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How to see Hidden Tagged photos on Instagram?

To begin with we have to take this important point into consideration that tagging someone in your photos or videos is a valuable function that allows you to let others know who is in them. Not only that, but the user’s Instagram page is updated with the tagged photographs.

If you do not like the photographs you have been tagged in, you can always hide or untag yourself and have them removed from your profile’s Photos of You section. But, what if you later change your mind and want them back?

Well, we have got you covered with this lesson. On an Android or iOS smartphone, here is how to see hidden tagged photos on Instagram.

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A step-by-step Guide to See Hidden Tagged Photos

Step#1: Firstly open your Instagram feed

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Step#2: Then look for the “Photos of You” icon and tap on it.

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This is where you will find out how to see hidden tagged photos on Instagram. Continue reading this post if you want to get an answer to your question of whether can you unhide tagged photos on Instagram. Keep reading we will guide you.

Unhide Tagged Photos on Instagram

If you are one of those who are wondering can you unhide tagged photos on Instagram? Then follow the steps we have elaborated below:

Step#1: Open the Instagram app and go to the profile of the person whose photo you previously concealed.

Step#2: To open the chosen photo, simply tap on it.

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Step#3: Next, pick Photo Options or Post Options from the three dots in the top right corner of the post.

Step#4: Select Show on My Profile or Show in Your Profile from the pop-up box.

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Step#5: Finally, tap on done to save the changes.

This is how to see hidden tagged photos on Instagram. Go to your profile and click on the Photos of You link to see for yourself. Regardless of when the post was published, the unhidden photo will be at the top.

The disadvantage is that in order to unhide the hidden posts, you must remember them. Because Instagram does not display hidden tagged posts in a specific location, you will have to rely on your memory to recall the photographs.

Hide Tagged Photos on Instagram

Note: The screenshots shown here are from the iPhone app, however, the process is the same for Android.

Step#1: Open the Instagram app and tap the profile symbol in the bottom right corner to get to your profile.

Step#2: Tap the Photos of You area on your profile. This will display all of the posts where you have been tagged. Hover your mouse over the photo or video you wish to hide.


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Step#3: Select Photo Options or Post Options from the three dots in the top right corner of the post.

Step#4: Select Hide from My Profile from the pop-up box, then done at the top right. Alternatively, turn the Show in Your Profile button off.

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It is also easy to untag yourself out of the picture. But, before you do so, keep in mind that you would not be able to restore the photo or video to your profile if you change your mind. Hence, this is how you can easily learn how to hide tagged photos on Instagram by following such simple steps.

Hide Multiple Tagged Photos on Instagram 

Step#1: Go to the Settings section of Instagram.

Step#2: After that, choose Photos and Videos of You.

Step#3: Select Hide Photos and Videos from the drop-down menu.

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Step#4: Select the photographs and videos you want to conceal and press Hide Photos (iOS) or Hide Icon (Android) in the top right corner. Select Hide from Profile to confirm.

This will hide the selected tagged photographs and videos from your profile.


As we all are aware that Instagram is the fourth most used social media platform and it continuously introduces various features to keep itself intact with users as per the requirements.

So this routine introduction of various features complicates the user’s mind and leads them to question the new upgrades. Like how to see hidden tagged photos on Instagram, can you hide tagged photos on Instagram, or how do I find hidden post tags?

Though the content of these questions is the same but the way of asking is quite different from each other. So do not worry we have tried our level best to answer your queries to the best of our knowledge.

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