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How to See Who Liked Your Playlist on Spotify? (Is This Possible)

How to See Who Liked Your Playlist on Spotify? (Is This Possible)

Want to know who’s loving the tunes on your Spotify playlist? You definitely deserve to know it.

If you’re a music fan or a creator, seeing who’s into your music mix is exciting and can teach you a lot. In the streaming universe, every listener matters. That’s where Boost Social Media comes in—we’re here to amp up your Spotify know-how.

We’ll show you how to find out who’s giving your playlist those thumbs-up. Stick with us, and you might just spot someone who digs the same beats as you or even stumble upon some cool new tracks!

Can You See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist?

Can You See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist

No, Spotify does not currently provide a feature to see exactly who has liked your playlist. However, you can see the total number of likes a playlist has received.

You won’t see who liked other people’s Spotify playlists either, not just your own. However, you can still find out how many likes your Spotify playlist has.

How Do You Find Likes On Your Spotify Playlist On Mobile?

This method applies to both Android and iOS smartphones and is described below:

  • The Spotify app can be started on any mobile device.
  • The “Your Library” button is located in the screen’s upper right corner.
  • Your personal playlists will be displayed.
  • Pick the playlist you want to hear.
  • You can view the total number of likes a playlist has earned next to its title.

How Do You Find Likes On Your Spotify Playlist On Desktop/Web?

These are the procedures to do if you’re using Spotify on a web browser:

  • Access Spotify in your web browser.
  • Launch Spotify and log in with your account details.
  • In the menu that drops down, select “Your Library.” Please do so by clicking on it.
  • Select the desired playlist from the selection above.
  • Select the star icon to see how many people have liked your playlist.
  • The number of likes your Spotify playlist has received can now be readily monitored from any computer or mobile device.

Find Out Who is Tuning in To Your Tracks

Find Out Who Is Tuning In To Your Tracks

Although not seeing this data directly can be frustrating, some clever ways remain to keep tabs on who’s tuning in to your music. Spotify provides a handy follower list, which lists all of the people who have subscribed to your profile’s music. It helps you learn about your listeners, especially if you need help to identify your playlist’s most enthusiastic fans.

How to Access The Followers List Of Your Spotify Account?

Spotify isn’t meant to be a social network, but it does let you see who’s following you. Here are the steps you should take to view your Spotify mobile app followers:

  • Initiate the Spotify app and navigate to the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  • After selecting the gear icon, your name and profile photo will be shown on a personalized page.
  • To change your profile photo, just tap on it.
  • View your followers; the following list will be available on the next screen.

If you use a desktop or web program, here’s how to label your followers:

  • Launch the Spotify app and look for the profile icon in the upper right corner of the main screen.
  • Select “Profile” from the drop-down menu that displays when you click your profile symbol.
  • There will be a button named “Followers” under your username. If you select it, a page listing all of your followers will load.

You can follow them back or explore their followers by selecting their icons and navigating to their profiles.

How Do You Keep People From Following Spotify Playlists?

How Do You Keep People From Following Spotify Playlists

It’s not as simple as just clicking the “stop following” option if someone wants to keep their Spotify playlist a little under wrap, but it is possible. Instead, they can set their playlist to “private,” thereby making it invisible to anyone who isn’t authorized to view it.

Making a playlist private will only partially stop someone from following it if they already have the playlist’s link. If someone presses the “follow” button on a playlist before it becomes private, they will continue to be a follower even after the playlist disappears.

Let’s get down to brass tacks on how to hide a Spotify playlist:

  • Launch the Spotify application.
  • Locate the “Your Library” menu, which should be in the bottom right of your screen.
  • A list of your custom playlists will appear. Select the one you wish to keep secret.
  • Next to the playlist’s name, you’ll spot three dots. Give those dots a little click.
  • Look for the “Make Private” option in the pop-up menu. Click on that and boom.
  • Your playlist is now incognito. Nobody will be able to stumble upon it.

