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How to Use Before and After Scanning Instagram?

The before and after scan Instagram filters have lately gained popularity. Instagram users have taken to the filter rapidly, and many were curious about how they might follow suit.

If you want to give your Instagram photos more personality, you should give the before and After Scan a try.

Moreover, the filter goes through your file and displays a picture of your alleged twin or better-looking half. You are able to choose what the filter displays as an after, so it does not do that automatically. You are free to choose whatever image you choose, even one of your preferred stars.

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Let’s discover how to use it before and after scanning Instagram.

What is Before and After Scanning Instagram?

Looking for a fun Instagram filter? Try the Before/After scan! This filter scans your face and shows a supposed twin or a better-looking version of you. But here’s the twist – you get to choose who that is! You can add a picture of your favorite celebrity or a throwback when you looked your best.

Even though the filter was meant to jazz up your posts, many people find it hilarious because of the unexpected and creative ways users are using it. So, have some fun, try different pictures, and share the laughs with your followers. It’s not just about the scan; it’s about making it uniquely yours. Give it a shot and start creating amusing content!

Step-by-Step Guide How to use before and after filter in Instagram

You must make a Reel and choose the effect that scans your face if you want to participate in the Before and After Scan trend.

Open the Instagram application.

Select “Reel” by tapping the “+” icon in the top-right corner.

How to Use Before and After Scanning Instagram

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Over the bottom Record button, tap “Effects.”

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To access the search, tap the “magnifying glass” symbol.

Find “Before and After Scan” in the search box, and then click the first filter that appears in the list of results.

How to Use Before and After Scanning Instagram

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Tap the “Add Media” icon when the effect appears to add the image you wish the filter to appear on after the scan.

How to Use Before and After Scanning Instagram

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To start recording a video, hit the “Record” button at the bottom.

Also, you can add music to your video by tapping on the ‘music’ sticker.

Hence, this is how you can learn the procedure of how to use before and after scanning Instagram by following the simple step-by-step guide above.

What to do If Before and After Scans Not Working

Users who encountered the problem noted that after uploading the celebrity photo, the before and after Scan frequently does not load. On a blank screen, only a black-and-white box is visible.

Additionally, Instagram will start playing the video when you tap on the effect. The image does not load while the screen continues to scroll down.

Although there are various things you may attempt to solve the Before and After Scan filter if you are trying to utilize it and it is not working.

Add a photo Before Recording the Video

Tap the “Add Media” option to add a picture of you or a famous person from your camera roll before you begin filming the video. You will see the “Change Media” option after the photo has been uploaded. The before and after scan should function properly as soon as you begin recording the Reel.

Log Out and Log In Back to Instagram

Another factor that might be to blame for the before and after Scan’s malfunction is an app bug. Log out of Instagram, remove the app, and then reinstall it from the App Store or Play Store and log back into the app to resolve the problem. The Before and After Scan filters ought to function flawlessly. 

Wait a Little Bit

Because of a server fault, effects and filters on Instagram occasionally fail to function. If this is the case, it should take a few hours to fix the server outage. The only fix is to give it some time, then return to Instagram to see whether the before and after Scan is working properly.

Instagram Filters are Similar to Before and After Scan Filter

If you are looking for more effects to improve and modify your photos, try the beauty filter, which was a component of TikTok’s well-known countdown challenge in 2021. The goddess filter, which debuted on TikTok and Instagram in early 2018, is another option.

Or do you want a tool that will tell you how old you are on Instagram? Use the “How old am I?” filter here. The filters are related to queries like “What Pokémon are you?” and “Which Disney character are you?” You might also try shooting them. 


How Does the Before/After Scanning Filter Work?

The filter scans your facial features and generates two images side by side – a “before” and an “after.” Users have the freedom to customize the images, adding pictures of their favorite celebrities or choosing a nostalgic snapshot for a humorous touch.

Can I Make the Before/After Scanning Filter More Personalized?

Absolutely! The uniqueness of this filter lies in personalization. Users can make it more personalized by selecting images that resonate with them, such as adding a celebrity crush or a memorable moment to create a one-of-a-kind before-and-after experience.

Why is the Before/After Scanning Filter Popular?

The popularity of the Before/After Scanning filter stems from its playful nature and the creative possibilities it offers. Users find it amusing to see the contrast between their chosen “before” and “after” images, resulting in a trend of entertaining and shareable content.


Instagram keeps updating its filters, and lately, everyone’s buzzing about the before-and-after scan filters. People are curious about how to use them for creating cool stories or reels. Figuring out the steps to use the before-and-after scan on Instagram can be a bit tricky, but we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to help you learn the process, so you can keep up with the latest trends on social media.

Speaking of trends, social media influencers are like the experts in this game. They know how to use all the cool features and make their content stand out. They’re the ones who make these filters look super fun and inspire others to try them too. So, whether you’re a pro at this or just getting started, mastering the before-and-after scan can make your Instagram game even more exciting. Let’s dive in and stay updated with what’s hot on social media.