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How To Get More Views On YouTube In 2024?

Everyone who uploads videos desires to enhance their YouTube views. More views equate to a larger audience, greater visibility, and increased opportunities for monetization. While views remain significant, YouTube is placing increasing emphasis on audience retention. Consequently, the minutes viewed are now equally, if not more, important than the number of views. Regardless of whether views or retention take precedence, the ultimate goal is to captivate viewers for as long as possible.

Achieving more YouTube visits entails creating exceptional video content, employing link-building strategies, and optimizing videos. Each of these aspects necessitates strategic planning and goal setting. In the following sections, we will explore eight recommended methods to boost 1 million views on YouTube.

How to increase YouTube views

  • Participate in the bat
  • YouTube Analytics Participation Reports
  • AdWords keyword tool
  • Twitter Stalking Influencers
  • Bottom-up link
  • Produce videos of your amazing posts
  • On the SEO video page
  • Content Circles
  • Participate in the bat

The first 15 seconds of a video is crucial. This period of time is when the majority of the audience leaves watching a video. Therefore, we must pay special attention to those first seconds in our pre-production planning to increase views on YouTube and decrease abandonment.

Whether you produce video blogs, sketches, tutorials, or whatever, make the first few seconds “explode.” How to take part? That is a complete blog post in itself, but here are a couple of ideas. Catchy music that is energetic and vibrant, just like television news. At the end of the video, indicating what the viewer will learn, experience, feel, etc., is very similar to the headline of a blog post; If you don’t describe a benefit, you probably won’t keep it.

YouTube Analytics Participation Reports

YouTube Analytics is packed with great information about your channel. The problem is that if you don’t have experience with YouTube, there won’t be much data to interpret. For now, suppose you have some data. The YouTube Analytics Participation Reports section gives you a glimpse of your audience’s psyche.

Each section: subscribers, likes and dislikes, favorites, comments, and sharing gives you a list of the top 10. To increase YouTube views with participation reports, all you have to do is produce more than what appears in your top 10 lists. These top 10 tell you what your audience likes.

For example, favoring and sharing a video requires much more effort on behalf of the user, it implies a couple of clicks more than one I like and, in my opinion, it is a much more valuable indicator of the tastes and preferences of your audience. To produce more of those top 10, give more than you like and increase YouTube views.

AdWords keyword tool

Another crucial factor in increasing YouTube views is that content must be valuable to the audience. The value of a video can be determined by seeing if it answers questions, solves problems, and/or satisfies a need of the viewer, NOT the producer.

To help us produce more relevant and valuable content for our audience, we can use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to investigate a bit about what our audience is looking for and with that information produce videos that answer questions, solve problems, and/or satisfy needs of the viewer

Twitter Stalking Influencers

Be careful, this does not mean Twitter Spam, it literally means stalking (being present while staying out of sight). So what is an influencer, simply, someone who can easily influence a group of people, usually to take some kind of an action because of the credibility this person has gained?

Twitter Stalking Influencers

By stalking these people’s deadlines on Twitter, you can get an idea of ​​what they like, and what they don’t like, and, most importantly, you can develop an idea of ​​what questions, problems, and needs you can answer, solve or satisfy. What you want is to discover what they need and have not found an answer.

It rushes, produces a relevant video (obviously consistent with your brand /company/mission), and sends it on Twitter with the hope that it tears your itch, retweets it to your audience and, in turn, helps you increase YouTube views.

Bottom-up link

I have seen great success in my work to increase YouTube views by requesting collaborations with other YouTubers and links from relevant sites. I don’t know about space science, but normally we go after people and channels with the most massive audience, it’s not a good idea.

Reaching these individuals is akin to locating a needle in a haystack silo. Their inboxes are consistently inundated, time is a precious commodity, and your requests often go unnoticed. It is advisable to connect with individuals who wield a slightly higher level of influence, if not on par, with your intended targets. By engaging with individuals who have a comparable or greater impact, you increase the likelihood of your messages resonating and making a meaningful impact.

These people and channels are much more accessible because they have a mission similar to yours: increase views on YouTube. Therefore, they tend to answer emails, messages, youtube comments, Tweets, fan emails, and even their cell phones. It is an incremental growth from the bottom up through accessible channels.

Produce Videos from Your Posts

Another way to increase YouTube views is to produce videos that are complementary to your own blog posts. This diverts traffic from your blog to your YouTube channel. The video as a complement to your publications can add a dynamic and audiovisual component that can attract those who are not great readers. Maybe you could make quick 2-minute video summaries for those who are on the move, or you can do your best and describe through complex video ideas that are not easily understood in the text.

On the SEO Video Page

The titles, descriptions, and tags that you enter when uploading your video should be treated in exactly the same way as you would on your website. To get views on YouTube, people should be able to find their content, and titles that say or Video Blog will never take it anywhere.

Image result for onpage seo

Do keyword research for the subject of each video. Once you decide on a phrase, make it to us at the beginning of your title. This is no different than the title tags on your site. The description could be seen as the meta description, a great place to add some longer phrases and keywords.

If you have the ability to transcribe your videos, the description is an excellent place to put that text. Tags are another area where you can place more researched keywords and phrases.

Content Circles

One of the simplest and least used ways to gain YouTube stream views is never to let your audience leave your channel. This is achieved through the production of planned content and an annotation strategy. The idea is to place annotations within a video that, at some point, offer you the ease and the visual signal of “click here to see the above”, “click here to see the next”, “click here to see how it is done “,” click here to see the … “, you understand the point.


How Can I Boost YouTube Views Organically?

This FAQ should focus on providing legitimate strategies for increasing YouTube views without resorting to artificial means. Address topics such as optimizing video titles, descriptions, and thumbnails, as well as promoting content through social media and collaborations.

Are Paid Promotions Effective for Increasing YouTube Views?

Answering this question involves discussing the effectiveness of paid promotions on platforms like Google Ads. Provide insights into best practices, potential benefits, and any limitations associated with paid advertising while maintaining transparency in accordance with Google’s EAT principles.

What Role Does Audience Engagement Play in Increasing YouTube Views?

Discuss the importance of audience engagement, including likes, comments, and shares, in boosting YouTube views. Highlight strategies for fostering a community around your content, as this aligns with Google’s emphasis on quality content and user interaction.

How Does YouTube’s Algorithm Impact Video Views?

Explore how YouTube’s algorithm works and its influence on video visibility. Cover aspects such as watch time, click-through rate, and user behavior, emphasizing the need to create content that aligns with YouTube’s guidelines for improved algorithmic performance.


Increasing YouTube views requires a comprehensive approach that focuses on captivating the audience and optimizing video content. While the number of views remains important, YouTube now emphasizes audience retention and minutes viewed. To achieve 1 million views on YouTube, several recommended strategies can be implemented.

Firstly, it is crucial to make the first 15 seconds of a video captivating and attention-grabbing to reduce audience abandonment. Techniques such as using energetic music and indicating the benefits or value of the video can help retain viewers.

Secondly, utilizing YouTube Analytics Participation Reports provides valuable insights into the audience’s preferences and interests. By producing content that aligns with the top 10 liked, shared, or favorited videos, creators can increase engagement and views.

Thirdly, leveraging the Google AdWords keyword tool allows for the creation of relevant and valuable content that addresses the questions, problems, and needs of the viewers. Understanding what the audience is searching for helps in producing videos that cater to their interests.

Furthermore, by observing and understanding influencers through platforms like Twitter, creators can identify the unanswered questions or needs of the influencer’s audience. Producing relevant videos and sharing them on Twitter can potentially lead to increased views when the influencer shares the content with their followers.

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