Why Can’t You See Who Liked Your Playlist On Spotify?

Until 2013, this particular feature remained dormant on Spotify. However, things turned unexpectedly when it was taken off the platform. However, over 15,000 Spotify users have voiced their support for bringing back this function in recent months.

What, then, is the nature of this coveted property? First and foremost, it is meant to reveal which of a user’s contacts is a music playlist fan. Even though this functionality was first discussed in September 2015, there has yet to be a formal release of it. Despite this, it remains one of the most sought-after enhancements by Spotify subscribers.

You may be asking why this function has yet to make a comeback. The answer is that Spotify officially rolled out its last update for this feature. So, for those who rely on Spotify sleep timers, it’s currently available for Windows and Mac computers. The big question now is, what’s next?

Spotify Can Bring Back The Ability To See Likes

Spotify Can Bring Back The Ability To See Likes

Despite nearly a decade passing, Spotify still needs to introduce a feature to inform users about who likes their playlists. Unfortunately, Spotify won’t be adding this feature anytime soon, given their responses to similar suggestions on their Ideas board.

If you’ve got creative ideas to enhance Spotify’s app experience, feel free to start a discussion on the Ideas board. Just remember to refrain from bringing up the idea of bringing back playlist likes, as Spotify has already made it clear that they don’t plan to reintroduce that feature.

Does Spotify Plan to Add This Feature Soon?

Spotify isn’t in a hurry to introduce this feature. When exploring the Spotify community forum, it becomes clear that many users have been asking for it, with thousands of requests pouring in. However, Spotify has decided to put the idea on hold for now, marking its status as ‘Not Right Now.’

The reason behind this decision is Spotify’s desire to maintain its focus on music streaming rather than transforming into a light social media platform. There’s also a concern about the potential for stalking issues, which could necessitate the development of a blocking feature.

Spotify believes implementing these changes would require a lot of effort and resources, which currently fall outside their primary scope of music streaming. Consequently, this feature has been on the back burner for quite some time.


How do I see a hidden playlist on Spotify?

Only the playlist’s creator or collaborators will be able to access a private Spotify playlist. Only its creator can access a playlist if it is set to Private.

Can you see when someone made a Spotify playlist?

Spotify has eliminated the ability to view the date a playlist was created. You need to make that playlist to see who follows it.

Can you send someone a private playlist on Spotify?

You can hide your playlist from public view and make it accessible exclusively via a shared link. You can hide your public playlists by clicking the menu button (three dots) and selecting “Make private” from the list of options.


Neither the mobile app nor the desktop version of Spotify allows you to see who has liked your playlist. However, there are additional methods to determine the playlist’s success.

Spotify not only allows you to see who is following your profile but also to follow people who share your interest in similar playlists. You can meet other people who share your passion for music in this way.

The number of individuals who take in your music will determine your success as a musician. You can easily find and start listening to new music using Spotify’s amazing algorithms and features, which can lead to additional followers. So, keep jamming and exploring; you might hit the big time!

How to Block Someone on LinkedIn?

How to Block Someone on LinkedIn?

With over 930 Million users, LinkedIn is a valuable social networking platform for individuals and businesses seeking to establish connections and foster professional relationships. However, given its extensive user base, individuals might find themselves in situations where they wish to control their network connections.

Conversely, there may be instances when they want to expand LinkedIn connections. This article provides comprehensive guidance on managing your connections, including how to block someone on LinkedIn.

Why You Need to Block Someone on LinkedIn?

Why You Should Block Someone On LinkedIn

In various business or personal networking situations, unwanted interactions, such as spam or scams, can be encountered. Individuals may not always be truthful when communicating online, leading to uncomfortable experiences. While it’s natural to assume the best of people, there are times when blocking someone on LinkedIn is the appropriate course of action.

