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Why Won’t Instagram Let Me Go Live?

You may stream live videos to your followers on Instagram. Now that 100 million people use it daily, it has emerged as a completely new method of communication.

In addition, Instagram Live provides viewers with unending entertainment, however, all live videos are transient. The footage is lost once the broadcast is over. No replays. 

Hence, this is why difficulties with Instagram Live not functioning are so aggravating. You missed all the great live videos and the chance to get more admirers for the day if your Instagram Live has not been operating for the past 24 hours!

This leads the users to question why won’t let them go live. Whether you are using Android or iOS, this short and simple article will help you resolve any unpleasant Instagram Live-related difficulties.

Bugs Leading to Instagram Live Issues

You should download Instagram’s most recent version to ensure that Instagram Live functions properly.

Why Won’t Instagram Let Me Go Live

  • Your Phone Does Not Meet the Requirements for the Instagram App

The Instagram app’s requirements must be met by your phone. Particularly, iOS devices must run 6.0 or later and Android smartphones must run Android 4.1 or above.

  • Internet connection instability

Instagram Live not functioning is only one of the issues brought on by a shaky or unreliable Internet connection.

  • The camera is off.

Check to see if Instagram is authorized to use your phone’s camera if you discover that you are unable to live stream on Instagram.

  • The Instagram server may briefly go down.

Many millions of people use Instagram. The busy server may occasionally go temporarily down. Just return the next day and give it another shot.

Hence, these could be the best possible reasons behind your query about why won’t Instagram let me go live. Read them carefully and identify the issue you are facing.

How to Fix Instagram Live Issues in 6 Steps

Step#1: Examine the Internet connection.

No need to purchase a specialized speed tester if you believe that Instagram Live is not functioning because of the unreliable Internet. Run a different live-streaming program and check how well it performs.

Step#2: Remove App Cache

Remove App Cache

Because of app caches, Instagram’s features—including Instagram Live—might occasionally stop functioning as intended. Every time you use the application, it produces and causes a variety of issues. 

Step#3: Restarting Your Phone

One program may be affecting another while others are running simultaneously on your phone. You may start a fresh session with Instagram after restarting your phone.

Step#4: You use your phone’s camera to live broadcast on Instagram. You cannot go live stream if Instagram does not have access to the camera.

Go to Settings > Instagram to see if Instagram has access to your camera. Check if the camera is activated by tapping on it.

Step#5: Shut down additional Instagram accounts

Shut down additional Instagram accounts

Using the same phone to log into several Instagram accounts. Never do that! If you have numerous accounts using the same phone number, IP address, or email address, Instagram can tell.

Occasionally, Instagram may disable specific functionalities following its regulations. Try to log out of all of your accounts except the one you wish to use permanently.

Step#6: Report to the Help Center for Instagram

If everything else fails, we advise you to report the problem to the Instagram Help Center.

Select Help > Report a Problem > Something Isn’t Working from the app’s settings menu. Next, give a screenshot of the problem and include a brief explanation. Select Send. Await the response from the Instagram team.

Note: Make sure you are using the most recent version of Instagram and that your OS complies with Instagram standards before using any of the aforementioned techniques.

“However, you can resolve your query about why won’t my Instagram let me go live by following the fixes we have mentioned for you. Additionally, if you’re wondering about managing your content, including how to organize or refresh your profile, explore options like delete insta highlights for a more customized Instagram experience.”


Is your account eligible for live streaming?

Instagram may have certain eligibility criteria for going live. Ensure your account meets the requirements, such as having a certain number of followers or being free of policy violations, to qualify for live streaming.

Have you checked your internet connection?

A stable internet connection is crucial for a smooth live streaming experience. Poor connectivity can lead to issues with going live. Verify that your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection is strong and reliable.

Is your app updated?

Outdated Instagram apps may have bugs affecting live streaming functionality. Check for updates in your device’s app store and ensure you have the latest version of the Instagram app installed.

Have you resolved any previous violations?

Previous violations of Instagram’s community guidelines or terms of service might restrict your ability to go live. Address any outstanding issues, such as content violations or account warnings, to regain access to the live streaming feature.


Instagram’s real-time live function, which debuted in 2016, has gained so much traction since then that it is now difficult to envision Instagram without it.

As we all are aware of the fact that no Instagram user wants to miss out on live streaming, which is now one of the features that are a must-have and must-watch.

However, users have occasionally expressed their unhappiness with live stories and the issues they have encountered. And many questions like why won’t Instagram let me go live have occurred.

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So to answer your queries we have structured this article and we hope that was of some use for you.


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