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TikTok Trends Right Now – What’s Trending

TikTok is a fun app for connecting with others, sharing videos, and having a great time. However, TikTok changes fast, so it might take a while for people to notice your videos.

Most of us are too busy to check TikTok all the time. That’s where we can help! We’ll update you on the latest trends, like new video ideas, cool styles, and popular songs. We’ll give you examples and tips to make your videos fun.

Do you want to know the TikTok trends right now in 2024? Let’s find out together and see what everyone’s talking about!

How to Find TikTok Trends?

How to Find TikTok Trends

If you want to know what’s trending on TikTok, here are some easy ways:

a. Look At The “For You” Page

When you look at TikTok, you’ll find videos the app thinks you’ll enjoy. You can make a new account to see what’s famous worldwide. If you see something new that everyone’s doing, you should make a video about it fast. Trends on TikTok usually only stay excellent for a few days, so it’s good to be quick!

b. Check The Discover Page

The Discover page has cool stuff like popular trends, hashtags, and sounds. It also tells you how many videos are made for each trend. Finding what’s already popular is fantastic, so you can join in when it’s hot.

c. Search For Trends In Hot Topics

Sometimes, on TikTok, many people do similar things when there’s a big event, like the Super Bowl or holidays. You can watch these events and make videos about them. When many people talk about the same thing, it’s a good chance for your videos to get noticed.

d. Find Popular Songs And Sounds

Lots of TikTok trends use songs that lots of people like. You can find these songs by searching for “popular sound” or “viral sound” in TikTok. When you find these songs, you can put them in your videos to get more people to watch them.

e. Follow Popular Creators

It’s essential to pay attention to what other people are doing. Watching videos from famous creators can give you fantastic ideas for your work. This helps you see what’s popular and how you can be part of it, too!

TikTok Latest Trends Floating These Days

TikTok Trends Right Now April 2024

Are you looking to up your TikTok game? Here’s a quick guide to the TikTok trends right now for April.

1. The “I Cry A Lot, But I Am So Productive” Trend

Taylor Swift released a new album called ‘The Tortured Poets Department.’ It came out on April 19th, and then she surprised everyone by dropping another album that night! Lots of people on TikTok are super pumped about the new songs.

They’re loving ‘I Can Do It With A Broken Heart.’ The song is about Taylor getting over a breakup. It’s getting much attention and might even start a big online trend!

@briellecherie This sound was MADE for moms. 😅 especially working stay at home mome 🙃 #momoftwo #youngmom #viral #toddlermom #comedy #momsoftiktok #trending #toddlersoftiktok #ttpd #boymom #dayinmylife #taylorswift ♬ I Can Do It With a Broken Heart – Taylor Swift

2. The “Dramatic Of A Change” Trend

If you like checking out stuff on social media like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, or Reddit, you might have noticed a lot of talk about ‘JoJo Siwa’ lately. She’s been popping up everywhere online for the past few weeks.

In case you don’t know, JoJo Siwa is famous for her happy music and flashy style. She became well-known on a TV show called Dance Moms, and now many younger people like her. Recently, people have been talking about her new song, “Karma,” which has caused some talk.

People are talking about JoJo so much because she’s trying out a new look. She’s moving away from her usual colorful and sparkly style to something different but still the same. Some people like it, but others need to be sure since many other famous people her age have changed their style a lot more.

Nowadays, there’s a new trend on TikTok where people share a part of an interview JoJo did with Billboard magazine. She talks about growing up and changing from a kid star to an adult singer. Some people use this clip to joke about the little changes they’ve made in their lives, making fun of themselves for being a bit dramatic.

@igreenscreenthings “Dramatic of a Change” JoJo Siwa | Green Screen #jojosiwa #jojo #karma #change #meme #memes #cringe #fyp ♬ Dramatic of a Change – I Green Screen Things

3. The “Swan Lake Rage” Trend

If you’ve ever heard Tchaikovsky’s music, you’ll know he was a master of dramatic composition. Swan Lake, a ballet he created in 1875, is one of his best-known works. This timeless classic became even more popular after appearing in the 2010 film Black Swan.

