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Why Piggybacking on your Brand’s Posts is Great for your Career?

Everyone is acquainted with the power of social media sites and social networking, but using it for marketing purposes is very difficult. It’s because of the high competition that lags you behind if you don’t have any pre-planned effective strategy to win. Most importantly, if you have figured it out but don’t optimize it regularly, you’re still out of the race. 

Mostly, for the growth of new enterprises online, people prefer to use a strategy of increasing their views. But, it’s not as simple as that. Spreading your network in an online market as a newbie is a bottleneck, quite critical, and time-consuming. However, it is possible, through piggybacking! 

If you’re hearing this term for the first time, then let’s get a quick knowledge about it. Piggybacking is a resourceful way of marketing content through the second person, another organization, or a company that’s not on the list of your competitors. Or you can say it’s the job of an advocate. It’s also called employee advocacy. 

Now the question worth asking is, why Piggybacking on your brand’s social posts is great for your career?

Here is an answer to this question. Piggybacking helps grow your online network, build social confidence in you, develop skills, and make you a leader. In this way, you will gain more popularity, and achieve high targets that help you contribute to the success of a company, and in the end, the success of a company is your success. 

Thus, to know it better, let’s move further to understand its tactics and play better in this field! 

Perks of Piggybacking for Your Social Career 

Piggybacking is great for a career because of the advantages marketers get by following this strategy. To know those benefits or know the answer to WHY in detail, keep on reading… 

Helps Grow the Network

Piggybacking is a strategy that has the demand of increasing the network or advertising the business through a workforce of a company, it can be yours or another. So, when an employee or an organization takes part in social campaigns, advertises the content, and focuses on highlighting the perks, in the end, it helps attract people. 

To clarify, have a look at statistics that show that employee advocacy has an 87% impact on increasing professional acquaintance. 

Build Social Confidence

When your social networking as an employee advocate starts increasing, this is the time when you build confidence in yourself. In other words, being a part of this program builds your strong foundation. Thus, whatever you post about the company, people find it credible most often. In this way, you start believing in yourself more. 

Develops skills and qualities

According to research by Hinge Research Institute, almost 23.5% of advocaters if they work dedicatedly, develop skills in high demand. Other than that, they can: 

  • Get referral opportunities up to 45.7% 
  • Job opportunities up to 37.8% 
  • Attract and develop new businesses up to 50.4% 
  • Generate new revenue streams up to 26.4% 
  • Discover new careers up to 25.7%. 

Help succeed as a leader

When you approach others professionally and land on the market confidently, not only you but also your product is highly valued. This develops in your leadership qualities. As a result, being a worker in an employee advocacy program, you become a leader as well who publishes the leading content. 

For example, look at the stat, it is estimated by Hinge Research Institute, that the percentage of an employee being recognized as a leader is 44%. 

Assists to upgrade your position

A leading role always opens new paths and careers. Thus, through piggybacking, you can upgrade your post in your firm. Also, you can get a bonus that you can level up yourself in the open market as well. This is due to the vast network, connections, and recognition. 

Help gain strong leads through connections

When meeting with professionals like the board of directors, technical experts, representatives, journalists, or entrepreneurs, you can get a strong lead at your firm through them. But make sure to post powerful tactics, tips, or content on social media that will make a direct line between you and them. 

Help the company reach close to targets

Once you achieve the target of getting strong leads and making connections, you are on the way to taking the company to the next level. In this way, it becomes easy to reach your targets. Even then you don’t have to make more effort, just stay consistent and be true to your strategy. In short, it depends upon the employee’s advocate. 

Contribute to the company’s success

A single post can do a lot! If you have gained popularity, and people recognize you as a leader or ambassador of a firm, then it’s the best way, you can post and can get high leads. People will trust your points. In this way, it would be beneficial for a firm to be more visible in the market, get more recognition, and receive more traffic. Ultimately, success through high conversion rates! 

Here is a table of contents showing the percentage of benefits a company can get from piggybacking. 

Increased visibility 79.1% 
Increased brand recognition 65%
Increased inbound traffic  44.9%
Improved brand loyalty 33.7%
Better search engine rankings 32.4%
Customers become advocates 29.7%
Increased content downloads 24.6%
Improved customer service 20%
Higher conversion rates 12.6%


How can piggybacking on my brand’s social posts benefit my career?

Piggybacking on your brand’s social posts allows you to showcase your involvement and expertise, increasing your visibility within the company. It can lead to recognition, opportunities, and the potential for career growth.

What strategies can I use to effectively piggyback on my brand’s social posts?

Engage with your brand’s content by commenting thoughtfully, sharing insights, and participating in discussions. Consistent and positive contributions can enhance your professional image and foster connections within your industry.

Is it essential to piggyback on my brand’s social posts for career advancement?

While not mandatory, actively participating in your brand’s social media activities can significantly boost your career. It demonstrates dedication, teamwork, and a commitment to the company’s success, making you more visible and valuable within the organization.


Piggybacking in marketing is a strategy where you connect your brand with something already popular or trending, such as another brand, trend, or event. This method is especially useful in competitive markets, helping to grow your followers, increase comments, and boost likes on social media platforms. It’s a tactic that can benefit both the company and the individual employee’s career, showcasing a keen understanding of market dynamics and innovative marketing strategies.

Key advantages of piggybacking include increased visibility, as aligning with well-known trends or brands exposes your content to a broader audience. It also boosts credibility, as association with respected entities can enhance your brand’s image. This approach is cost-effective, making it ideal for businesses with limited marketing budgets. Additionally, it can lead to potential collaborations and offers flexibility in messaging and creativity. However, it’s crucial to ensure that piggybacking aligns with your brand values and is executed respectfully and legally.