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Why can’t you Comment on Instagram Lives?

Ever tried to drop a comment during an exciting Instagram Live session and wondered, “Why can’t I comment on Instagram Lives?” It happens, and it’s a bit like your comment about getting stage fright.

Sometimes, the digital world throws a curveball, and your comment might fail to post, making you ponder, “Why won’t Instagram let me comment?” It’s not just you; many face this hiccup.

Let’s demystify why your comment might not sail through and explore the positive twists in the Instagram tale.

Plus, we’ll navigate the landscape of “comment failed to post” scenarios and learn how to make your voice heard in the Instagram buzz. And guess what? There’s a dash of storytelling and a positive vibe to make the journey engaging.

Why your Comments aren’t Posted on Instagram Live?

There could be several reasons why your comments aren’t posted on Instagram Live:

Outdated Instagram Application 

Most probably chances are that you might have not updated your app to the current version, which is the most common reason why can’t you comment on Instagram Live. If you do not have the latest version of Instagram, you will not be able to access some of the app’s features and may have certain troubles.

Comment Contains more than 5 Mentions

Secondly, there is a policy on Instagram that a single Instagram remark is limited to 5 mentions. You can make several comments if you wish to mention additional persons (using @ with the username). This can also be one of the reasons why can’t you comment on Instagram Live.

More than 30 hashtags

In addition, there is a chance that why can’t comment on Instagram Lives because you might have commented on more than 30 hashtags.

You can only use 30 hashtags in both your comments and captions. Adding more hashtags will result in Instagram blocking your comment.

Repeated Comments

Repetitive actions, like copying and pasting the same comment across various posts, can trigger Instagram for restriction. However, there’s a clever workaround to avoid being flagged.

By infusing a personal touch into your comments, such as mentioning the name of the person who made the post, you can ensure that your comments retain their individuality. This simple adjustment not only prevents your comments from being banned but also adds a personalized touch to your engagement on the platform.

Daily Comment Limit

Furthermore, we want to bring to your information that the Instagram algorithm enables the user to take roughly 180 to 200 comments every day. After that, they block the user’s account.

Though it is quite impossible to exceed this amount without assistance, however keeping it in mind may be beneficial.

Blocked by a User

If you find yourself unable to leave comments on a particular user’s Instagram posts, they may have blocked you. To confirm whether this is the case, try commenting on someone else’s post.

If your comments go through on other accounts but are restricted to the specific user’s posts, it’s a strong indication that you have been blocked by that person. This restriction is specific to interactions with the blocked user, and engaging with others should not be affected.

Choose Your Words Wisely

Instagram rules prohibit certain words or phrases. If you inadvertently use these forbidden terms, Instagram will remove your comment. Additionally, the person who posted can set up a filter to automatically hide comments containing specific words. It’s crucial to be mindful of the words you use to ensure your comments comply with Instagram’s guidelines and are not filtered out.

What Can You Do to Restart Commenting on Instagram?

In some cases, if Instagram deactivates your account, it also blocks your IP address. To counter this, signing in from a different device, like a computer, or using a VPN can help change your IP and restore your ability to comment.

Switching from Wi-Fi to mobile data on your phone is another workaround, transitioning from a public IP to a private one. Most restrictions on Instagram are temporary, lasting about 24 hours. If you’re not in a hurry, waiting could be an option, increasing the likelihood of resolving the issue.

Additionally, if you’re interested in discovering the most commented post, it adds a layer of engagement and exploration to your Instagram experience.

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Why am I unable to comment during an Instagram Live session?

If you’re facing difficulties commenting during Instagram Lives, it could be due to issues. Such as an outdated app, comment restrictions, or network problems.

How do I fix the can’t comment on Instagram Lives issue?

To address this, update your Instagram app, follow platform guidelines for comments, and check your network connection.

Is there a limit to the number of comments I can make during an Instagram Live?

Yes, Instagram has a daily comment limit, usually around 180 to 200 comments per day. Exceeding this limit may result in temporary restrictions on commenting.

Can I regain the ability to comment if I’ve been restricted during Instagram Lives?

Yes, solutions include updating your app, changing your IP address, or using a VPN. Most restrictions are temporary and last for 24 hours, so patience is often a key factor.


If you’re having trouble commenting on Instagram Lives, it could be due to outdated app versions, technical glitches, restrictions on mentions or hashtags, repetitive comments, daily limits, or being blocked by a user. To resolve this, update your app, ensure comments follow guidelines, and be mindful of daily limits. If issues persist, try switching devices, using a VPN, or waiting for restrictions to lift. Understanding these limitations can improve your Instagram experience.

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