The title tune from Swan Lake has been a popular option among TikTok makers looking to add drama to their videos. This trend began in 2021 and has remained popular. Recently, the song has been used in videos where people express strong emotions, like anger or passion, often mixed with sounds of screaming.

The creative community has also embraced this trend, as it captures the intense process of creating something new and the satisfaction of completing a project. It’s a perfect trend for anyone who loves to express themselves creatively!

@sarsa_art In love with this music #swanlake#tchaikovsky#violin#onceupenatime#classicalmusic#story ♬ Originalton – sarsa_art

4. The “My Idea Of A Very Nice Day Out” Template

Gary Barlow, a member of British boyband Take That, has launched his wine label, Gary Barlow Wines.

Gary used TikTok to promote his wine and posted a video of himself wandering amid the grapevines, captioned, “This is my idea of a very nice day out.” The video has become popular, getting over 2 million views, mainly because of the long pause at the beginning of his statement that caught everyone’s attention.

Many TikTok users have been using the audio from Gary’s video to share their versions of a “very nice” day out. Some have even used a special effect called CapCut to put Gary’s face on a green screen and share their feelings, and this has been used over 29.5k times already!

@ikeauk This is my idea of a very nice day out. #ikeauk #ikea #garybarlow #viral #fyp #verynicedayout ♬ original sound – IKEAUK

5. The “Parasites In Me” Trend

Tiffany Haddish plays a New Orleans spiritual medium in the Disney film Haunted Mansion, set to be released in 2023. During the movie’s press junket, Tiffany gave candid answers about her life and role. One exciting aspect she discussed was her inner “parasite,” a metaphor for her deepest desires.

This concept became a TikTok trend, with creators sharing their temptations. This strategy can be applied to your business by identifying unique aspects or stories that resonate with your audience, sparking engagement and potential growth.

@infamous_mitch the parasites in me want the candy #trend #viralvideo ♬ original sound – moe.donut

6. The “Send It To Me Rachel” Trend

In 2022, a TikTok creator named Rachel, known as @cryinglawyer, played a prank on her mother. She pretended to have seen a news article stating that Jesus had been spotted walking around in Ohio. In the video, Rachel’s mother instantly believed the news and requested Rachel to email her the URL so she could see it for herself.

This video has since been uploaded on social media multiple times, but it recently became famous on TikTok. Other producers have repurposed this footage, replicating the sounds and enthusiastically requesting something they want to see, such as images of a new celebrity pair or screenshots of breaking news.

@karissamariie ☠️🤣🙌🏻 #sendittomerachel #funny #fyp #forthegirls #trending #sahm ♬ original sound – Rhoyell • flopping🇵🇭

7. The “Let’s Fight” Trend

The “Let’s Fight” trend might sound familiar because it features a catchy electronic music riff from New Order’s famous 1983 single, ‘Blue Monday,’ remixed by Above & Beyond in 2020. This upbeat song has inspired people to create videos where they pretend to fight over a minor disagreement.

The critical elements of this trend are the choreography and the text that appears on the screen, perfectly synced with the music. TikTok creators have been grabbing their friends, coworkers, and partners to film this trend, pretending to fight over lighthearted topics like holding a sweet treat or checking their TikTok messages.

@life.of.juanita Choose your fighter 🥊 #fyp #neworderbluemonday #chismosas @Alejandra ♬ Blue Monday – Extended Mix – Above & Beyond

8. The “Going Insane” Trend

The ‘Going Insane’ trend comes from a Spongebob Squarepants episode called “Earworm” (Season 7, Episode 20). In the episode, Spongebob can’t stop singing a song, making him go crazy.

This episode on TikTok has inspired people. They use the song from the episode in their videos to show something that made them feel dizzy or overwhelmed. So, if you’ve seen someone acting silly on the floor in a video this week, it’s just part of a fun trend!