Blocking someone on LinkedIn is advisable if they:

  • Send you unsolicited spam messages.
  • Share content that is inappropriate, unrelated, or improper.
  • Harass or behave rudely towards you.
  • Maintain a fake profile or misrepresent themselves or their company.

Setting boundaries on social media, especially in a professional context, is crucial. If you ever come across suspicious or unsettling behavior on LinkedIn, it’s worth considering disconnecting from that individual.

This choice will help create a more secure and efficient network for your company, which is in your best interests. If something seems off or makes you uneasy, it probably is, and you should proceed with caution.

What Happens When You Block Someone From LinkedIn?

Blocking a user on LinkedIn entails several consequences:

  • Blocking on LinkedIn means profiles are invisible to each other, preventing interaction.
  • Previous interactions, such as messaging or sharing, will stop.
  • The blocked person won’t get updates, content, or newsletters if subscribed.
  • LinkedIn won’t suggest the blocked person as a potential connection.
  • LinkedIn rarely notifies the blocked member.
  • The blocker has the exclusive authority to unblock if they choose.

LinkedIn provides users with a list of blocked members they can review and manage anytime. This gives users control over their connections and interactions on the platform.

How To Block Someone On LinkedIn?

How To Block Someone On LinkedIn in 2023

Anyone who’s ever wondered how to block someone on LinkedIn will find the process quick and easy. Both a PC and a mobile device can be used for blocking. LinkedIn provides detailed instructions on how to block an individual:

  • To begin blocking someone, navigate to their profile.
  • Look for the “More…” button located below their profile photo.
  • From the list of options that appears, select “Report/Block.”
  • Choose “Block” from the ‘What do you want to do?’ menu in the menu that pops up.

By following these easy steps, anyone can successfully block someone on LinkedIn.

How to Block Someone from Seeing Your Connections on LinkedIn?

Maintaining privacy on professional networks like LinkedIn is crucial for many users. While LinkedIn doesn’t provide a direct feature to hide your connections from a specific person, there is the only way to prevent someone from seeing your network is by blocking that profile.

Will They Know If I Block Them On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn usually doesn’t tell someone they’ve been blocked when another person blocks them. However, there’s a particular case. If you and the person you blocked have shared a LinkedIn Recruiter account before, LinkedIn might let them know you’ve blocked them.

When you stop up someone on LinkedIn, they lose the ability to see your profile, send you messages, or view any endorsements and recommendations you both had. But, so that you know, LinkedIn won’t send a notification to either of you about this. Your actions will remain private.

‍What Else Do You Know About Blocking People On LinkedIn?

Blocking someone on LinkedIn is quite straightforward, but some essential details must be remembered. While we hope you will only need to do this occasionally, LinkedIn temporarily allows you to disconnect from up to 1400 contacts.

If you can’t find someone’s profile and it’s not showing up, it’s likely because they’ve blocked you. However, this notification can also appear if the user has deleted their account. To avoid being blocked, it’s essential to use the platform responsibly.

Here’s a key point: There’s a 48-hour waiting period between temporarily blocking someone and permanently blocking them. So, if you decide to unblock someone and then change your mind, you’ll have to wait until the waiting period is over to re-block them.

Can I Block Someone On LinkedIn Without Viewing Their Profile?

Can I Block Someone On LinkedIn Without Viewing Their Profile

Regrettably, individuals currently cannot block others on LinkedIn without first visiting the person’s profile. You’ll also be removed from their “Who’s viewed your profile” list when you block someone. If you’re still uncomfortable going to their profile directly, you can take a more covert approach by switching to “Private Mode” first. The procedure is as follows:

  • Start by clicking on your own profile image or avatar in the top right corner of any LinkedIn page.
  • Choose “Settings & Privacy” from the menu that appears.
  • In the list of options on the left, select “Visibility.”
  • Under the “Visibility of your profile & network” section, find and click “Profile viewing options.”
  • Choose “Private mode.”

Once you’ve activated Private Mode, you can block the user by following the above instructions. This way, you can maintain your privacy while taking the necessary steps to block someone on LinkedIn.

