Are you in a hurry and you want to show your favorite saved Instagram reel to your friends but your excitement dies because you just can’t find it? We truly understand how frustrating it is, and to help you out, we are here to guide you on how to see saved reels on Instagram. Reels are one of most used features of Instagram used by both personal and business profiles to gain engagement. However, the
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What happened to Ari Instagram?
we are discuss in this article What happened to Ari Instagram? Ari Fletcher, an American model and social media influencer, was recently dismissed after she was accused of recording comments about unhealthy relationships on an Instagram live stream. The 26 year old’s Instagram account is unavailable, leading admirers to speculate if the two incidents are linked. While the rumors have yet to be substantiated, HITC has debunked everything that has been circulating on social media. And
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Instagram is a social media network that allows users to interact with their friends and family. Instagram has a function that allows you to discover people using their phone numbers or usernames. However, you may like to remain anonymous and not want your contacts to be able to discover your Instagram account using your phone number. Someone may easily discover you on Instagram if your phone number is in their contact book. Furthermore, if your
If you are wondering how to remove category on Instagram, you may use the features to do so. Yes, you can do that on your Instagram profile. The first thing to note is that this is not displayed as a category label on the profile page for personal accounts; only business accounts have these labels. Though the users’ interest in what they are following leads to the creation of these labels, which make it simpler
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How to Look at Your Old Instagram Bios
Instagram has been around for more than a decade. It was originally introduced on October 6, 2010. Instagram has been around for almost a decade. Almost every Instagram user creates a bio to define themselves, and you might as well. People change a lot over time, therefore it’s understandable if your bio changes frequently. But what if you wish to revert to your former bio? The good news is that Instagram saves a history of
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Why can’t I repost on Instagram Story1
Instagram provides a number of tools that allow us to interact with other users’ accounts. They may, however, not always function as they should. You have arrived to the correct spot if you are having trouble sharing an Instagram post to your Stories and question of why can’t I repost on Instagram story arises in your mind. Though there are a variety of reasons why you may be having difficulty. To repair issues while sharing
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How to share a Gofundme on Instagram
Are you worried and trying to find out how to share a Gofundme on Instagram? If your answer is yes, then you have landed at the perfect blog. In this article we will guide you about how to share a Gofundme on Instagram. Firstly, you have to understand that once you have set up your fundraising page so you are ready to market your campaign. To attract the correct audience, you will need to register
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How to play video on Instagram story
Wondering how to play video on Instagram story? Since the advent of Instagram’s story function, users have gone to great lengths to be creative. The inventiveness has grown infinite, from drawings to adding words to images and films. Later, the platform let users to post photographs, videos, IGTVs, reels, and other content to their stories. This allowed their work to reach an audience that would not have seen it otherwise. You may have noticed that
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How to fit a whole picture on Instagram
Instagram is a fantastic tool for sharing the everyday highlights of your life and activities, and the platform’s high aesthetic appeal further adds to the attraction. Everyone wants their images to appear nice on Instagram, and it may be aggravating to see them cropped by Instagram once you have finally captured the perfect shot. In addition Instagram employs a variety of image aspect ratios, including 4:5, 1:1, and 1.91:1 for portraits, squares, and landscapes. If
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Instagram, as one of the most popular social media apps, draws a large number of users who want to share photographs or post images with it. On the other hand, it also piques people’s interest in hacking someone’s Instagram account. Do you know how to get into someone’s Instagram account without knowing their password? Are you aware of how to keep your Instagram account safe? Do you know how to set up parental controls on
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How many reports on Instagram can delete an account
Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms ever. As it is the 7th most used website and it holds a 4th position in the game of social media handles. So to maintain that position and to earn their user’s trust Instagram offers various privacy options. It offers an option of report. Regarding this option Instagram says “If you have an Instagram account, you can report a profile or content on Instagram that
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If you have ever wanted to record videos on Instagram, you have undoubtedly wondered how to record on Instagram without holding. Thankfully, the app now allows you to record without having to hold the button down. There are several ways to record Instagram videos without holding the button. A remote control or a foot pedal are two options. You can record a reel this way without needing to hold the button down. On Instagram, there
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