Are you someone who loves using Pinterest for its aesthetically pleasing vibes or to get new ideas for your home? Similarly, you can now use Pinterest for your business as well.

It is quite interesting to find great recipes and unique inspiration to try new things on Pinterest. However, it also gives different businesses a platform to market themselves.

If you are wondering how Pinterest can be used for marketing, then, to simply put your answer, it is a visual search engine. It can be a great tool to attract more potential customers for your brand if used right.

Read the article below to know how to use Pinterest for business: 8 strategies you need to know. 

Why should you use a Pinterest account for business?

Aside from providing various ideas, Pinterest can help you with your business in several ways. Such as:

  • Pinterest has a huge user base as it has 235 million monthly international users
  • A lot of people discover brands from Pinterest which allows your brand to blow up.
  • You can simply show off what you are willing to give the customers as it is a visual platform.

How to use Pinterest for business in 8 steps

  • Marketing strategy for Pinterest

Just like any other business needs a proper designing in marketing strategy before implementing it, Pinterest for business also needs one. Plan rather than diving right into it.

  • It is good to set goals in business, specifically SMART goals. It is a short form of Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. It is good in the sense that it will help you attract more traffic and increase sales side to side.
  • Other than that, learning about your target audience is efficient for your business. You can also keep your game up by learning about your competitors as well. 
  • Lastly, always make sure to have a proper schedule and plan your posts on Pinterest beforehand.
  • Make structured boards 

Who doesn’t like being organized? One fascinating thing about Pinterest is that it lets you keep organized by making different boards.

You can make different Pinterest boards for your business. This can help your brand massively. When pinners are interested in similar topics, they will discover your board eventually while searching. 

For instance, if you run a pasta restaurant, you can create different boards of recipes, hacks, restaurant ideas, and shops, etc. 

  • Use SEO to develop pins

As we know already that Pinterest works as a search engine. For this purpose, you must include keywords in Hashtags, links, descriptions, and boards. It will highly benefit your brand’s sales and attract traffic to your page.

  • Cross-promote your page

A very smart way of getting more followers and traffic to your page is by cross-promoting it. It is also fuss-free. All you have to do is promote your Pinterest profile on other social media platforms that you use. 

You can also add a link to your Pinterest profile in your social media accounts and brand’s website. Furthermore, don’t forget to add the link to your email signature. 

  • Explore advertising options on Pinterest 

A smart business can get a bit costly if you want to expand it more in a short time. Hence, apps like boost social media can be very functional for this purpose. 

Luckily, Pinterest allows you to pay for ads to get more views and eventually followers. 

This method comes in handy as it lets pinners discover your content based on their engagement with similar content. 

  • Get creative with your content

There are a few things you should remember when using social media for business and marketing. One of them is: Don’t be basic and boring. 

Considering that, make sure to create fun and unique content by working on your work quality, proper keywords to help in SEO, incorporate the brand logo and add a functional brand link. 

  • Learn about your Pinterest analytics 

This helps you keep track of who is interacting with your page. Moreover, you can learn about the monthly engagement of viewers, audience engagement with your content, and other insights. 

  • Pin it button

Do you ever come across a website or a picture that has a red Pinterest button? well, that lets you pin the content from your website. 

Therefore, you should add a pin it button to your website. It is great to keep things simple and convenient for your users. Furthermore, if there is a pin it button, they are more likely to engage with your page in the future. 

How to create an account for business on Pinterest  

Don’t make the mistake of using your personal account as a business account. It is better to set apart your personal life from work life. For this purpose, you must create a separate account.

Making a separate business account can allow you the following steps:

Pinterest advertisement

Having a business account allows you to run several different ads. You will not be able to do this with a private account.

Marketing strategy

It also helps you access analytics. Taking that into account, you can monitor and measure your marketing strategy.

Shop tab

While using a business account, Pinterest enables you to add a shop tab with each product. It is entirely for your customer’s convenience.

Now that you have learned how business accounts can benefit you in a different way than personal/private accounts, you can create an account. These are the steps:

  • Search
  • scroll to the bottom of the pop-up menu and click on ‘get started here’
  • fill the descriptions given with your name, email, and secure password, etc. Next click on ‘create account’
  • next up, fill out your business details for your business profile and click ‘next’
  • choose a description that suits your business and add your website link

Bottom line

To flourish your business in no time, it is essential to work on different strategies more often. Pinterest can be very useful for your business as it has a large user base that attracts more people.