How Do You Unblock Someone On LinkedIn?

It’s not uncommon for LinkedIn users to need to temporarily block a connection just to change their minds and allow them back in later. If you’ve accidentally blocked someone on LinkedIn, here’s how to unblock them:

  • You should begin by visiting your LinkedIn homepage and locating the ‘Me’ tab. Just tap that link.
  • Select the ‘Settings & Privacy’ option from the drop-down menu that displays.
  • Navigate to the ‘Settings & Privacy’ tab and select the ‘Visibility of LinkedIn activity’ option from there.
  • Please pick the ‘Blocking’ tab now.
  • There is a list of people you have blocked in the past. Identify the contact whose block you want to lift.
  • Finally, select ‘Change’ next to their name, and choose the ‘Unblock’ option.

Following these steps, you can easily unblock someone on LinkedIn when you reconnect with them.


How to Block Someone on LinkedIn Without Visiting Their Profile?

Currently, to block someone on LinkedIn, you must visit their profile, click the ‘More’ button, and select ‘Report/Block’ from the dropdown menu; there is no option to block directly from settings without profile access.

Can You Block Someone on LinkedIn from Seeing Your Posts?

When you make a post to your profile, you have no control over who else sees it. Your connections will be shown in the content you post. Your LinkedIn activity will determine how many connections will see your update. There is no way to ‘hide’ a post from a specific user.

Why Does Someone Keep Viewing My LinkedIn Profile?

Your profile may have struck their eye because of your qualifications, expertise, or connections in the sector. Prospective Companies: Potential employers use LinkedIn like recruiters do to research and evaluate candidates for open positions.

Can I See How Many Times Someone Viewed my LinkedIn Profile?

To access your profile, go to the LinkedIn site and select the Me symbol. To view the Who’s viewed your profile page, go to the Analytics section and click the [Number] profile views.


Have you ever wondered how to block someone on LinkedIn? You may have had a few contacts that made you think about it. Well, don’t hesitate any longer. Blocking someone on LinkedIn is a straightforward process. If you ever need to, you can unblock the person later, and both blocking and unblocking are quick actions that will take up little of your time.

It’s essential to keep in mind that LinkedIn connections should prioritize quality over quantity. Blocking members to maintain a safe, relevant, and positive LinkedIn environment can benefit you and your business in the long term.

How to Turn Off Active Status on Instagram?

How to Turn Off Active Status on Instagram?

In the world of social media, your privacy matters. One way to protect it is by hiding your active status on Instagram. This easy step lets you stay anonymous and keeps others from seeing when you were last online.

Whether you want to quietly scroll through your feed or take a break from notifications, we’ve got your back. Here, we’ll guide you through the process of turning off your active status on Instagram on multiple operating systems, giving you control over your experience on the platform. Have a look!

What Happens When You Turn Off Activity Status On Instagram?

What Happens When You Turn Off Activity Status On Instagram

When someone turns off their activity status on Instagram, it prevents others from seeing when they were last active or whether they are currently active on the platform. It also conceals their activity status in direct messages. They, along with their friends and those they follow, will be unable to see each other’s activity statuses due to this feature.

They won’t know when their Instagram friends or the people they follow were last active. However, they can still send and receive direct messages even when the activity status is turned off. They will continue to get alerts when their message is read.

How to Turn off Active Status on Instagram on Android?

If you’re looking to turn off your active status on Instagram using an Android device, here is a step-by-step process that’s easy to follow:

  1. Open Instagram on your Android device and visit your Profile.
  2. Tap the three lines in the top-right corner, then choose Settings.
  3. Now, select Privacy and scroll down to find Activity Status.
  4. Toggle the switch next to “Show Activity Status” to turn it off.

How to Turn off Active Status on Instagram on iPhone?