@ryderlepoopooface spongebob goes insane #spongebob #meme #crazy #idontlikeshowingmyface ♬ original sound – ryderlepoopooface

TiKTok Trends: March 2024

9. Sad Hamster Trend

If you haven’t seen that adorable hamster with big, sad eyes on your TikTok “For You” page, it’s time to check your algorithm! Lately, videos of this tragic little hamster and sad violin music have spread like wildfire. TikTok users can’t resist this trend.

It’s a clever way to show that, deep down, we’re all fragile when faced with challenging situations. Like the hamster, we might feel overwhelmed or down when life throws challenges.

Let’s face it—who understands life’s ups and downs better than TikTok enthusiasts? So, if you’re thinking about growing your business, maybe there’s a lesson to be learned from the sad hamster trend after all.

@3hsticky I’m gonna cry 🥹🎀 #sadhamster #meme #bigeyes #hamstermeme #tiktok #fyp #trending #memesticker #viral #hamster #pinkbowhamster #3hsticky ♬ sad hamster meme sound – CrazyToastCat

TikTok Trends: February 2024

10. UMG Music Trend

Have you noticed TikTok being quieter lately? That’s because Universal Music Group (UMG) decided to stop working with TikTok. They didn’t renew their agreement to share music.

We won’t go into what happened between TikTok and UMG. Because of this, some music on TikTok, like Taylor Swift’s songs, was removed. This made TikTok users use other music instead. Some even made funny videos about UMG leaving TikTok.

@heqiatevtiknikner #😭 #umg #fyp #universalmusic #newtrend ♬ original sound – Some Guy Avery

TikTok Trends: January 2024

11. Saltburn Dance Trend

Saltburn was released in November 2023 but became available on streaming services in late December, just before the holiday break. Because of its controversial theme, this film has sparked much discussion.

The movie is famous for its story about “Eat the Rich,” its well-known actors, and some scenes suitable for children, like the ending dance scene where the actor Barry Keoghan is naked.

Many TikTok users were excited about this scene, leading to the Saltburn dance trend on the platform. In this trend, people perform their dances (fully clothed, unlike Keoghan) to the song “Murder on the Dance Floor” by Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

@itsmattiapersico Welcome to Saltburn! #saltburn #saltburnmovie #saltburnedit #saltburndance #saltburnedit #dance #dancing #oldmoney #jacobelordi #barrykeoghan #murderonthedancefoor #dancefloor #fyp #foryou #house #party #champagne ♬ Murder On The Dancefloor – Sophie Ellis-Bextor

TikTok Trends to Fuel Your Video Content

TikTok Trends to Fuel Your Video Content

To attract more viewers on TikTok, you can join in on the latest trends. TikTok features many entertaining and engaging video styles that people love to watch. Here are some popular TikTok trends you can try:

1. Dance Challenges

TikTok has become incredibly popular because of dance challenges. People create dances to songs and invite others to join in. This trend helps people connect and feel like they’re part of a community. Dance challenges are still prevalent in TikTok trends, with the only changes being the song and the dance moves. Many famous TikTokers became popular through these challenges.

Brands with mascots have an advantage in this trend. Having mascots dance alongside company members draws more attention. Mascots can join existing dance challenges or create their own like Charmin did with their “Charmin Slide” remix.

@charmingbears Wow, this one was a dance challenge for sure🤩🙌🏽 Shoutout to @nickyandersen & @jamalsims5 #beardance #charmin #fyp #foryoupage #aladdin #bestfandom ♬ Original Aladdin Dance – Nicky Andersen

2. ASMR/Satisfying Videos

ASMR, which stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, refers to a tingling feeling that some people experience, particularly in response to specific stimuli. ASMR videos focus on creating these soothing sounds, like handling items for orders, restocking supplies (a popular TikTok trend), or filling containers with your product, similar to what DTE Beauty does.

