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Why is My Instagram Story Not Uploading?

Instagram Stories have been available since 2016, allowing you to publish videos and photos without interfering with the beauty of your Instagram feed.

Unlike a regular standard post, Stories vanish after 24 hours unless they are kept in your profile’s Highlights.

In addition to this, the multi-billion-dollar app’s Stories feature has been updated and improved on a regular basis. You name it: stickers, music sharing, and GIFs.

Recently, many users have complained that their stories are really not downloading properly, and when this happens, an error message appears that says “Upload failed, retry.”

And if you are one of them and questioning yourself why is my Instagram story not uploading, then you are at the perfect place. In this article, we will explain the major reasons why Instagram stories fail to upload and will also assist you on how to efficiently increase your followers base by buying 200 Instagram followers. Keep following till the very end!

Why is my Instagram story not loading?

If you are still wondering why do Instagram stories fail to upload? The answer to your query is that it is because of your internet connection.

In order to be uploaded, Instagram stories require a robust internet connection. Even if you have access to the internet, it may not be powerful enough to post the article.

The second explanation is that your stories are not really uploading owing to a glitch that prevents them from doing so regardless of whether you have a decent internet connection or not. A bug is produced by a system failure that leads in unanticipated outcomes.

And apart from this when you are posting a story, there is a little white circle that has to be filled in, and it represents how far along your story is in the upload process.

Hence, when an upload fails, the white progress indicator will either stop filling up or will not fill up at all. This indicates that either your internet connection is inadequate or that Instagram is experiencing a malfunction or issue.

Instagram is down

You may not be able to publish your Instagram story if the Instagram servers are down. When Instagram’s servers go down, the servers it utilized to host the app go down as well.

You have to keep in mind that when Instagram is unavailable, it implies that the app is unavailable to users all over the world. When the servers in your precise location are down, it implies that individuals in your immediate vicinity are unable to upload stories.

Though you will have to wait for the servers to come back up in this case, which might take many hours. If you have friends who are having problems with Instagram at the same time as you, you’ll know there’s a problem with the Instagram server.

Downdetector is a service that allows you to know whether Instagram’s server is down. All you have to do is Google “Is Instagram down?” and see what comes up. It notifies you when there is a spike in the number of individuals complaining about Instagram not operating correctly.

Lastly, if you see that the live anger is centered on your location, it appears that you will have to wait for the server to restart.

There Is A Bug On Instagram

Another reason you cannot publish your Instagram is that the Instagram app has a bug that prohibits you from uploading stories. When there is a bug on Instagram, it might result in unanticipated failures, such as stories not publishing.

A glitch occurs when the program fails, and you may be unable to post your story as a result.

To overcome your query about why Instagram stories fail to upload, you must first resolve the problem within the app, which you may do in your settings.


Open the Settings app on your phone. The app icon is shaped like a gear and is set against a dark grey background. 

Open the Settings app on your phone


Scroll down to “Apps” in the Settings menu and hit that option.

Scroll down


Select the “Instagram” app from the list of applications on your smartphone while you are on the Apps menu.


After you have clicked on the app, you will need to pick the “Storage” option on the screen.


The Clear Data and Clear Cache options are located at the top of the storage screen.


One by one, select each of the options.

We can assure you that by following these steps you will most probably be able to post your story. And your question why is my Instagram story not uploading be resolved?


If you cannot post a story on Instagram and other users on the app cannot share theirs, stopping you from viewing it, you know it is an app-wide issue that affects everyone.

And most probably the reasons behind Why do Instagram stories fail to upload are mentioned above for you kind information.

Although we also consider the fact that questions like Why is my Instagram story not uploading arise is the minds of newbies. Do not worry we are here to help you out with such queries.

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Do not forget to share your valuable experience with us.

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