To turn off the Instagram active status on your iPhone device, follow these easy steps:

  1. Open Instagram on the iPhone and tap the Profile icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Next, tap the three lines icon at the top right corner of the app and choose Settings from the menu that appears.
  3. In the Settings menu, select Privacy and then go to Activity Status.
  4. Finally, simply toggle the switch labeled “Show Activity Status” to turn it off.

How to Turn off Active Status on Instagram Via Web Browser?

If you’re using Instagram on a web browser and want to keep your online status private, just follow these easy steps:

  • Open up Instagram in your favorite web browser and look for the “More” icon. It’s usually represented as three horizontal lines.
  • Click on “Settings” from the menu that appears, and then choose “Privacy and Security” from the options on the left.
  • On the next screen, simply uncheck the box next to “Show Activity Status.”

That’s it! Your online status will now be hidden from others while you browse Instagram on the web.

Remember: Once you disable your active status, you won’t be able to see the activity status of other users. This is a reciprocal feature, which means it’s all or nothing—either everyone can see each other’s status or no one can.

Why Do People Hide Online Status on Instagram?

Why Do People Hide Online Status on Instagram

Now that one understands how to conceal one’s online status on Instagram, one might be curious about why people use this feature. People opt to hide their online status on Instagram for the following reasons:

1. Privacy

Many individuals cherish their privacy and conceal their online actions from prying eyes. Turning off the online status feature on Instagram can help shield your online movements from others, ensuring they don’t know when you’re active.

2. For Avoiding Distractions

Many individuals find Instagram distracting and prefer to keep others from knowing when they use it at work. Turning off their online status allows them to browse the platform freely without revealing their presence.

3. To Escape From Unwanted Attention

At times, individuals prefer to avoid receiving messages or notifications from specific users on Instagram. They can prevent unwanted interactions and messages by turning off their online status.

Other Instagram Privacy Tips

To enhance the privacy of one’s Instagram account, individuals have the option to turn off the feature that lets others know when they are online. Another way to increase privacy is by making their Instagram account private, which involves hiding their posts from people who don’t follow them.

This means that only users explicitly permitted by the account holder will have access to view their photos and videos. Another useful privacy feature is hiding Instagram photos. It’s quite simple to archive photos, making them visible only to the account owner. This feature also allows users to easily make their photos public again if they choose to do so.


How do you see if someone is online on Instagram if they appear offline?

To view someone’s Instagram activity, navigate to their conversation with you. On the other hand, they may have hidden their online status if it doesn’t show up.

How to Hide Last Seen on Instagram for a Particular Person?

The only option to prevent your last seen from being seen by a specific person is to make your activity status private in your Profile settings, in that case, no one can see it.

How do I turn on active status on Instagram?

If you have turned off Instagram activity and want to switch it back on,

  • Launch the app and tap the profile symbol.
  • Select Menu (three dots) > Settings (gear icon) > Privacy.
  • Below the menu, select Activity Status. From there, choose Show Activity Status.

Why Can’t I See When Someone Was Last Active on Instagram Anymore?

If you can’t see someone’s activity on Instagram, they’ve chosen to hide their activity status.


In conclusion, turning off your Active Status on Instagram can be valuable in managing your online presence and privacy. Whether you want to avoid constant messages, maintain a low profile, or simply take a break from social interactions, this feature can help you achieve your goals.

By following the straightforward steps outlined in this guide, you can easily disable your Active Status on Instagram. Remember that this setting allows you to stay incognito while browsing the platform, but it also means you won’t be able to see when others are online. So, consider your preferences and needs when deciding whether to turn it on or off.

3 Easy Methods to Follow a Hashtag on X (Twitter)?

3 Easy Methods to Follow a Hashtag on X (Twitter)?

Someone who uses X (Formerly Twitter) regularly may have encountered hashtags that pique their curiosity. They may, however, ask how they may follow along with all the trending hashtags without always having to enter them. You only need to pick the right hashtag, and your problem is solved!