While ASMR videos are known for their auditory satisfaction, there are also “oddly satisfying” videos focusing on visual satisfaction. Ideas should be generated creatively before recording your material to ensure that your product or service is visually or aurally pleasing. This allows you to capitalize on the TikTok boom while creating compelling content for your audience.

@mariawaybox ASMR makeup 2024 #FlowerKnows #asmr ♬ оригинальный звук – Maria Way

3. Subculture Content

Communities on TikTok are people who share interests, styles, and beliefs, going beyond usual categories. These groups can significantly impact which brands people like. TikTok encourages creativity and discovering new interests through pictures and videos on the For You page.

Connecting with a community requires creating content that reflects your company’s personality and earns people’s trust. To leverage it for business, you must also participate in the community and keep up with TikTok’s newest memes, jokes, music, and trends.

@davereyezs Subculture in less than two months and i coildnt be more excited!! • • @Evolution Events Australia #fyp #rave #ravedave #ravecommunity #trance #subculture ♬ original sound – Rave Dave 🫶🏾

4. Green Screen

Have you ever seen a movie or TV show where actors seem to be in a different place, like space or a jungle? They stand before a green screen, which helps add cool backgrounds later!

TikTok has a similar feature called a green screen. It lets creators put themselves in different scenes or add fun backgrounds. You can find it in the “Effects” tab when you make a video.

One fun way to use the green screen is like Chipotle did. They used it to show their menu and talk about new food items. If you want to make cool videos on TikTok, use the green screen feature!

@green_screen333 Green Screen Man #fyp #pfy #foryou #tiktok #greenscreen #greenscreeneffect #greenscreenvideos #greenscreenvideo #greenscreenchallenge ♬ original sound – Green_Screen3

5. How-To Videos/Tutorials

Creating educational videos, like how-to guides or tutorials on TikTok, has become very popular this year. Businesses should take advantage of this trend. Sharing helpful tips helps your audience and makes them more interested in your brand.

For example, a nail artist could make videos showing fantastic nail designs. Educational content like this teaches people something new and drives more visitors to your other social media profiles and websites.

@itsmakeuptips Makeup Tutorial, Beauty tips #makeup #shorts #viralvideo #makeuptutorial #beauty #unfreezemyaccount #usa_tiktok #foryoupageofficiall #viralvideo ♬ nhạc nền – NT01 [WS] – NT01 [NT]

6. Funny Content

TikTok is a fun place where people share all kinds of funny stuff. You can use lots of jokes, music, and cool effects to make your videos awesome. Like how funny pictures and jokes online have become popular, TikTok has funny sounds and challenges everyone loves watching.

People who make TikTok videos always come up with new ideas, so there’s always something fresh to see. If a business uses these funny trends in its videos, it can get many people to watch and like them, too!

@angelababies1017 😂😂#funnybaby #foryou #baby #funnyvideo #2024 #funny #cute #funnybaby #fyp #mom ♬ Cute – Aurel Surya Lie


What is TikTok best for?

TikTok is an app that allows people to make and watch short videos. Most videos are funny or exciting, but many people now share helpful tips. People who have many followers on TikTok often give advice and promote themselves.

How much does TikTok pay?

TikTok rewards producers for their films through the TikTok Creator Fund. They usually pay between 2 and 4 cents for every 1,000 views a video gets.

Who is the king of TikTok?

Khaby Lame has emerged as TikTok’s new monarch! Currently holding 142.8 million followers, this maestro of short comedic videos has surpassed former top creator Charli D’Amelio, who had 142.3 million. Born in Senegal, Lame’s family moved to Chivasso, Italy, when he was just a year old.


Staying up-to-date with TikTok trends can help your business reach more people and seem more relatable. However, following trends isn’t enough if you can’t manage your TikTok content effectively. TikTok is becoming increasingly important in the creator’s world, and your brand should try to keep up. TikTok offers excellent opportunities, so it’s essential not to waste time. Let’s explore some recommended TikTok trends to help you or your business connect with new audiences.

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