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Why Can’t You Comment on Instagram Lives?

As we all know that Instagram is a social networking site where you can interact with other users, search for relevant material, like photos and videos, and post comments.

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Commenting, like all other actions on Instagram, can be prohibited. Instagram may not only restrict you from commenting on a specific photo, user’s post, or live, but it may also ban you from commenting at all. 

You may not be commenting on Instagram for a variety of reasons. If you’re having trouble that why can’t you comment on Instagram Lives, and want to know the reasons behind why can’t you comment on Instagram Lives, here are several reasons why you can’t and how to fix it. Bear with us we have listed them below for your convenience.

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The Reasons Why You Can’t Comment on Instagram Lives

Your Instagram Application is Out of Date.

Most probably chances are that you might have not updated your app to the current version, which is the most common reason why can’t you comment on Instagram lives.

If you do not have the latest version of Instagram, you would not be able to access some of the app’s features and may have certain troubles.

Your Comment Contains More Than 5 Mentions.

Secondly, there is a policy on Instagram that a single Instagram remark is limited to 5 mentions. You can make several comments if you wish to mention additional persons (using @ with the username). This can also be one of the reasons why can’t you comment on Instagram lives.

Your Comment Contains More Than 30 Hashtags.

In addition, there is a chance that why can’t comment on Instagram lives is because you might have commented on more than 30 hashtags.

As you can only use 30 hashtags in both your comments and captions. Adding more hashtags will result in Instagram blocking your comment.

You are Repeatedly Commenting the Same Thing.

If you copy and paste the same comment many times, even on separate posts, Instagram will detect this and prevent you from commenting. 

You can avoid this and your comment will not be banned if you add a personal touch to it, such as the name of the person who is posting it.

You’ve Reached Your Daily Comment Limit.

Furthermore, we want to bring this into your information that the Instagram algorithm enables the user to take roughly 180 to 200 comments every day and after that, they block the user’s account.

Though it is quite impossible to exceed this amount without assistance, however keeping it in mind may be beneficial.

You May have Been Blocked by Someone.

Moving on with the solution, if you can’t make comments on a certain Instagram user’s posts, that person has most likely blocked you. Try leaving a comment on someone else’s post to see if this is the case.

Your Comment May Include Words or Phrases That Have Been Filtered.

Some phrases or words are prohibited by Instagram’s terms of service. If you use them by accident, Instagram will delete your remark.

The post owner can also apply a manual filter to filter out certain terms, ensuring that your comment is buried if you use them.

What Can You Do to Restart Commenting on Instagram?

The last probability is when Instagram disables your account, it disables your IP address as well. 

If Instagram has restricted your IP, signing in from a different device, such as your computer rather than your phone, maybe the answer. Using a VPN on your device is another option. The VPN will alter your IP address, allowing you to remark once more.

Apart from this going from Wi-Fi to mobile data on your phone can also work if you are utilizing Wi-Fi because you are also switching from a public IP to a private IP. 

Though the majority of Instagram restrictions are temporary and last for 24 hours. So, if you’re not in a rush, just waiting for a while is an alternative. And maybe there is a strong chance that you will have a solution for the why can’t you comment on Instagram lives.

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We have covered all of the reasons why you can’t comment on Instagram lives and what you can do about it. 

The most common cause is that your Instagram app is not up to date. If the problem is caused by one of the other causes indicated in the post, you may simply repair it by upgrading your application or changing your IP address.

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