X is like the global hub for communication and sharing news. Many rely on it to keep in touch with others and learn about current events. Hashtags are like magic keys because they allow you to gain access to information, discover new things, and find people with similar interests.

If you want to learn how to tweet and use hashtags effectively on X, you’ve found the proper location to do it. This manual is your key to expert status. Join us on this exciting journey of discovery because curiosity is your best friend in this adventure!

Why Should You Follow X Hashtags?

Why should you follow X hashtags

For those who employ X for business purposes, the significance of hashtags in enhancing content visibility and fostering engagement is already well understood. However, it’s crucial to recognize that tracking and engaging with hashtags should be equally significant in one’s X strategy. There are three compelling reasons for this:

1. To Understand Your Audience

To stay updated with the latest trends in their industry and gain valuable insights into their audience, individuals and businesses are encouraged to follow relevant hashtags. Doing so allows them to immerse themselves in ongoing conversations and remain informed about what’s buzzing.

To get the most out of this practice, tracking the most active customers and prominent influencers within the industry is advisable. This presents a unique opportunity to refine one’s hashtag strategy and gain a competitive advantage by staying ahead of the curve regarding emerging trends.

Moreover, it should serve as a primary source of inspiration while crafting a social media content strategy. Following pertinent hashtags effectively allows you to be a silent observer when people are discussing topics related to your industry and brand. You can better comprehend their wants, anticipations, and difficulties from this vantage point.

Using this gold mine of information, you may produce something that will resonate more deeply with your target demographic. Ultimately, it can boost your product or service’s usefulness and worth.

2. For Competitive Intelligence

Secondly, one can employ tracking hashtags as an effective means to stay updated on competitors. This method allows individuals to gain insights into their competitors’ social media strategies, identifying areas of success and shortcomings.

More significantly, it provides an opportunity to identify content gaps and establish oneself as a more authoritative brand within the same industry. Naturally, the primary objective should always be to differentiate oneself rather than merely copying competitors.

However, it remains crucial to comprehend their strategies and the specific topics they prioritize, ensuring you stay abreast of industry trends. Following the hashtags they utilize serves as an excellent initial step in this endeavor.

3. For Fresh Content Inspiration

Keeping up with breaking news and trending topics can ignite fresh ideas and provide valuable insights for one’s content strategy. Devoting just 30 minutes per week to explore X’s ‘Explore’ tab can yield a wealth of inspiration for posts and opportunities to engage in pertinent conversations.

Additionally, Loomly streamlines the process of discovering relevant hashtags, making it both quick and effortless. Users can also save frequently used sets of hashtags in Hashtag Collections, simplifying their addition to future posts.

3 Methods to Follow Hashtags on X

Steps How to Follow Hashtags on X

Now, one can delve deeper into each method, examining them closely for a better understanding!

1. Utilizing X’s Built-In Search Feature

The built-in search feature on X can become a valuable tool for anyone looking to discover fresh discussions and stay in the loop with the latest tweets.

  • Users should head to the search tab at the top right corner of their X homepage to use this feature.
  • Once they arrive there, they should simply input the hashtag they wish to follow into the search field and then hit the “search” button.

Imagine you’re curious about the latest trends in marketing. To keep up with these discussions, you must type in “#marketingtrends.”

  • Once you’ve searched, look for those three little dots on the right side of the search bar. Click on them to see an option that says “save search.”
  • Click on that! You’ve made a unique repository for all the hashtags that catch your eye. In this way, locating them at any time is a breeze.
  • What happens if you decide you no longer care about a particular hashtag? To “delete” something, just click the bin icon. That’s all there is to it.

X’s search function makes it easy to follow trending topics and participate in lively discussions. Remember that the web-based version of X is the only place you can use this nifty function. Hashtag tracking on the go may feel different depending on your app.

2. Using Tweetdeck to Follow Your Hashtags

Tweetdeck is the solution for everyone looking for a straightforward and efficient way to monitor their preferred hashtags. Tweetdeck provides a more streamlined and structured alternative to X’s standard search function for following trending hashtags.

