Are you curious to know who your Instagram friend is following? Would you want to learn how to see who recently followed someone on Instagram?

If yes, then there is a method to find out who that person follows on Instagram if you know how, regardless of the motivation for your curiosity.

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Keep reading this article to learn about how to see who recently followed someone on Instagram.

Here is how to do it 

There is no way to discover who someone has recently started following on Instagram.

Although you can see who that person is followed by going to the Following section on his profile, the followers are not listed in chronological order.

Moreover, there was a time when the “Following” list was organized by who a user had recently followed, Instagram once more eliminated that function and sorted the list by who a user interacts with the most.

That being said, in order to see who someone has recently started following on Instagram, we must visit third-party websites.

The only issue is how much you are prepared to spend to receive that delectable nugget of information.

Free Application: IGExport

IGExport is the application you need if you want to know who someone recently followed on Instagram (maybe your crush) but do not want to shell out a lot of money for the report.

However, installing the Chrome extension tool IGExport can provide you with information on someone’s most recent followings and you can also resolve your query of how to see who recently followed someone on Instagram.

To install and utilize IGExport, simply follow these easy steps:

Step#1: In the address box of a new tab in your Chrome browser, type “IGExport.”

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A few search results will then appear on the page.

Step#2: To access the Chrome Web Store, select the IGExport search result (this is the first result on the list).

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Step#3: The website will then reload to display IGExport on the Chrome Web store when you click that result.

Head to the page’s right side and select “Add to Chrome.”

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Step#4: A pop-out box will ask you if you want to add IGExport as a Chrome extension once you click “Add to Chrome.”

Await Google to install the IGExport browser extension after choosing “Add extension.”

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Step#5: Select the “Extensions” button from the Chrome toolbar. An icon of a jigsaw piece represents this.

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Step#6: You may find the IGExport extension by navigating down the drop-down menu. The IGExport extension will then be pinned to the taskbar when you click the pushpin icon.

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But, pinning the extension to the taskbar is only an optional step.

Step#7: Log into your Instagram account after pinning IGExport to the taskbar (this step is optional, as was explained above).

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Step#8: After signing into your Instagram account, go to the search box and type in the username of the person whose followers you are interested in knowing.

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Then, when his account name appears on the dropdown menu that appears, click on it.

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Step#9: You will then be sent to that person’s profile page after choosing the username from the list of accounts that appears.

The username may be copied by selecting it, right-clicking, and then selecting the “Copy” option.

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To copy the username, just highlight it and click Ctrl + C.

Step#10: In the box given, paste the username you wish to track after choosing the IGExport extension from the taskbar.

Choose whether you want to keep track of the person’s followers or followers after that. Select “Following.”

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Step#11: The report will then be produced by IGExport when you use the “Export Following” option.

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The following time the page loads, a list of the usernames the IG user follows will appear, organized by date. The most recent followers are the ones you’ll notice at the top.

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Select the green “Download following” button to start exporting the report to a file on your device if you wish to retain a copy of it.

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Hence, this is how you can easily find out how to see who recently followed someone on Instagram by following the step-by-step guide mentioned above. Yet, if you prefer that reports on the account become automated without repeating those steps, select the second method below.

Paid App: Snoopreport

Snoopreport is the program to use if you want to learn how to see who recently followed someone on Instagram.

For those who are unfamiliar, Snoopreport is an app that enables users to regularly view who they are following on Instagram. But in order to use their services, you must pay.

So, if you are determined to find out who someone’s followers are, stay reading to learn the measures you must do.

Step#1: Enter “” in the address bar of your browser. The next action will take you directly to the Snoopreport website.

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Step#2: When you are on the Snoopreport website, click “Log in” and then input your account information.

However, if this is your first time using Snoopreport, select “Sign up.”

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Step#3: Enter your active email address and a password for the account in the Sign Up pop-out window that opens.

Before checking the “I agree to Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy” box, confirm the password once more.

Then click the “Sign Up” button in yellow.

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Step#4: After that, you will be sent to the Dashboard page.

Go to the “Add account” button on the Dashboard page and click it. A pop-out window will then appear and prompt you to purchase a subscription.

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Choose the plan you wish to use by clicking the “Buy Subscription” button.

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Then, on the Payment page, choose the “Subscribe button and then encrypt the card information.

Once you have entered the necessary payment information, click “Subscribe” once again.

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Step#5: Select “Add account” once again after creating your account, then type the IG username you wish to track into the pop-out box.

A “Check” button should be chosen.

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The only thing left to do is to wait while Snoopreport creates the report for you. The reports are located in the dashboard section.

Step#6: To read an activity report, click on it. Then, navigate to the “New followers” area of the report by scrolling down.

The user’s most recent followers will subsequently be presented chronologically along with the date and hour.

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Additionally, since you are paying for a subscription, you will receive a weekly activity report on that user’s Instagram account, which will include any new followers they may have acquired.

Hence, now you can easily find out how to see who recently followed someone on Instagram by using this paid application we have suggested to you above.


Instagram is the trendiest app right now, and everyone is using it. Let’s talk about how to determine when someone started following someone on Instagram as followers are the major draw of the social media platform.

Though, your feed may keep you reading for hours depending on how many people you follow. Both your feed and the feeds of your followers will display the stuff you have uploaded. 

They may now share, like, and comment on your feed. Your Instagram experience is greatly influenced by who you follow and who follows you since your gorgeous photographs will receive many likes from your followers.

So for your convenience, we have assembled a healthy step-by-step guide for you all about how to see who recently followed someone on Instagram.

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