultaneously promoting your brand. Making your photographs and videos more engaging and exciting, such as creating loop videos on Instagram, will help you gain more followers.

Although everyone attempts to achieve things in their own unique manner. Some users want to publish YouTube videos on Instagram in order to increase audience interaction. 

However, several people want to build and distribute video collages at the same time. Nonetheless, many people want to understand how to make a video loop on an Instagram story

So, let’s dive into this short guide about how to make a video loop.

What is a Video Loop on Instagram?

If you are here to learn how to make a video loop on Instagram story, you are undoubtedly already familiar with the concept of a loop video. But, just in case, let’s find out!

A video loop is a one-second clip that repeatedly repeats itself in the form of a somewhat larger video file. To publish a loop video to Instagram stories, you must use particular editing parameters in the Instagram export settings.

Moving on, you to select a part of your video to repeat repeatedly to create limitless GIFs or looping films. The repeating part can be as short or as long as you like. You can also utilize these appealing video loops to create an ad with Instagram promotion.

On the other hand, the majority of loop videos do not include any sound. Make sure the music loops if you want to incorporate music or noises in your looping movie. You may create a looping video with software such as Filmora and add music and sound effects to it.

Specification on Instagram Loop Video.

Instagram video collages, looping videos, and any other type of IG video or photo may be created and shared.

Before posting any video, double-check the picture sizes on social media. Before you learn how to loop a video on Instagram, you need to consider the size and specifications.

So, after uploading your video to a video editor, use the following requirements when creating your file:

Ratio: 9:16 Minimum height: 720px

File length: 3 – 8 seconds

Only MP4 or JPG formats are supported.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Video Loop on Instagram.

Instagram story videos may help your business grow, especially if you utilize your imagination and understand how to construct a short video loop on Instagram how to make a video loop on Instagram story. For example, if you want to share a Spotify video on Instagram, you must convert it to a loop video.

To learn how to loop a video on an Instagram story, you must first download the necessary applications. You may use a video editor like Premiere Pro or Clideo’s Online Video Looper to upload and modify your video.

In these video editors, you may adjust the number of repeats to get the required loop times.

First, download Premiere Pro to learn how to automatically loop a video on an Instagram story. Then, you must:

  • Activate the ‘Loop Playback’ button. To access this button, press the ‘+’ (Button Editor) in the bottom right corner of the Program panel.
  • Then, drag the ‘Loop Playback’ button to the group of buttons at the bottom of the Program panel.

How to make a video loop on Instagram story.

Credits: Socialpros

  • Next, click the button to activate this feature. 
  • Now when it ends while previewing a sequence, Premiere Pro will loop the video to the beginning.
  • Press ‘Reset Layout’ inside the ‘Button Editor’ to return the buttons at the base of the Program panel to their defaults.

Credits: Socialpros

That is all! You now understand how to use Premiere Pro to create an Instagram story video loop. However, if the Instagram video does not play after you have submitted it, check your connection and other possible solutions.

It may appear difficult to naive individuals. You can see the guide and learn how to make a video loop on the Instagram story here. You may now immediately loop and post Spotify tracks on Instagram stories.

How to Upload Video Loop on an Instagram Story.

If you know how to loop a video on Instagram stories, you should also know how to upload it! Posting loop videos on Instagram on mobile is a breeze. To do so, follow the instructions below.

  • Open the Instagram app on mobile.
  • Tap on the ‘+.’
  • Scroll to ‘Story’ below the page.
  • Tap on ‘Boomerang’ on the menu to the left.
  • Press the record button in the center to record new content or select to upload photos.
  • Then, you can do some editing such as drawing, writing text, and toggling the sound on or off. Also, it is possible to edit them before publishing your Boomerang story.
  • Click ‘Next’ and select where you’d like to post or send your Boomerang.
  • Now, the Boomerang will appear in your story.

how to make a video loop on Instagram story

Credits: Socialpros

That is all it takes to upload a loop video to Instagram from your phone. Indeed, many marketers create and save files and videos on PCs. However, you cannot share your Boomerangs or Loop movies on Instagram from your PC.

Henceforth, this is how to make a video loop on the Instagram story and upload it when you see it is suitable for you.

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The aim is to continuously be on the lookout for new features that you can utilize to generate more interesting content on Instagram and attract new viewers. These amazing capabilities include boomerangs and Instagram loop videos, to name a few.

So, now that you know how to make a video loop on the Instagram story, you can start making creative and amusing video loops. You have also learned how to loop a video on your Instagram story in this tutorial.

And we are glad that you chose us in order to learn and clear your query about the video loop on Instagram Story.

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