  • Start by going to in your web browser.
  • When you go there, look for the hashtag that interests you and start following it.
  • A clean column on the right side of your dashboard will display your search results.
  • Even better, you can rearrange these columns in any way that suits your needs.
  • You can relocate a column by grabbing its upper left corner (where you’ll see three vertical lines) and dragging it to its new location.
  • You can customize your feed to your liking and monitor different hashtags simultaneously.
  • Organizing the columns to emphasize your preferred hashtags will ensure you get all the breaking news and engaging conversations.

Tweetdeck is convenient since it lets you view the most recent tweets about a specific hashtag anytime. Keeping current and in the know is a breeze.

3. Bookmarking Hashtags for Quick and Easy Access

A basic approach to keeping up with hot talks on a specific topic is bookmarking your favorite hashtags. It’s an old strategy, but it still gets the job done. Bookmarking hashtags is easy. Want to stay in the loop with the latest discussions? Follow these easy steps, and you’ll always be in the know!

  • Head to your profile.
  • Look for the search bar in the top right corner.
  • Type in the hashtag you’re interested in. For example, if you’re curious about “#socialmedia,” type it there.
  • Once they land on the page displaying all the latest tweets featuring their chosen hashtag, they can bookmark it. To do this, select the star icon next to the address bar.
  • Then, whenever they need to double-check the hashtag, they can simply revisit the website by clicking the bookmark.

Bookmarking hashtags is a convenient way to follow the conversation but does not provide instant updates. Consequently, users must actively check the website anytime they wish to see new postings relevant to their chosen hashtag.


How do I follow a specific topic?

The first is a topic suggestion as you navigate through your feed. Follow the topics suggested to you as you scroll through your feed. Click the follow button that appears next to the desired subject.

What is the difference between following and for you?

The content it displays to you is determined by the accounts you follow and the interests you’ve indicated. You can filter your Following timeline only to see updates from accounts you’ve chosen to follow.

Should I use hashtags?

Use hashtags if you want your social media posts to be seen by the right people. Using topic-appropriate hashtags is a great way to get more eyes on your content, comments, likes, and shares.


Getting the hang of hashtag tracking is a requirement if you want to supercharge your social media efforts. It’s like having a superpower that allows you to keep up with developments in your industry, make meaningful connections with others who share your interests, and increase your visibility online.

To make your life easier and generate even more spectacular results, consider employing handy tools like Tweetdeck. The time you spend searching for something can be reduced by using the built-in search function. In other words, improve your online presence to the next level.

How to Change TikTok Username in 6 Easy Steps?

How to Change TikTok Username in 6 Easy Steps?

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, your digital identity is paramount, and your TikTok username is a significant part of that identity. A username is more than just a handle; it’s a personal brand, a first impression, and a unique identifier rolled into one. With over 1.7 billion active users worldwide, TikTok has cemented its place as a hub for creativity and connection, making the need for a distinctive and memorable username all the more critical.

Whether you’re rebranding, simplifying your handle, or just seeking a change, updating your TikTok username can help you stand out in the sea of content creators. Learn the simple yet crucial steps to changing your TikTok username, ensuring your online persona remains as dynamic and engaging as the content you create.

Does Your Username Matter on TikTok?

Your TikTok username is a key part of your social media identity, acting as a first point of contact that can make a lasting impression on viewers. It enhances your brand’s recognizability and helps with searchability, influencing how easily new followers can discover your content. A well-crafted username, consistent across platforms, adds to your professional image and can open doors to more followers, partnerships, and growth opportunities on TikTok.

6 Steps to Change Your Username on TikTok

Follow these simple steps to change your TikTok username.

Step 1. Launching the Application

Locate and open the TikTok application on your device by finding the black icon with the distinctive white music note.

