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Why You Should Go Instagram Live?

Have you already lived on Instagram? If so, applaud you! If not, we understand it! It may seem like a daunting task to plan a live video and act under the pressure of real-time. But for brands, it is so beneficial that it is time to start thinking about it.

Here We Explain Why You Should Use Live, Tips, and Ideas to Achieve It!

Why should you go live?

There are a lot of benefits to starting your business. Here are some reasons why you should start planning your first live video.

Greater commitment

Going Live is a great way to show the algorithm that you are here and that you are working on it. When people join, comment on the live video, and like the live video, it shows that people care about their brand and want to see more.

This makes it more likely that your content appears at the top of your news feed and that your Stories are not lost. Let’s be honest, we can only click Stories and scroll for so long.

And with the huge amount of content that is published every day, it is likely that, unless someone gets very involved with you, you will not see it. Therefore, being close to the top of the news supply and the front of all Stories is important to your business.

Anything that gives some love to the algorithm is something that should be exploited.

History Priority

Have you noticed when you open Instagram, the first Stories you see at the top say Live in the thumbnail? AND ALWAYS are at the forefront of Stories? That’s what happens when you go to Live!

When you go to Live, you have the option to publish it in your story after finishing your video. Doing this will place your live video right in front of the Story feed.

Many people simply open Instagram and start clicking Stories. Since you go live, your story will be the first thing they click on!

If it’s something that interests them, they may click on your profile or keep looking! If not, then they will continue to slide. But at least you gave them the chance to look!

Instagram stories are organized similarly to the source. The people who appear in the front are people with whom you are most committed. That means your story could be lost at the end of all the other stories of friends and family that will never be seen.

Going live will help prevent your story from getting lost because it will be there when your followers open the app!

Answer questions in real-time

Going Live is also a great opportunity to answer questions in real-time. People who are watching can write questions and you can react immediately.

This eliminates the additional steps of having to send a DM or an email to get an answer to the question. It also helps you look more accessible and shows that you really care about your audience.

Having an open dialogue with your current and potential customers will improve the overall experience they have with your brand. In turn, they are more likely to be regular customers and suggest you to a friend!

Show your brand personality

Instagram is about building relationships! Nobody wants to commit to a brand that never responds to comments, does not have a face to the name, and only tries to sell, sell, sell.

Going Live helps build that relationship because 1. your face, voice, and personality may appear and 2. it is an open conversation with your followers.

As we said before, it’s about showing people who you are, what it’s all about, and why you’re amazing!

Build Existing Relationships and Build New Ones

In that line of showing the personality of the brand, going Live helps foster existing relationships and forge new ones. When you go to Live, Instagram will notify users who try to encourage them to join.

Sometimes I even received notifications from people I didn’t follow. Then, maybe someone bumps into your Live and tunes in just to see what happens. You can immediately see them join, welcome them to the party and start a conversation.

People are more inclined to commit (and buy) with brands they trust. Congratulations on having made a new friend by welcoming you to your live video! And now he has a potential and potential client.

Many people do not broadcast live because yes, it requires planning and yes, it is in real time. What may seem scary (especially if you’re not doing well in front of the public). Some people are natural in these situations, but some of us were not so lucky.