Step 2. Navigating to Your Profile

Once the app is open, tap the ‘Me’ icon at the bottom-right corner to access your TikTok profile.

Step 3. Entering Settings and Privacy

At your profile, click the three lines or dots in the top-right corner to enter into the ‘Settings and Privacy’ menu.

Step 4. Accessing Account Management

Within the settings menu, select ‘Manage my account’. This will take you to the page where you can find all your account settings.

Step 5. Editing Your Username

In the account settings, tap on the ‘Username’ option. Your current username will be displayed, ready to be changed to your new choice.

Step 6. Confirming the Change

Input your desired username. If it’s unique, a green checkmark will appear. Confirm your choice by pressing ‘Save’ or ‘Confirm’.

How to Change Your TikTok Display Name?

Changing your TikTok nickname, which is the name shown on your profile, is a simple process. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Access Profile: Tap the profile button on the TikTok app’s bottom-right corner of the screen.
  2. Edit Profile: Tap “Edit Profile.”
  3. Change Name: Tap your current display name.
  4. Save Changes: Type your desired new display name and then tap “Save” in the top-right corner of the screen to confirm the change.

What Are The New TikTok Username Rules?

When creating your TikTok profile, the username you choose can have up to 24 characters. It’s important to note that this count includes the “@” symbol that precedes your handle on the platform. In crafting your unique identifier, you’re allowed to use a combination of letters, numbers, periods (dots), and underscores.

Remember, TikTok has a policy that permits you to alter your username only once within a 30-day period, so make sure you’re content with your choice before confirming the change.

How To Get The Perfect TikTok Username?

Getting the perfect TikTok username can be a bit of a creative challenge, especially since the platform has millions of users and many common usernames are already taken.

Here are some tips to help you come up with a great username:

1. Reflect Your Brand or Personality

Think about what you want your username to say about you or your brand. It should be

  • memorable
  • easy to spell
  • give an idea of what type of content you will post.

2. Keep it Simple

Avoid using complex words or a string of numbers that may be hard to remember. A simple, catchy username is more likely to stick in someone’s mind.

3. Use Keywords

If your content is focused on a specific theme (like cooking, travel, or fitness), try to include a related keyword in your username.

4. Be Unique

Try to stand out by avoiding overused phrases or terms. Use puns, wordplay, or unique spellings to differentiate yourself.

5. Avoid Numbers and Underscores If Possible

Unless they add to the creativity or branding of your username, numbers and underscores can make it look less professional and harder to remember.

6. Check Availability

Once you have an idea, check if the username is available on TikTok. If it’s taken, the app will usually suggest close alternatives.

7. Be Quick to Secure It

If you find the perfect username and it’s available, secure it quickly because it might not be available for long.


How Often Can You Change Your TikTok Username?

You’re allowed to change your TikTok username once every 30 days. Make sure to choose a name you’re content with for at least a month.

How Can You Change Your TikTok Username Before 30 Days?

It is against TikTok’s policy to alter your device’s date and time settings to change your username within the 30-day restriction. Attempting to bypass this rule by manually adjusting your phone’s date to trick the app could lead to unintended consequences, including potential violations of the service’s terms of use. It’s advisable to wait the full 30 days before making a new username change on TikTok.

How Do You Change Your Username on TikTok on a Computer?

To change your TikTok username on a computer: Log in at TikTok’s website, go to your profile, click ‘Edit profile,’ enter a new username, and save the changes.

The Bottom Line

Changing your TikTok username is a straightforward process that allows you to refresh your online identity on the platform. By following the step-by-step instructions outlined in this guide, you can easily modify your username to reflect your personality or interests better. Remember to choose a username that is unique, easy to remember, and aligns with your TikTok content.

Additionally, take the opportunity to update your profile picture, bio, and other profile details to create a cohesive and engaging TikTok presence. With a little creativity and some thoughtful consideration, you can successfully rebrand yourself on TikTok and continue to share your creativity with the world. Happy TikTok-ing!